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(cue scenes from last episode and Teen Titans theme song in Japanese)


"That Joker... I can't believe he'd stoop so low!" Robin shouted, angrily kicking the couch in the Titans' living room as the other three Titans looked on in awe. "I've forgotten just how truly evil he is..."

"Darn that cowardly Joker!" Batman shouted. "Wanting to face Robin all alone..."

"It's okay, Robin," Raven said quietly, trying to console the raging Boy Wonder. "We're all here for you... and I'm sure Starfire's okay."

"Yeah, dude... Starfire's one tough girl, she'll stay strong... you've gotta do the same for her!" Beast Boy said.

"It's all my fault!" Robin shouted. "Joker knows how emotional I get about her, and if I could have controlled myself better, he wouldn't have targeted her!"

"Robin, controlling your emotions can be hard, take it from me," Raven said.

"And it's not your fault, Robin. Starfire doesn't believe that, and neither should you!" Cyborg said, going up to pat Robin on the back. "So just calm down, and-"

"I'm going to save her," Robin said, walking toward the door. "Alone, like Joker said."

"Robin, no!" Batman shouted, running over to Robin and trying to block his path. "You know how dangerous the Joker is. He's expecting you, and he's probably got all of his deadly traps ready to strike the moment you-"

"Then let them strike," Robin said coldly, walking around Batman and toward the exit. "I won't fail Starfire. I'll bring her back, I promise."

Robin walked out to the bay and hopped inside a small, one-person motorboat that the Titans kept on standby. It started up quickly, and Robin zoomed across the bay toward the Joker's hideout.

"Batman, shouldn't we go with him?" Cyborg asked in a concerned tone.

"Yes, we should," Batman said. "But don't follow too close behind him. We don't want to endanger Starfire's life."

"But you said-"

"Robin can handle this," Batman said, interrupting Beast Boy. "I'm still worried about him, but he's incredibly determined right now. I think he can save Starfire... or at least stay safe until we get there. Let's wait a few minutes, then head out."


Meanwhile, in a secret underground base just on the other side of the bay, Slade has been preparing a secret weapon of his own...

"The shack was just a decoy," said Slade as he walked into a huge, hangar-like room. "This is what I've really been hiding."

The lights flashed on to reveal a huge, obsidian-colored, humanoid mech about three times the size of Joker's. Its design was sleek, and the finish shined as the dim moonlight shone on it from the hangar's small windows. Slade took out a remote and pressed a button, opening up a small door at the base of the mech's left leg. He climbed up a flight of stairs inside the mech, all the way up to the cockpit, which was located in the mech's head.

"Before I destroy the Titans, there's the small matter of the offense that the Joker and his assistant committed against me earlier when they took out my robots," Slade said, smiling. "Taking those two out won't be a challenge for my supermech, however."

Slade began to laugh evilly as the robot activated and began gliding out of the hangar.


Back in Joker's warehouse....

"Well, Starfire, your little boyfriend's received our message by now. What do you say to that?" Joker quipped, a large grin on his face.

"Mmmmph!" Starfire shouted, muffled by the gag over her mouth. She tried to struggle against the straps holding her down, but whatever they were made of, even her alien strength couldn't break them. "Robin, I do not want you to be harmed because of me... please, do not rush to my aid, I do not want to see you hurt!"

"Hmm, you know, Mr. J., maybe we should take off the gag," Harley said playfully. "We want our little Teen Titan to scream nice and loud for Robin when he comes!"

"Another excellent idea, Harley!" Joker said, turning back to Starfire. "Well, well, well, got anything good to say?"

Joker tore the gag from Starfire's mouth, and she immediately began to yell.

"You will not get away with this!" Starfire shouted. "Robin was right, you are a very, very bad person, and when Robin comes, you will be sorry that you attacked the Teen Titans!"

"Oh, I'm not so bad, once you get to know me!" Joker said, laughing. "And when Robin comes, he'll be sorry. Sorry that he was ever born! Mwahahaha!"

