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Welcome Back

''Yuki… do you think it's safe to leave Tohru with Shigure? Who knows what the pervert may think of doing, she's so gullible…'' I said,

''She is gullible…we did not think about that, but Shigure is not a bad person, I think, after all he welcomed us to his place.'' He still seemed thoughtful.

So I added the worst scenario possible,

''yeah you're right, it's like we're going to come home and find them sprawled on the floor barely clothed kissing , right?!'' I said with a small laugh.


''Maybe we should head back , I mean we've been here for 2 days now, and I just don't know how this will, simply, go unnoticed.'' He said.

''Is it a way to get rid of me?'' I said smirking,

His eyes widened and Mr. started mumbling…

''No, of course not, don't be like that! You know I want to spend time with you…and…. Oh gosh ! Now you just made me sound like Tohru…'' he said punching me on the arm.

Not expecting it, I landed in the wall…

It brought me to the Lesson number 2 of the day : don't underestimate the strength of others. Even your boyfriend can surprise you with their inner or outer strength...

Pretending that nothing happened I stood up, brushed the imaginary dirt from my poor arm, went near the rat, and with the cheesiest smile ever, I leaned closer, and closer, till my lips were a centimeter from his, and head butted him in the forehead.

Then as he faltered I kissed him softly ,

''It's not because were an item, now that Ill let you be stronger, the cat is still bigger than the rat '' I said chuckling.

He simply smiled as we headed back to our room to pack back.

After we made sure that we didn't leave any trace behind us. We were ready to head back.

But what we were not ready was what was awaiting us at home.

So imagine, we come home, we see a tearful Ayame, sitting in the kitchen looking at some note, with big wet tears rolling down his cheeks,

''But he is too young…Sniff… how could he leave us?'' he said then went on wailing.

Ummm... did something happen?

Instantly Yuki stiffened, he still didn't get pass the Ayame hating thing.

'' Yo! What's wrong ? Why are you whining like some sissy?!'' That wasn't the nicest thing to say, but it was the nicest way I found to show my concern. I was concerned, a bit.

Theatrically, Ayame rose from the chair and went to Yuki's knees and said

''Shigure told Tohru not to cook during this week, he is crazy… Yuki we have to bring him back, already the fridge is empty, all there is some cheese cake and a bottle of wine!" His expression was of someone horrified!

"That's not appropriate food for all of you and..."

Ayame wasn't quite able to finish his whining since Yuki's fist connected with his jaw.


Yup. Everything was back to normal. ^.^


I looked in the fridge, and true to Ayame's word, it was empty.

Then I went to see where Tohru was and why she didn't come to greet us.

I opened the door to her room, only to see her hugging the dog form of Shigure! Damn, what was wrong with everyone today?!

''Yo stupid mutt, get out of her bed right now!!!!'' I yelled, waking up both of them in the process.

Instantly Tohru turned red, then looked embarrassed, then Shigure choose this time to change back, with a puff.

Tohru closed her eyes, while he took his clothing and ran next to his room as if Satan was chasing him...

Satan should chase him...

''It's not as you think, eh… I mean it is ! But it is not..Sorry I must be confusing you'' she said nervously,

I left her room .


"They're all crazy!" I thought.

Then, a few minutes later, I heard Shigure whisper to Ayame ''Do you think they know or how should we tell them?''

Tell us what?!

And why was Ayame still here?

We all went in the kitchen, with Yuki sitting next to me, Ayame sitting in front of me, Shigure standing in the corner, Tohru going paranoid over the question that some might be hungry.

Then to make matters worst, Haru came in with Momiji following him…

Of course Momiji had to jump and hug Tohru. And then of course he transformed.

So there we were:

-a frantic Tohru running in the kitchen,

-Momiji humping up and down on a chair, still in his rabbit form.

-Yuki glaring at his brother,

-Haru glaring at me,

-and me glaring at the leeks that all of the sudden appeared on the middle of the table.

Hell... my life is hell!

And then, timidly Yuki took my hand, under the table, and everything seemed unimportant.

Even the leeks became supportable!


Until Shigure decided to talk…


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