Finding the Light

Chapter 1 – The New Arrival

By Tsubasa no Yami

Disclaimer: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and all its characters, settings, the seven Millennium Items (Puzzle, Ring, Eye, Key/Ankh, Necklace/Tauk, Scale, Rod) and Duel Monsters do not belong to me. They belong to Kazuki Takahashi, the creator, and 4 Kids Entertainment, the company that does the American dub. Kimberly, Kahina, and the Aeon Items are mine alone.

Here are the dubbed and Japanese names, if you care. If I've misspelled anything, please tell me.

Dubbed Name/Japanese Name

Yugi Mutou/Yuugi Mutou

Yami Yugi/Yami no Yuugi

Joseph "Joey" Wheeler/Jonouchi Katsuya

Serenity Wheeler/Shizuka Katsuya

Téa Gardner/Anzu Mazaki

Tristan Taylor/Honda Hiroto

Ryou Bakura/Ryou Bakura

Yami Bakura/Yami no Bakura

Seto Kaiba/Seto Kaiba

Mokuba Kaiba/Mokuba Kaiba

Mai Valentine/Mai Kujaku

Solomon "Grandpa" Mutou/Sugoroku Mutou

Mako Tsunami/Mako Tsunami

Weevil Underwood/Inspector Haga

Rex Raptor/Dinosaur Ryuuji?

Bandit Keith/?

Maximillion Pegasus/Pegasus J. Crawford


Rebecca Hawkins/?

Duke Devlin/Otogi Ryuuji?

Marik Ishtar/Malik Ishtar

Yami Marik/Marik Ishtar

Ishizu Ishtar/Isis Ishtar


Also, there may be (well, probably are) discrepancies with the card uses. Please, tell me. It'd be greatly appreciated.

This leaves canon after the Duelist Kingdom arc. The duelists have returned and Grandpa is out of the hospital, but Rebecca Hawkins never challenged any of them to a duel.

And, I hope this isn't a Mary Sue. I would be extremely happy if someone told me what a Mary Sue is, so I can warn readers or take this down.


##change scene##

"normal dialogue"


/dialogue between hikaris and their yamis/


"dialogue within flashback"

/narration outside of flashback/

(author's note)


It was the usual chaos that filled Domino High School before classes would start. Students were gathered in groups, playing Duel Monsters or watching. Off in one corner, a particularly intense duel was taking place.

"I play the Flame Swordsman (1800/1600), in attack mode." Joseph Wheeler placed his card down on the desk. "And this card, face down." The blond plucked a second card from his hand and put it beside the first.

"Hm…" The short boy sitting across from him looked at his own cards. 'I wonder what card Joey played. He's already played Baby Dragon and Time Wizard. Wait… That's it! It must be his Red Eyes Black Dragon!' Yugi Mutou thought.

A tall girl leaned over and ruffled Yugi's magenta, black, and blond spiked hair. "Hello? Are you going to duel, or not?" Téa Gardner smiled, sapphire eyes sparkling. "Come on. You know you can finish this duel right now."

"Are ya insultin' my skill, Téa?" Joey asked, staring intently at his cards.

Téa shook her head. "Of course not. I leave that up to Tristan." She added.

Tristan Taylor sweatdropped. "Um… He's not that bad?" The pointy-haired boy shrugged.

"Oh, don't start." Ryou Bakura pleaded, with a slight British accent. "I'd actually like to spend a day without separating you two."

"Like that'd ever happen." Yugi grinned.

The five friends laughed. The first bell rang and the students sat down in their seats. The hubbub died down as the students put away their cards.

The teacher stood up in the front of the room. "Before we begin, I'd like to introduce our new student."

A girl stepped into the room, a cascade of black, blue and green hair falling over her shoulders and back. Her emerald eyes scanned the classroom, pausing on Yugi, Bakura, and Seto Kaiba. She bowed. "Hello, I am Kimberly Chan."

"Kimberly has just moved here from the United States. Please take the seat behind Ryou Bakura." The teacher said.

Bakura stood up and pulled the chair out for Kimberly.

"Domo arigato, Bakura-kun (Thank you very much, Bakura)." Kimberly said quietly, sitting down.

Bakura blushed. "Your Japanese is very good." He hurriedly returned to his desk. Then class began.


It was after school, and the group was still hanging around the classroom.

"You know, Joey, we never did finish that match." Yugi commented.

"You're right, Yug. I was gonna beat ya, if it wasn't for class." Joey joked. He paused, mentally switching gears. "But, ya know, today was really weird."

Téa walked over. "What was really weird?" Téa asked, confused.

Tristan thought for a second, brow furrowed. "You mean that new girl, Kimberly, right?"

Everyone looked at Bakura, who blushed again. "What? Just because she sits behind me doesn't mean I know her life's story." Bakura objected. He tugged at the edge of his blue jacket, avoiding eye contact.

