Beauty and the Kaiba

A version of Beauty and the Beast with a Yu-Gi-Oh twist.


Once upon a time there was a handsome prince named Kaiba. He lived in the middle of the woods with no one around. The only company he ever had were the servants in his castle. He was an only child and his parents had died when he was young leaving him with only a butler to look after him. The butler was cruel and cold thinking only of getting the prince's money and status for himself. The prince, realizing this, slowly became hard and cold toward the world locking up all his emotions. Then, one day the butler went too far and Kaiba, in a fit of rage, killed him by pushing him out the balcony window. A nearby Wood Fae saw this and pitied the poor boy, who would surely end up living a lonely life. She decided that she was going to try to help him change in the hopes that his future would become brighter.

Unfortunately, this particular Fae was no good at planning so the idea she came up with turned out to be horrid. She decided to put a curse on the boy so that he would become an ugly creature and he would stay that way until he loved and was loved in return. Then, he would finally change back. Happy with her plan she flew to the castle and into the balcony window. Looking around she spotted a very shocked young man. Assuming this to be the prince she chanted her spell and flew back out the window. Before she could leave, however, she noticed a gorgeous garden. Flying low she cast a spell on the garden so it would always be supremely beautiful. Maybe this garden would attract some beautiful young girl for the prince to love. After noticing all the lovely roses the Fae decided that perhaps there should be a time frame for the prince. After a while he would be too cold for the rest of the world. So, charming a rose to live for many years and only die when there was no longer any hope for the prince she flew back up to his room.

Kaiba upon seeing the Fae fly in was stupefied. He had never seen a Faerie before and he hadn't even realized that they existed. Before he could say a word, however, she was flying back out to whence she came. He tried to walk over to the window to see where she was going and he realized that his body wouldn't move. Not only that but it was changing, shifting, and becoming something else. While his transformation was taking place the Fae flew back in, placed a rose on his table and murmured something about it dying when there was no hope left for him. He wasn't able to hear her properly however since his ears were shifting and not working as well as they normally should. A while after she had left once again the transformation was complete and he could move once more. So he went over to the mirror and he looked into it not knowing what to expect. He yelled, or at least tried to, when he saw a bear looking back at him.

Prologue End

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