-Chapter 5-

Joey, Tristan, and Duke had gotten lost in the forest. Not that anyone would have been surprised had they known this. After all, Tristan and Duke had been following Joey who didn't really know where he was going, and even if he had, Joey was known to get lost on his way to the market. However, even if that hadn't been true, the castle was protected by fae magic. Now that a suitable girl was living in the castle no mortals would be able to find it. They, hopefully, wouldn't need another girl and they certainly did not need people just barging in.

The three men were too busy swearing at each other to notice that they had somehow managed to arrive back in town.

Duke scowled at Tristan and looked around suddenly recognizing their surroundings, "Hey we've managed to get back to town, thanks to my guidance of course."

"You didn't even say anything about the town while we were lost. All you did was whine about how we were lost and it was all my fault," Tristan glared at Duke while saying this.

"Well at least you admit that us being lost was your fault."

"I did no such thing! It was your entire fault! You're just trying to blame me!"

Joey sighed and directed his horse back to his house as Tristan and Duke began to fight. 'What went wrong?' he mused 'I could've sworn that I knew the way to that castle.' Sighing dejectedly he put his horse in the stables and began to think about what he could do for his sister.

Jorah was in her study thinking about current events. They had managed to find another girl, and Jorah approved of this one. She hadn't spent an entire week in her room crying and pitying herself. She had managed to face Kaiba and even continued to be around him despite the obvious fear she had pertaining to him. Jorah knew that the girl had a quick mind and might eventually overcome her fear of Kaiba. Love may or may not follow, she couldn't force that feeling, but she sure as hell could push them in that direction. In the past few days Kaiba had been avoiding Serenity without Serenity voicing any protests. Jorah knew that Serenity was secretly happy about the lack of seeing him even though she hadn't voiced that thought either.

Jorah did need to get them into a habit of spending time together. Nothing would happen if things continued on this path.

Perhaps if she forced them to take their meals together? Breakfast could be singular because they woke up at completely different times but lunch and dinner would have to be eaten together. Jorah picked up a piece of paper and wrote that down as a mental note to inform everyone else.

The All Hallows Eve feast was coming up in a few weeks. Every year all the fae and a few of the elves would come to the castle for the feast. There was always dancing in the ballroom and everyone had a wonderful time. Jorah knew that Serenity would enjoy it and was certain to come. If only she could convince Kaiba to go she could force them together for an entire night.

…and wine tended to make humans more outgoing if consumed in large amounts didn't it? Well she would just have to make sure that they both had a large amount of wine now wouldn't she.

Jorah smiled to herself, almost in an evil manner, and continued to write ideas on her paper. They would fall in love. She'd make sure of it.

The next day Kaiba was very upset to find that the faeries were refusing to serve him lunch until Serenity showed up. She wasn't expected to show up and he doubted that she would if she had the choice. He explained that they hadn't planned to eat together and that she wasn't going to show up but the faeries were adamant about not being able to serve him without her being present.

Kaiba growled and stormed into the castle. Well if they wouldn't feed him he'd just have to get the food out of the kitchens himself. He quickly located the kitchens and was approaching the door when he ran into something. Regaining his balance he reached out with his hand and felt an invisible wall. Examining it carefully he found that he couldn't get past. He was about to walk around to the other door to the kitchen when Jorah came up behind him looking smug.

Kaiba recognized the expression on her face, "What did you do!"

Jorah became, if possible, even more smug looking. "I figured you'd try to get the food yourself so I placed a barrier around the kitchen. I believe that the other faeries have already told you this but you aren't allowed to eat meals without Serenity's company and vise versa."

Kaiba just stared at her for a minute before opening his mouth and beginning to yell at her. Such a stupid plan, did she even think that it would work? The girl would never be good enough for him.

Jorah just stared at Kaiba until he was done yelling. "Serenity is in the library if you'd care to eat. Don't force her to come down though or I'll make sure you don't get any food until dinner." Jorah turned around and walked away.

Kaiba glared at her retreating figure before he began to head to the Library. His stomach had already begun its protest of the lack of food and Kaiba didn't plan on denying it any longer than necessary. He would drag Serenity down to the dining hall if he had to. It was lunchtime and he was starved!

Kaiba walked into the library and saw Serenity curled up in a seat reading green leather book. As soon as he laid eyes on her, however, the book became non-existent along with the library and his complaining stomach. The only thing that he could focus on was the piece of bread that she was nibbling at.

"Where did you get that bread! I thought that the no food rule applied to you as well!" Kaiba twitched. "What is wrong with that damned fae!"