"Aw… I think someone has a crush." Téa said, in a singsong voice. She giggled, patting him on the shoulder. "It's okay, Bakura. You're not the only one." She eyed Joey. "How is Mai, anyway?"

"Er…" Now it was Joey's turn to be embarrassed. "I don't like her!"

Tristan snickered. "Calm down; no one said you did. Now answer the question."

Joey scratched the back of his head. He sighed. "She's doing great…"

"Yugi." They all looked up, surprised to see Seto Kaiba standing behind them.

Yugi and Kaiba still didn't see eye-to-eye, even after the Duelist Kingdom tournament, but Yugi did his best to stay in touch with Kaiba and his little brother, Mokuba. "Hey, Kaiba. What brings you over here?"

"Not what, who: Kimberly Chan of the USA. Didn't you recognize her?" Kaiba asked.

"Um…" Yugi looked at the others, most of who shook their heads.

Bakura spoke up. "Actually, she does seem familiar."

Kaiba narrowed his blue eyes. "Kimberly's one of the best Duelists ever to play." Joey opened his mouth and started to say something snide, but Kaiba cut him off. "I said one of the best. We've dueled each other before, and I have won them all. She didn't even show up at the US national championship tournament."

Tristan crossed his arms across his chest. "So you came here just to brag? 'Cuz we've heard enough of that already."

Yugi searched his mind for memories. "I've never seen her duel before. Why wasn't she in the regional tournament or the Duelist Kingdom?"

"I don't know. Maybe for the same reason I did." Kaiba thought aloud. He shook his head, clearing it. "But that's not why I'm here." Kaiba gestured to Kimberly's desk with his hand. "When she first arrived, didn't it seem as though she was… looking for someone." He looked at Yugi and Bakura. "Like us."

"But why us?" Yugi looked at the golden pyramid Puzzle he now wore on a steel chain. "It can't be the Items; Kaiba doesn't have one, do you?" He received a pointed stare as an answer. "Alright then. That's not it."

"She might want to duel you two." Bakura suggested. "A match against two of the most renowned duelists in the world. Think of the boost to her reputation if she manages to beat you both."

/Duel her./

Yugi started. The spirit of his Millennium Item was speaking to him. /What?!/

/You heard me. Challenge her to a duel. You may find out more about her that way./ Yami Yugi had been watching through his light side's eyes, and the lady duelist's hawk-like stare had unsettled him and Yugi alike. /As if she was looking into our souls…/ He thought.

/'Into our souls.' What does that mean?/ Yugi was thoroughly confused by now.

/Nothing to concern you, little one./ Yami assured. /At least for now. But I will be watching./ Then the Puzzle fell silent.

"Yugi?" Téa's voice broke into his train of thought. "You spaced out there for a while."

"Oh. I was just thinking…" Yugi paused. "I want to challenge Kimberly to a duel."

"What?!" Everyone looked at him as though he was insane.

"I'm going to need your help, guys. We should go and check if she's still here." Yugi looked to the brown-haired CEO of Kaiba Corp. "I'd like to use your holographic arena, if that's alright with you."

"And what do you hope to get out of this?" Kaiba looked skeptical.

"Well, I think we could learn something about her during a match." Yugi explained.

"It could work." Bakura agreed. "But…" He trailed off.

Yugi looked at his white-haired friend. "But what?"

"What if she beats you?" Bakura asked.

Joey patted Bakura on the back reassuringly. "We all know no one beats Yugi." The tall blond discretely backed away from Kaiba. "But just in case, Kaiba, any advise for 'im?"

"Gee, Joey, I wouldn't want an unfair advantage over Kimberly." 'Especially since I already have the Puzzle.' Yugi added silently.

Kaiba waved away his objection. "What I know wouldn't help you anyway. Her deck changes for every duel, as does her strategy. The only things you can count on her to do are to play Dark Magician Girl and to duel till the bitter end."

"Dark Magician Girl?" Yugi flipped through his deck. "Ah ha!" He held up two cards. "The Dark Magician Girl gains a 300 point field power bonus when the Dark Magician or the Magician of Black Chaos is in play."

"Really?" Joey looked over his friend's shoulder, which took little effort because of the difference in their statures. "Nice looking card."

"No, Joey, you can't have it." Yugi replied, as if reading the lanky boy's thoughts.

"He he…" Joey laughed uneasily. "Er… Maybe we should go look for Kim."

"You're right. Let's split up: Yugi and Bakura, Joey and Tristan, go and check around school. I'll stay here in case she comes back." Téa looked at the tall prodigy with the intense blue stare. "And, um, Kaiba, I guess you can go with Yugi and Bakura, since Kimberly might be looking for you three."

Kaiba remained silent, thinking over strategies to use in the next duel he would have with the unpredictable American.

