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Chapter 1: The Most Beautiful of the Cherry Blossoms

"Hsi, look at this!", Sakura called running in the flowers field. Hsi calmly turned and approached of her. He was in his human form, thanks to his father, who prohibited him of appearing in his true form in front of humans who weren't from his castle.

"Remember the cherry tree we planted some months ago? Look, it's already big.", she said pointing happily to a small tree that if Hsi didn't know better he would say it actually was a bonsai.

"It's not big. It's still minuscule.", he said bitterly and Sakura knelt down to caress the tree.

"We planted it when we met each other, it is the symbol of our friendship. You should show some respect and admiration for it.", Sakura scolded and Hsi snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Oh, you don't know how to see the good things of the life.", she complained standing up and looked at Hsi.

"I have to go back now. But we can play in the evening.", she suggested. Hsi sighed.

"I can't. An Indian guy will arrive today and my father wants to make a kind of... party.", he explained and Sakura tilted her head.

"Oh, and what is he going to do here?", she asked.

"He will have to choose one of my sisters to be his fiancée."

"Is he a criminal?" Hsi raised a brow.

"No, why?"

"He probably did something very wrong to deserve a punishment like that.", Sakura said and both she and Hsi laughed.

"That's true.", he remarked.

"I already know who he will choose."

"Of course he will choose Bai Tsa, who would want to stay with Po Kong?"


"I just hope my father doesn't engage me with someone too.", he remarked sadly.

"You just have to fall in love soon.", she said.

"That's not so easy..." Sakura approached and now was very close to his face.

"You will, when less wait. I assure you.", she said and kissed his cheek, making he blush slightly.

"I have to go now. See you tomorrow.", she said and turned to go away. Hsi touched with his hand the place where he had been kissed and stared at the girl until he couldn't see her anymore.

"I don't believe!", he heard a voice behind him. The sky demon turned to face his sister Bai Tsa.

"What?", he asked nervously. Bai Tsa rolled her eyes.

"You like that human! What will our father say?!"

"No, she's just a friend!"

"I saw her kissing you. In fact, I noticed that since some months ago you two have been very close. You're together all the time.", she implied.

"I'll just ignore your comments. I can see that you're just jealous because you have to get married with somebody who you barely know.", he accused and Bai Tsa frowned.

"That's why I came to look for you. Our father demanded that you get ready soon because that Dhai something-or-other is almost arriving.", she snapped grabbing her brother's wrist and dragging him to the castle.

"You should take care, Hsi. It seems that our father liked the idea of engaging the whole family, and you can be the next tomorrow.", she warned smiling bitterly. Hsi swallowed.

"This is very true..."


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