Serenity's eyes widened as she looked up at him. She didn't want to make a sound out of fear that he would turn on her. She had to answer the question though, it would be rude not to.
"This is left-over from my breakfast. The faeries gave me a rather large one and I couldn't possibly eat it all so I decided to save some for later." She shot him a nervous look hoping that he wouldn't be angry with her response.

Kaiba still wasn't calming down though. He was hungry, he wanted food, and the only person who could manage to make the faeries supply him with food (other than Jorah who would rather let him starve) was sitting there eating food. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! He'd had enough of this running around. He wanted food and he wanted it now!

Kaiba grabbed the girl's arm and dragged her down the stairs. He was happy to notice that she was going along with him out of shock and fear. He walked a little faster to get to the dining room before it wore off and she started screaming or crying like the others.

Serenity knew that he wasn't going to kill her. He certainly had no qualms about hurting her but she knew that as soon as they managed to get to where he was dragging her that he would let her go.

She still couldn't help being afraid.

She knew that she needed to be brave. Jorah told her that a fear of Kaiba would only lead to a greater fear of him. Jorah had explained that he couldn't kill her and was hardly likely to try…

"Serenity dear, there's nothing to be afraid of." Jorah had leaned over and pat Serenity's back. "He can't kill you and I don't believe that he wants to."

Serenity had been a bit critical, "He hates me though. I can see it in the way he looks at me. I can't help but worry that a beast like that might try to get rid of me."

Jorah shook her head at this response. She had told Serenity that she needed to stop thinking of Kaiba as a common everyday bear. He wasn't a beast and thinking such would only make him seem so to Serenity's eyes. She had told Serenity that she needed to be brave and at least not show her fear of Kaiba.

"And who knows," Jorah had said smiling, "your fear might vanish if you ignore it for long enough but all I know is that if you live in fear of him the next two years are going to be hell for you."

Serenity stared at Jorah, "What do you mean, next two years?"

"Well you are aware of the fact that you'll be residing with us for the next two years."

'Hopefully longer if I have anything to say about it,' Jorah added to herself.

Serenity shook her head. The thought of just how long she would be living in the castle until she could see her brother again scared her. She looked up at Jorah with pleading eyes.

"Two… two years?"

"I'm afraid so dear. Don't look at me like that. I can't do anything to make it shorter, but…" Jorah paused for emphasis.

"What! Is there a way to shorten it?" Serenity pounced on Jorah. "Please tell me what it is!"

Jorah pursed her lip for effect before continuing, "Well, if you could get on Kaiba's good side he might let you go early. Or at least let you visit your brother." Jorah was lying through her teeth, Kaiba had as little control over Serenity's presence in the castle as Serenity did, but Serenity didn't need to know that.

Serenity managed to scrounge up a little bit of bravery as Kaiba dragged her into the dining room. He pushed her into a chair and then he took a seat as well. After summoning a fae and ordering her to bring food he turned to Serenity.

"You know you are the most bothersome guest I've ever had."

Serenity just gawked at him. He had barged in on her while she was reading and thrown a fit about a piece of bread before dragging her down countless stairs into the dining room and he was telling her that she was bothersome?

What was going through his disillusioned mind that made him believe her to be so bothersome?

"I'm sorry if allowing myself to be dragged down all those stairs is bothersome to you but if I am so bothersome then I shall just remove the bother and retire back to the library." Serenity turned to leave but ended up crying out in pain as his paw grabbed her wrist.

"I don't think so. I've finally managed to get those faeries to serve me lunch. I am not going to allow you to leave until I'm done." Kaiba let go of her as she sunk down into her chair while nursing her wrist.

The door opened and Kaiba smirked eagerly as lunch was finally served. He helped himself to a bunch of food and ate greedily finally able to sate his rumbling stomach.

Serenity just watched in interest while eating a piece of fruit. Despite her fear of him trying to fight her for any food in his hungry craze she knew that she'd be safe with the fruit. He almost never ate any. She had heard what he'd said to her quite clearly and wondered why the faeries had refused to serve him food and why he believed her to be important to his eating habits. It had nothing to do with her, did it?

Well she knew one thing was certain. She'd have to be nice to Kaiba if she ever hoped to see her brother again in less than two years. Kaiba ever liking her was not a likely possibility but she had to try. She was already missing her brother and it hadn't even been a month yet. Imagine a year or two without him?

No she couldn't possibly manage it… she had to get Kaiba to like her.

-End Chapter 5-

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