"Good one, Mr. J.!" Harley said. Rage began to build up within Starfire, and she struggled even harder to get free.

"Joker, back on Tamaran, I was instructed never to use this expression, because it is the absolute worst of Tamaranian insults, but you are... you are... A MURPIOUS KLOOBECK!" Starfire said, shrieking the last few words. Joker gasped, and an offended look crossed his face.

"Why, I never! I'm not a... a..."

"I don't know what you said to Mr. J., but I don't like the way you said it!" Harley shouted. She produced a large, joybuzzer-like device in her hand and slapped it against Starfire's stomach, sending a powerful jolt of electricity coursing through the girl's body. She screamed loudly as the shock surged through her.

"This shock is far more than enough to incapacitate a normal human," Starfire thought as the shock subsided. "Joker did not even care about my well-being at all, even if it means that Robin would have no reason to come! He truly is evil..."

"Oooh, I liked that, Harley!" Joker said, clapping. "You know what? We should keep zapping Starfire until Robin comes! I've waited far too long for that Boy Blunder to show up, and I'm starting to get bored!"

"Another shock coming right up!" Harley shouted, zapping Starfire and causing her to scream again. "This is fun!"

Suddenly, the door flew open. There, in the doorway, was a very angry-looking Robin, and it was apparent that he'd heard Starfire's latest scream from outside. Without saying a word, he rushed toward the Joker, pulling out his staff.

"There he is now!" Joker shouted. "As you can see, Starfire's in a world of hu-"

"Puddin', watch out!" Harley shrieked. Before Joker had any time to react, Robin smashed his staff hard across Joker's chest, sending the villain sprawling back on the floor. As he tried to get up, Robin hit him again, this time across the face. The Joker was knocked flat on his back. As Robin continued the assault with a rain of blows from his staff, Harley rushed to the back of the warehouse, where the Jokermech was stored.

"You thought hurting Starfire was funny, didn't you?" Robin shouted at the Joker as he languished on the warehouse floor.

"Oh no, no, no, Robin!" Joker shouted. "It wasn't funny at all, it wasn't-"

Then, Joker tossed several razor-sharp cards at Robin. Starfire gasped, but Robin simply smacked them away with his staff, then picked up the Joker by his shirt collar.

"I've won this time, Joker," Robin said angrily through clenched teeth. "And now I'm going to toss your sorry butt in jail. But if you EVER hurt Starfire again, I swear, I'll-"

"Robin!" Starfire screamed. "Behind-"

But before Robin could turn around, a large metallic hand clamped around him, pinning his arms to his sides. It belonged to the Jokermech, piloted by Harley, and it began to squeeze his chest and arms, crushing the life out of him.

"And THIS is for hurting Mr. J.!" Harley shrieked. Robin struggled to get out of the Jokermech's grasp as Starfire watched in horror.

"No, Robin!" Starfire screamed, tears starting to come to her eyes.

"Argh!" Robin shouted, the giant mech's hand starting to crush his body tightly. "Ungh... aaaagh!"

Robin painfully tried to escape from the Jokermech's grasp as Joker stood up and laughed in amusement.

"That's it, Harley! Fee, fie, fo, fum, I smell a crushed Boy Blunder! Mwahahaha!"

"ROBIN!" Starfire screamed. "You came to my rescue, and now I will rescue you, Robin!"

Starfire's eyes took on a greenish glow, and with an incredible burst of strength, Starfire broke through the shackles binding her to the table. She floated up and assailed the Jokermech with a flurry of Starbolts, creating a huge explosion.

"Aaaaaah!" Harley shrieked as the mech stumbled back, its giant hand releasing Robin. Robin fell to the ground and collapsed, the pain in his body still quite severe from the crushing he'd received just a few moments earlier.

"Starfire?" Robin groaned weakly. "Thank you..."

"No, thank you, Robin," Starfire said, smiling. "Are you alright?"

