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The surprise!

"Kyou-kun…. Oh Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun! Kyokun! Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun! Kyoukun! Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun! Kyou-kun!!! Where are you?"

I swear if I hear my name once more I'm gonna cut his head off, Grrr...I hope he does NOT find me!!! He can be so annoying … I wonder what he's up to this time.

"Kyo-kun…you should come down from the roof!!! I have a surprise for you!!!''


This is bad.

If he says that he has a surprise for ME that means only two things…

1: he wants me to do something for him or …


"KAGURA!!! Come in! Nice to see you !! If you are looking for your Kyo-kun, he's on the roof he wasn't coming down since yesterday … So I thought that you could help me!! hehehe …anyway I don't want to take advantage of your precious time reserved for your dear Kyou-chan.''


IT IS the second possibility he did call KAGURA… and worst of all he told here were I was, now let's think…THINK! THINK! THINK!!!!!

Where can I hide from her???

Too late…

"Kyou-chan!!!! I missed you so much!!! Why didn't you call me? ahhhhhhh I'm going to punish you for making me worry about you!!!!"


…11 minutes and 34 kicks,15 slaps and 4-5 trows later….

"Kyou-kun! ( …eeh is that tears in her eyes?is she being human?) What happened to you? you're bleeding ! I'm gonna kill the person who did this to you! just tell me who is it!!!! Tell me! TELL ME!!!!''

Oh no! Not again! She just finished killing me … nooooooooooo

" GET AWAY from me! YOU did this to me!"

"I'll kill you for not letting me protecting you!'' She yelled while running after me.

Where's the logic in that? None... She is just too evil...

"Nooooo! Get away! I don't want to see you" With this, I ran into that traitors of Shigures house and of course she followed me… no not followed …RAN AFTER ME!

"There, there, you two love-birds shouldn't stop showing your affection for each other, may I remind you not to break my house?" He said with a wide smile.

Traitor! I thought.

And was flying again but this time not trough air but trough the door.

Why me?!?

"Eeh… Kyou-chan? Are you alright? Eehh… Oh! Hi Kagura-chan! I didn't know you were coming to visit us! Will you join us for dinner?" said Tohru

And magically Kagura seemed to return to her normal way.


"Yes it will be a pleasure! I've come to save my dear Kyou-kun !Shigure told me that my poor darling wasn't eating!" She explained calmy to Tohru, as if she hadn't tried to kick me, punch me, yell at me, and finnally try to kill me.


" Baka neko! Why do you have always to be that noisy?"

"Shut up damn rat! It's none of your business I can be as LOUD AS I WANT!!!! Do YOU HAVE a problem with that?"

'CRACK' he punched me and I flew again at the wall…


"Oh my! My poor little house! My nest ! Kyou-chan is breaking it…*sobs* you'll have to repair the sliding door and the wall now! It's a lot of work do you want me to call Kagura to help you? hehehe" said the dog

"If you do that I'll cut you in tiny little piece and trow you in boiling water!"

"You don't need to be that cold hearted i know how you feel. All I want is to help you …"

He walks 3 meters away from me and does the worst thing

" KAGURA!!! Kyou-chan is too shy to ask you to help …."

"I am really going to kick you ass this time you damn dog"

"BUT…… Kyou-kun you don't need to be that aggressive …I'm an old person now I shouldn't suffer …Oh PLEASE don't be rough on me! It's my first time! I'm a little shy ….."

While saying that the running Shigure didn't see the wall getting closer and closer…. 'PAFFF'

Good… this what he deserved… for ruining my nap on the roof… now how to get rid of Kagura? Pondering I went to my room .

"Dinner is ready everyone !" called Tohru.

When I came down I felt relieved because Kagura was saying Bye-Bye to everyone…

"OOOOh HERE your are Kyou-kun it's getting late I need to go home now, don't worry! I WILL COME BACK" She said while hugging me (more like trying to kill me)

Later, while eating, I found myself observing that Kuso Nesumi! His purple eyes staring at Tohru… WAIT! Why am I looking at him? It not like I think he's hot or something!and besides he's totally obsessed by Tohru. Okkk now I am saying that he might be hot… no it's wrong I must be tired or something.

"Well! Well! Well! Isn't it nice Yuki looks at Tohru , Kyou looks at Yuki sounds interesting…I should call Aya he would like to see this too"

"Shut up!" the rat and I said in unison

"Oh grumpy, you mustn't take out your unhappiness of non-retourned love on me… I already have Aya… I promised him that I won't cheat him after…"

He couldn't finish his sentence because the rat and I threw him trought the freshly repaired sliding door.

After that we silently finished eating I went to my room and the rat decided to help Tohru do the dishes… 'he never helps me!'okkkk…. this was the second time today that I was thinking about him without the toughts of killing him…I must be really sick. I need to think … I went to my favorite place… the roof!

To my surprise I heard Tohru talk to herself while sleeping

"No… Yuki-chan, Kyou-chan you must stop fighting, you need to take the time to know each other better and maybe you could become friends or even more! I would be so happy if you were friends!"


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