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The Looking Glass

Chapter 1: Crash Into Me

" Listen, Takima, I made things clear when we first started this," 17-year-old Himura Kenshin calmly told the furious girl beside him.

"Made things clear! When exactly did you make things clear! Was it in between our kisses or when you were dancing all around me underneath the blanket in your bed!" The poor girl's eyes were practically popping out of their sockets in anger. Like she couldn't believe that things were going to end this way. "Answer me!"

Kenshin sighed, trying to control his frustration. This woman is way too annoying. "You knew about my reputation long before we got together. I made no promises whatsoever and I expected no more from you."

He looked at her for the first time during their car ride, taking his gaze away from the road for a couple of seconds. Amber eyes fixed themselves upon her face and she started crying. "You should have known what you were getting yourself into. And, now, we're through." His voice rang of finality and he resumed looking ahead.

"Why?" she whispered. Upon hearing her voice, he almost felt a pang of guilt. Almost.

"Look, I'm just not feeling it anymore okay? I'm sorry." Those words stung and he could sense Takima's body seize up.

"What did you say!"

"You heard me. Like I said, I'm sorry. Really, I am." But, even while he said this, his voice expressed no hint of remorse. She was finally silent. But he could feel her eyes boring holes in his face. Her soft sobs assaulted his ears. He was sincerely glad that she was not holding any sort of weapon at that moment or he might really have a situation in his hands.

After what seemed like the longest ride of his life, he finally parked outside her family's house. "We're here," he stated indifferently.

He was afraid that if he said anything more than that, she might act up again. She hurriedly opened the door and got out. But she stopped to give him one last dark glare.

"I hate you," she hissed and her once beautiful mouth was twisted in a hateful snarl.

He didn't reply and instead drove away. He had heard that a hundred times before. From various girls. He couldn't even remember some of their names. He sighed for the second time that night. Why couldn't women be more like men when it came to love? All of them couldn't seem to understand that it was infinitely better to just kiss and play around without having to worry about the restrictions that came with commitment. It was definitely a lot more interesting and a lot less boring.

"More variety," he said smirking. Thoughts of Aya had now completely disappeared. Another one finished.

As he drove through the vast expanse of night with the lights from the city's several buildings just a series of sparkles,he could already feel his fingers tingling in anticipation of a new fling. In response to his thoughts, his mobile suddenly came to life and he heard its familiar ringing. He smiled, eager to find out who was calling him now, and decided to pay her a visit tonight. It's still far too early to go home. His left arm automatically reached towards his pocket. As his fingers wrapped around the device, a bump on the road caused his car to jerk up suddenly and it rolled out of his hand and slid on the passenger seat.

"Damn." Kenshin instinctively leaned sideward, afraid that it might stop ringing.

But the movement cost him a great deal because, at that instant, a woman appeared almost out of nowhere and his eyes widened as he saw and felt his car crash into her. Metal and steel meet human flesh and her body flew up like it was absolutely weightless. All of his body parts seemed to have stiffened, then his senses peaked and he hit the brakes a second after he collided with her. His car was still swerving dangerously when he swiftly jumped out of it and sped towards the victim. I'm dead. Dead. He didn't know what he was feeling right then. A mixture of alarm and panic and so many other emotions. His mind was racing with all sorts of possible situations. The press eating him alive. His dad's angry voice. Jail. Jail! This could not be happening. His family could not handle another scandal because of him.

As he reached the woman's body, his pace slowed down. He felt his heart pounding and he found himself praying to all the heavenly gods he knew. Just don't let her be dead.

What he reached was the body of a young girl probably no older than he was completely covered with dirt. He almost drew back in repulsion. Her face was partially distorted from his sight by mud and dust and her clothes were unrecognizable. Uuugh. Very slowly, he knelt down to feel her pulse. Kenshin exhaled in relief. She was still alive. He carefully took her in his arms. thankful for the fact that she was at least not that heavy. When he reached his car, he placed her in the back seat, got in, and zoomed away with only one destination in mind.

"How could you have allowed this to happen!" Himura Saoto forcefully asked his son.

"It's not as if I meant it," Kenshin retorted.

He was sitting on one of the small corner chairs, away from the steaming businessman. They had been at this for 10 minutes now.

"You could have tried not to!" his father responded just as stubbornly.

"Oh that's just great! Now I'm even expected to control every damn thing that comes my way!" He stood up, prepared to storm out of the room.

Saoto's brown eyes flashed. "Kenshin." Kenshin stopped.

Even if he and his dad had had this scene more times than he could count, something in his father's commanding voice made him hesitate.