Robin nodded. "And you?"

"I am just fine," Starfire said. "Now let us destroy this evil robot and turn these two in to the police!"

Just then, there was a large rumbling outside the warehouse. As Robin, Starfire, Joker, and Harley (still inside the mech) turned around to see what it was, Slade's giant robot crashed through the front of the warehouse, destroying about half of the building almost instantly.


(cue commercial break)


"What IS that thing?" Robin shouted.

"It is my ultimate creation!" Slade declared. "And now, I shall destroy you all!"

"Well, you know what they say!" Joker said, hopping into the mech. "Those who fight and run away live to fight another day! Toodles!"

As Slade's menacing mech advanced toward Robin and Starfire, Joker's much smaller mech crashed through the back of the warehouse and ran off, toward the city.

"Robin, they are headed for-"

"No time," Robin said, interrupting Starfire. "Slade's mech is much bigger and more dangerous. We gotta take it out first."

"But how?" Starfire asked.

"Like this!" yelled a voice from outside, immediately recognizable as Cyborg's. "Take this, you big metallic freakfest!"

Cyborg fired several seismic blasts at the back of the robot, causing a huge explosion. As Slade was distracted, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and last but not least, Batman, entered the warehouse and ran up to Robin and Starfire.

"Guys, didn't I tell you not to follow-"

"We didn't get here until Joker was long gone," Beast Boy said. "We'd never endanger Starfire!"

"It's too bad Joker's gone, though," Batman said, looking around. "Did he hurt either of you?"

"Not really," Starfire said, covering up a faint burn on her stomach left by Harley's shock buzzer. "We are both mostly fine!"

Robin nodded.

"Joker fled to the city," Robin said. "We'll take care of him after we beat Slade."

"You'll never defeat me!" Slade shouted. "In this mecha, I am invincible!"

The center chest cavity on Slade's mech's chest opened, and a large group of missiles zoomed toward the Titans and Batman. Raven raised her arms, toward the missiles.

"Azarath, metreon, ZINTHOS!" Raven chanted, raising up a huge shield that blocked all of the missiles. Beast Boy turned into a rhino and charged into the mech's leg, causing it to stumble backward.

"This thing's way bigger than Joker's robot, you guys, so it'll be really tough to take down," Robin said.

"Let's try to bring down its legs," Batman said. "Robin, you still have your Batcables, right?"

"Yeah," Robin said. "Good idea, Batman."

Slade's robot pointed its arm at the Titans and began firing. The lasers hit Beast Boy and Cyborg, quickly knocking them down. Starfire flew up toward the robot's head, her eyes glowing. She raised her arms and began firing another large flurry of Starbolts at the mech.

"You think that can stop me?" Slade shouted as the Starbolts slammed harmlessly into the mech's face. "I... what in the... I can't see!"

"Now!" Batman shouted. Batman and Robin both fired their Batcables at the robot's legs, quickly wrapping them around it. They then began to pull, but it was quite clear that their strength alone wouldn't be enough to bring the huge bot down.

"It's not working!" Robin yelled. Over their heads, Raven and Starfire were busy raining energy blasts on the huge mech, while Cyborg was countering the robot's laser fire as best he could. Beast Boy had turned into a bird and had flown onto the robot's shoulder, where he then turned into a rhino and tried to ram the robot's head in an attempt to knock Slade out of the mech.

"It won't work, they're not strong enough," Raven said. She began to chant. "Azarath, metreon, ZINTHOS!"

The cables lit up with dark energy, and they suddenly had much more strength to tug on the robot's legs, but they still could not bring Slade's mech down.

"Yo, I'll help!" Cyborg shouted, grabbing onto Batman's chest and tugging with all of his might, adding his strength to the forces on the cable.

"I shall assist as well!" Starfire said, floating down and latching around Robin's chest, tugging at his end of the cable with all of her might.

"You fools, this mech is far too big to be brought down by the likes of you!" Slade said triumphantly. "You will never defeat me!"

