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The first thing Heero was conscious of was the sun beating down on his face. He stirred and opened his eyes. He lay still for a moment orienting himself. He jumped up and was dressed in three minutes flat. He exited his room and stopped in front of Relena's. He could hear her moving around inside so he leaned against the wall to wait for her.

Relena was brushing her long hair when she heard footsteps outside her door. She quickly put her hair up into a bun and threw on her jean jacket. She stopped to look in the full-length mirror that was attached to the wardrobe in her room. She adjusted her clothes and pulled open her door.

She didn't see Heero standing there until she closed the door and looked up. Their eyes met and they held each other's glance for a long moment.

"Heero," whispered Relena

Heero felt as if his chest might burst. He forced himself to contain his emotions.

"Come on Relena, I want to get an early start."

"Of coarse," she responded.

They began to walk down the long hallway towards where an 'office' type place had been set up for them to work in. They were not the first arrivals. Wu-fei, sat in front of his laptop typing furiously.

Relena smiled at Wu-fei in greeting while Heero and Wu-fei exchanged grunts. Relena sighed at what she was going to have to deal with for and indefinite amount of time.

After they settled into chairs Relena asked, "So what do we know about this rebellion?"

"Not a whole lot, I want to wait until were all together so we can share information. So I don't have to repeat myself." Explained Heero.

Relena was exasperated, "God forbid," she said under her breath as she raised a coffee cup to her mouth. Heero heard her and was mildly surprised to hear her say such a contradictory remark to him, she had changed so much, but he did not show any sign.

For the next few minutes Wu-fei and Heero buried themselves in their computers. Relena stared blankly at them not moving a muscle. Heero could feel her gaze on him. He twitched slightly and Relena could tell it was bothering him so she continued her gaze. It was completely silent until Wu-fei noticed her and burst out, "Damnit woman, isn't their anything you can do?"

"I don't really have enough information to begin to find anything out. I suppose I could check my E-mail," She said sweetly.

"I believe Wu-fei meant something that would benefit the mission," Heero said in a monotone voice that only those who knew him best could detect a slight hint of amusement.

"Oh, well then I don't really have enough information to find anything out." She answered coldly

Just then Quatre came in and told them that Breakfast was ready and they were going to discuss business there. Wu-fei exited behind Quatre and before Relena could exit Heero grabbed her arm.

"Relena," He said gently. "We have to work together. I know you must be very angry with me," and when she began to protest, "You have the right to be, believe me, but your going to have to try to be civil."

"Try being civil yourself,"

"Relena, I am trying. I'm sorry I didn't say anything to make you upset on purpose." He looked into her eyes, "Can you at least try?"


He gave her one of his rare smiles and they headed toward the dinning room.

When they arrived everyone else was there except Duo and Quatre.

"Poor Quatre probably got stuck with waking Duo up," Relena whispered to Heero, and by the expression on his face she could tell that he was trying very hard and barely succeeding in hiding the smirk on his face.

After they had sat down and we're all trying to engage in some form of small talk Duo came in yawning. His hair was messy and he had on a wrinkled black T-shirt and red plaid pajama pants. Despite their serious conversation the night before Hilde could hardly hold in a laugh. He sat down next to her and she couldn't help commenting, "Love the pants."

He smiled and said, "Oh, I thought you would," quiet enough for only her to hear and then louder to everyone he said, "Gosh what's wrong with you people its not natural to be up this early in the morning," He yawned yet again.

"Now that were all here together I would like to get to business," started Heero, taking his self designated role as leader.

"So I want to start by saying everything I have found about the rebellion and if anyone has anything to add." Relena thought he sounded as if he doubted anyone else would have something to add to his rendition of events.

"The rebellion calls itself White Saber, I've known about them for a few months but didn't think much of it. Lots of nobody's try to start a rebellion. Most of them fizzle out by themselves in a few weeks but this one has continued. Their biggest action they have taken is bombing the Preventor base in the South Pacific. I believe that their headquarters is in Frankfurt, Germany. A man named Hans Globavick started the White Saber. I don't think we should take any evasive measures right away until we figure out what their intentions are. Wu-fei and myself have been corroborating and we have come to the conclusion that we should go undercover to Germany where we can keep a close watch on their actions. If someone will set up flight arrangements we can leave as soon as possible."

"I think all of us probably had the same idea. But, why don't we take the gundam's? I mean it would be a heck of a lot easier." Duo said.

Wu-fei spoke up, "I thought that at first but the White Saber undoubtedly would be able to detect us."

"We could take em." Duo pointed out.

"Yes we could but if they attacked than we would risk starting a war all over again and that would be pointless if this rebellion isn't going to do any more damage."

They all began to leave the room to go pack when Relena stopped Heero at the doorway, "Heero can I use your laptop?" she inquired.

"Sure, what for?"

"To get plain tickets of course."

"And who is planning to foot the bill?"

"Foot the bill?? Do you think a high caliber hacker like me gets a bill for her on-line purchases?"

He smiled and told her that his laptop was in the office. Heero headed up to his room to pack.

About fifteen minutes later Relena knocked on Quatre's door and informed him that she had purchased nine first class tickets to Germany departing at 5:00 pm and that she had talked to Zechs and he was going to be meeting them there the next day.

She also told Duo and figured that he could take care of telling everyone else. Relena went into her room and sighed. She looked at her clock 12:00. She decided to take a little nap and wasn't aware of anything else for some time until she was aware of a knocking. The sound invaded her dream until she realized it wasn't part of her dream.

She sat up groggily and told whoever was at the door to come in. Heero opened the door slowly and saw Relena sitting up rubbing her eyes.

"Sorry to wake you," He said softly as he sat down beside her, "But I hadn't seen you in a while and we have to leave in 45 minutes."

"Thanks," she said as she yawned, "I still have to pack."

He got up to leave, "You can stay, if you want."

He looked at her and sat back down on the bed. She got up and pulled out her duffle bag. After throwing everything she brought with her in the bag. Which did not take long, she went into the bathroom and took several toiletry items that had been left by Quatre for her use during her stay. These items included soap, shampoo, perfume, body lotion, towels, a bathrobe, and some bubble bath.

"Relena!" said a shocked Heero when he saw her put these things in her bag. Every one had QRB stamped in large letters on it.

"What? Its not like he's going to miss them. I mean, who knows when I'll get another chance to buy more personal care products?"

"You have changed a lot since the last time I saw you."

She regarded him carefully and responded, "For better or worse?"

"I don't know," he responded slowly and was about to say more when Duo pounded loudly on the door and shouted, "Come on kids!! THE BUS IS LEAVING!!!"

Relena smiled, zipped up her bag and headed for the door.