"An unconscious woman is in the next room with four broken bones and a serious concussion because of you." The young man turned to face his companion.

Didn't Saoto know that he felt bad enough already? Yes, he could be a bastard when it came to a lot of things, but he was still a normal, breathing human being capable of feeling sorry. "I didn't want to involve you guys. I told you I could handle this on my own," he said quietly. He kept his arms at his side in a conscious effort to stop himself from losing control.

"I wish it could be that way, Kenshin. But whatever you do is directly connected to this family."

Calm down. Breathe. Just as he expected, his father was, once again, able to turn this into something all about him and his goals. He felt his face clench and, before he could stop himself, his mouth opened, ready to tell Saoto just what he thought about his self-centeredness. Fortunately, the opening of the door interrupted them and the elegant feet of Himura Yumi stepped into the carpeted room.

Kenshin felt a pang when he saw his mother's pretty but weary face. She looked tired. Out of everything that happened that night, nothing moved him more than his mother's sorry state. Yumi looked at her husband and then Kenshin. Understanding dawned in her green eyes and she spoke out quickly, trying to turn their attention from each other to her.

"She's stable. The doctor said that it's a miracle those are the only injuries she has. It's a good thing she was attended to directly."

Kenshin felt his entire body relax and he tried to suppress a grin. As usual, Saoto found something bad in the otherwise good news.

"But how will we deal with her? The press is going to have a field day." His mother approached her husband and sat down on the couch beside him.

"The young girl has to stay with us until she is well and we can send her back to her family safely. Since she is in no apparent danger, all we can do is try to accommodate her and make her feel as comfortable as possible."

"Is she awake?" Kenshin asked, finally speaking.

"No. The doctor says that she'll be asleep for a few days. We will try to question her as soon as she comes to. In the meantime, try to keep the house as peaceful as possible."

Having heard everything he wanted to hear, Kenshin moved briskly towards the door, turned the knob, and let himself out. He wanted to avoid his father's upcoming tirade of other people's opinions and how everyone would learn about it sooner or later. He walked down the long bright hall, deeply immersed in his own thoughts. Despite himself, he stopped outside the door where the girl he had accidentally injured lay. He could hear the beeping of machines and could smell the sharp sting of medicine.

Kenshin wrinkled his nose in distaste. Slowly, as if afraid to be caught by anyone, he peeked inside, greeted by around three to four contraptions and a series of tubes that surrounded the very pale girl. She was now clean and in simple white clothes. A huge plastic mask covered her face. His forehead wrinkled in concern. He truly was sorry for hitting her. Can't do anything about that anymore. And he closed the door just as quietly.

Yumi was in the process of placing flowers in the various vases she had stationed inside the room. The once lifeless chamber was now bursting with color and brightness. That was the very first thing she had addressed upon the young woman's unexpected arrival.

Yumi looked at the silent girl beside her. Her eyes were still closed. Her body still gave no indication of movement. She heard herself sigh. Everyone in the house had been waiting for some time now for the girl to wake up. Even the servants were anxious. It had been three days since that night and she was starting to grow concerned despite the doctor's assurances. Shaking her head to dispel her gloomy thoughts, she continued her task, humming a soft and easy tune.

That was when she heard the bed creak and her head snapped back in surprise. As she watched in amazement, the woman on the bed slowly raised her lids and revealed the most fascinating blue eyes she had ever seen. Those sparkling orbs widened in surprise and fear when they rested upon her. Not wanting to scare their guest, she immediately started to talk to the bewildered girl. "Good morning, dear. How are you feeling?"

The patient started to get up, but stopped abruptly when she hit the IV tube hooked into her. She gasped in agony.

"Careful, you might hurt yourself," Yumi said soothingly.

"Where am I?" came the frail voice.

"You're in our home, sweetie." Those blue eyes clouded in confusion.

"I'm where? Why?"

She didn't want to alarm the poor dear, but she knew that she had to give her some answers so, against her better judgment, she decided to give her the facts as gently as possible.

"My son accidentally hit you with his car and he brought you here so that we could nurse you back to health." She could sense the other woman's panic so she proceeded hurriedly. "Don't worry there's nothing in the hospital that we don't already have here."

The girl ignored her, "He what!"

"Ssshh, calm down honey. We'll try to help you any way we can. Don't even worry about it."

She could sense her guest's continued hesitation and tried to ease it away. "May I know you're name, dear?"

She saw the young girl's face change suddenly and, for a few seconds, they were both silent. The pale face became even paler and looked momentarily stunned.

"I don't know," her guest whispered.

Author's Notes: Gomen ne. I know it's short. More KK action in the next chapter.