"Beast Boy!" Robin yelled, watching rhino Beast Boy futilely ram into Slade's robot's head. "C'mon down here and help!"

"Yikes, I'd better help out down there!" Beast Boy thought. He transformed into a falcon, flew down to the floor of the warehouse, and then transformed into a giant gorilla. He latched onto Cyborg and Batman and tugged at the cable as hard as he could. Finally, with the combined strength of Batman and the five Titans, Slade's huge mech could stand no more. It lurched, and then crashed to the ground, the Titans and Batman scattering to the corners of the room to get out of the falling mech's way.

"No!" Slade shouted as his bot fell. "It can't end like this!"

The huge mech finally hit the ground with an incredible thud. The Titans and Batman ran over to inspect it, but as they looked inside the cockpit, they saw no one.

"Where is Slade?" Robin yelled, enraged. "How could he possibly have gotten away?"

"You fools," came a voice from the mech's speakers. The Titans leaned in toward the speaker. "I piloted the mech up to the warehouse, then got out and set it on remote pilot. I'm now hidden in the city somewhere, safe and sound. Goodbye, Titans."

The mech's controls flashed off, and a strange beeping noise began to emit from the cockpit. Batman gasped.

"It's a bomb!" Batman shouted. As the six superheroes scrambled out of the warehouse, the gargantuan mech detonated behind them, destroying the warehouse in a huge explosion.

"At least we all got out okay," Beast Boy said, looking around. "Right, guys? We're all okay, right?"

"We're fine, Beast Boy," Raven said.

"I am glad that is over..." Starfire said quietly, brushing herself off.

"Well, we'd better head back to the city," Batman said. "Joker and Harley are probably causing all sorts of mayhem right now, and the longer it takes to get there, the more danger the people are going to be in."

"Yeah," Cyborg said. "Let's head out."

Batman, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven climbed into the Batplane, where the Robin's motorboat had also been stashed. Robin and Starfire started to walk inside, but as Robin began to climb in, Starfire stopped him.

"Robin, I... I just want to thank you again," Starfire said, a sad look on her face.

"What's wrong, Star?" Robin asked.

"I just.... you could have been hurt very badly by the Joker's robot, and... I felt really bad, because it would have been my fault... I'm too much of a burden for you, Robin..."

"No, Starfire, you're not a burden," Robin said. "Not at all... you're my best friend, Star. No matter what happens, I'll always care about you. You can count on that. I'm just glad you're okay."

"Thank you, Robin... thank you so much," Starfire said, a smile finally coming back to her face. "Please allow me to show my gratitude..."

"Star, you know that's not nec-" Robin started to say before Starfire gave him a brief kiss on the cheek. Then, with a giggle, she climbed back into the Batplane. Robin began to blush.

"Yo, birdbrain, you comin' or not?" Beast Boy shouted.

"Be right there," Robin said. "You're welcome, Starfire..."


"This is fun, Mr. J.!" Harley shouted as Joker made the Jokermech blow up a newspaper stand, as the man who was running it barely managed to hop out of the way.

"Aww, they almost always do that," Joker said. "How is it any fun if someone doesn't get hurt?"

The Joker and Harley looked around and surveyed the damage. Broken windows, overturned cares, a few small fires... causing mischief and mayhem was fun!

"I bet Slade made mincemeat out of Starfire and the Boy Blunder," Joker said, laughing. "Now we just let the rest of the Titans and Slade destroy each other, and we'll have the city all to ourselves!"

"Not so fast!" Robin shouted. The Jokermech turned around. There, it stood face to face with the Teen Titans, Robin at the forefront. Batman stood beside them, a scowl on his face.

"It's over, Joker," Batman said. "You're going back to Arkham."

"Oh, no we're not!" Joker shouted. "Harley, fire the torpedoes!"

"Torpedoes firing, Mr. J.!" Harley squealed. The mouth of the Joker face on the mech's chest opened, and several torpedoes were launched at the Titans.