"So we should start looking." Bakura prompted. He walked out of the classroom, with Yugi and Kaiba in tow.

"Téa, are ya going to be okay alone?" Tristan asked.

Téa nodded. "I'm a big girl; I can take care of myself. Now go on and find that duelist!"

The two best friends left.

The girl sighed unhappily, alone in the room, the smile fading from her face.


The first group had gone through their half of the school, with no results. They reached the courtyard in the front when they heard a voice.

"…lost without you; I don't know what to do.

I only know this destiny was never meant for…"

Bakura listened intently. "Is that Kimberly… singing?"

"Now that's something I never thought she'd do." Kaiba commented. "Sounds like she's up on the roof. Let's go." His long legs carried him swiftly to the stairway.

"…and the same, two halves of one whole,

Eternally intertwined, yet never crossing…"

"Wow… Whoever that is, she can sing pretty well." Yugi watched as Kaiba disappeared through the door. "Come on, Bakura. Bakura?"

Bakura reluctantly opened his chocolate-brown eyes and returned his attention to reality. "Huh? Oh, right." He followed Yugi, running up the stairs to the roof.

They reached the doorway to the roof, to find Kaiba standing in it. He wasn't moving.

"Kaiba, what did you find? Hello?" Yugi was puzzled. He walked past Kaiba's frozen form and onto the roof. It was empty. "That's odd." He heard a thump and turned around.

"What happened?" Genius that he was, Kaiba was stumped. "One moment, I was walking toward Kimberly; the next, I see you and Bakura here, with no trace of her left."

"It looks like we missed her. If she is a duelist, maybe she'll stop by your grandfather's game shop, Yugi." Bakura blinked and whipped his head around. "Hm…" He had caught a glimpse of pink and black in the edge of his vision. "It must be nothing." He muttered to himself.

The trio turned around and descended the stairs.

A raven-haired figure emerged as if from nowhere, picking up two cards from the ground: Spellbinding Circle and De-Spell. "That was close." The cards disappeared into a pocket, while the person returned to the secrecy of shadows.


Joey jogged up to the three duelists when they emerged from the hallway. "Any luck?"

Yugi shook his head sadly. "Nope. What about you guys?"

"Nada." Tristan surveyed the area. "I don't think we're going to find her today."

"Then let's get back to Téa. She might be worried." Yugi advised.

Kaiba turned. "I'm leaving. Don't hesitate to use my private dueling arena if you find her."

"Um, okay. See ya, Kaiba." Yugi watched as his rival left the scene. "So… time to get back to the classroom?"

"Right!" The remaining boys headed back inside.


"Téa?" Yugi slid the door open. "Téa, what's wrong?"

The brunette was sitting at her desk, resting her chin on folded hands. She had started shuffling through her deck when she came across her Magician of Faith card, reminding her of the duel where they were all changed into cards, and it made her think. 'It's so hard to tell one side of Yugi from another. I can never tell where sweet lil' Yugi ends and the courageous, brave Yami begins. How do you know which is the real Yugi? Or are they both real?' She thought. 'And how do I know how they feel about me? That is, if they think of me at all.' She shook her head. "There's nothing wrong, Yugi." Téa flashed him one of her dazzling smiles. "Did you find her?"

"No. We thought she was on the roof, but she was gone when we got there." Bakura reported. "We're all going over to the card shop tomorrow morning. Are you going to come?"

"Sure. I can't wait." Téa collected her cards and stood up. She waved from the doorway. "I've gotta go. Bye."

Yugi waved back. Téa's smiles always made him feel as if everything was all right.

Yami chuckled, thinking the same thing.

/What are you laughing about?/ Yugi asked.

/Nothing./ Yami fell silent, smirking. /Don't you have somewhere you need to be?/

/Oh yeah./ Yugi checked the clock. "Geez, I can't believe how much time we spent here."

"You're right, Yug. We'd better get goin'." Joey picked up his stuff. "See ya!" He ran out the door.

"Wait up!" Tristan followed his friend, leaving the two Item holders alone in the classroom.

"Hey, Bakura, it really seemed like you recognized that song Kimberly was singing." Yugi looked at him. "Why is that?"

Bakura scratched his head, confused. "I'm not quite sure. It's like I've heard it before, but I know I haven't. This morning was the first time I have even seen her. Maybe… No, it couldn't be."


"The evil spirit of my Millennium Ring. What if it was him that recognized the song?"

"You're kidding. That means Kimberly knew your Yami. Does that mean she has a Yami of her own? If so, then she must have a Millennium Item."

"There are so many things we don't know about her. How can we be sure of anything?"

"We can't. We'll just have to wait until our match." Yugi sighed. "It's getting late. I have to help my grandpa. Later."

"Goodbye." Bakura looked around the empty room, checking to see if anyone left anything. "Time to go." He left.


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