The raid was going well. Gambit had fixed the alarms so they wouldn't go off while they were on the premises and Callisto hadn't needed an invitation to go in.

They were almost finished when the room started to fill with fog.

"It's them, isn't it?"

"Gambit t'ink so."

"So what's the plan?"

"Start running, Gambit will cover you."

"I'm not leaving you to get caught."

"Listen, they expect Gambit. So we give them Gambit, no point both of us being caught in it up to our necks."

"Very well." Callisto made for the exit just as a fog filled up the room, Gambit hoped she got out before the fog got so thick that you couldn't see anything.


"Oui, mon chere."

"I had hoped I wouldn't find you here. I was hoping they were wrong and there was someone else with the expertise to do all this."

"Non, Storm, dere is only Gambit dat is this good."

"Are you willing to come quietly?"


"I'm so glad you said that Cajun, didn't want to stick you full of holes." Wolverine stepped out of the fog, and was joined by Colossus and Nightcrawler. At least his Rogue wasn't here.

They took him to the back of the factory where they had hidden the Blackbird. Gambit was about to enter when a few smoke bombs blew up. He could feel someone coming through the smoke and trying to untie him as Storm tried to blow away the smoke. It had to be Callisto.

"Gambit thought he told you to run."

"What can I say, I don't leave anyone behind." She finished untying him and they made a break for it. Callisto led him to the manhole cover she had left open for them to make their escape. The X-men wouldn't think to look there, and even if they did, they wouldn't know the layout as well as Callisto did.

Except, and Gambit bit back all the expletives he was thinking of saying, there was someone else who wasn't too bad at doing that, and she'd do it. And he really didn't want to see Marrow, didn't want to have to explain himself to her.

The thinking at least meant that he wasn't too surprised to see a dark shadow slouched against the wall of the exit onto the main sewer tunnel. Life never did go the way he wanted it to.

"I was expecting both of you. Everyone else seemed to have missed that two robbers were reported. I didn't know anyone else who moved the way you do, Callisto." Marrow had seen some of the security footage, and both the speed and the stance gave Callisto away. Marrow stepped forward. "I'm not even going to ask what the hell you're doing working together. Everyone else thought I'd gone mad when I said you must have teamed up. They never told me why they thought that, care to explain?"

Gambit really didn't want to explain and Callisto was just staring at Marrow. This wasn't going to end well. Marrow radioed in that she had found them both, and they just shrugged at each other. At least Callisto didn't seem like she was going to make him tell Marrow the truth.