"Take this!" Robin shouted, smashing one of the torpedoes to bits with his staff.

"Yaaaaah!" Starfire screamed, disintegrating another of the torpedoes with her Starbolts.

"Time for a little sonic boom action!" Cyborg yelled, destroying another of the torpedoes with a seismic blast.

"C'mon, who's your daddy? I'm your daddy!" Beast Boy yelled, turning into a giant bear and pounding a torpedo into dust with a swipe of his power claws.

"Azarath, metreon, zinthos!" Raven shouted, causing a wave of dark energy to blast the last torpedo back at the Jokermech. The torpedo made a direct hit, causing the mech to lurch backward.

"That wasn't supposed to happen!" Harley shrieked. "Do something, Mr. J.!"

"I'm trying, I'm trying!" shouted the Joker, frantically working the mech's controls. "We've burned all our ammunition! We must have spent it while we were trashing the city!"

"And this is the last city you're going to trash!" shouted Robin.

"That is right!" Starfire yelled. "And the last Tamaranian girl you're going to abduct!"

Starfire angrily threw a blitz of Starbolts at the mech as Robin leapt at it, holding his staff in the air. The Starbolts and the staff made contact at the same time, and as Robin safely rolled out of the blast radius, the huge mech fell to the ground, in pieces. Joker and Harley crawled out of the mech's remains and limped over to the Titans.

"How... dare you..." Joker stammered. "You're all... going to pay..."

"Not likely," Batman said, firing a Batcable at Joker and Harley. The cable wrapped around the two criminals, tying them up quite nicely.

"We had the perfect plan, Mr. J...." Harley said as Batman carried the two criminals into the Batplane.

"And we would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids..." Joker muttered as he was dragged into the plane.


Later that night, on the roof of Titans Tower, Batman and Robin had another chat, aside from the other Titans.

"Robin, you showed real courage and determination today," Batman said. "I'm proud of you."

"Batman, I shouldn't have... I shouldn't have rushed in like that to go after the Joker," Robin said, hanging his head. "It was dangerous."

"You don't regret it, I can tell," Batman said. "Robin, you saved your friend's life... I can't count the times I've rushed into seemingly impossible situations to do what you did. It was a good decision, Robin. And... it was a good decision on my part, too."

"Batman?" Robin said, slightly confused. "What do you-"

"To make you the leader," Batman said, shaking Robin's hand. "I knew you'd do a good job, Robin. Keep up the good work."

"It can't be complete... not until I've captured Slade," Robin said. "But Joker and Harley are a good start."

As Batman descended the stairs leading down from the roof, Starfire flew up and walked over to Robin.

"I agree with Batman," Starfire said, smiling. "It was a good idea to make you the leader, Robin."

"Thanks, Starfire..." Robin said, taking her hand. "I know you'd have done the same for me... and you did. Thank you for that, too."

"I'd follow you to the ends of the galaxy, Robin..." Starfire thought as they walked down the stairs. "I promise that I would..."

At the entrance to Titans Tower, Batman prepared to say goodbye to the Teen Titans, as the five of them watched him enter the Batplane.

"Bye, Batman!" Beast Boy shouted. "Next time, you've gotta show me some of your cool moves!"

"It was great getting to kick butt with you," Cyborg said.

"Stop by again real soon," Raven said, a rare smile on her face.

"Goodbye, Batman!" Starfire said happily, waving at the Batplane as it flew off. "Yes, please come back again!"

Robin stood next to Starfire, smiling. He didn't say a word... Batman already knew.

"Thank you, Batman... for trusting in me and for teaching me everything I needed to know to be a hero. I won't let you down... I won't let anyone down."


T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S!

Teen Titans, let's go!

T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S!

Teen Titans, let's go!

T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S!

Teen Titans, let's go!


And that's all he wrote! ^_^ So, how'd you like it? See, Robin and Starfire rescued each other! ^_^ It's so cute... *huggles them*