Synopsis: On a trip to the Higura Shrine as a class field trip, Ryou Bakura falls into the Bone-Eater's Well in an attempt to save Kagome from 'falling' in. Now trapped in the Feudal Era of Japan AND mistaken for Sesshomaru's son and heir by every villager in the western lands, Ryou must find a shard of the Jewel of Four Souls in hopes of returning to his own time before Sesshomaru learns what's going on and goes to hunt down our favorite white-haired haikari.

Chapter 1: Into the Sacred Well
Ryou yawned rather loudly in complete and total boardness as Domino High's school bus cruised down the highway. Today was Field Trip Day, and his class was going to visit some old temple with stupid old landmarks, shrouded in some stupid old legends. In Ryou's case, he had no care for Japanese history. It was hard enough remembering British, co-in sided with American, and not to mention, Egyptian history.

To add to the pointlessness of the trip, his entire class was garbed in traditional Japanese kimonos. Ryou's had a faded white shirt and heavily blue under shirt and pants.

To sum it up, Ryou felt pretty disgusted. But, then again, he had felt disgusted this entire morning. He took his routine bus ride to Yugi's house where he could get some breakfast while his dad was off on another archeological adventure without him. Next, he had to last ten minutes of Joey and Tristan's jokes about the stupid kimono as he waited for the bus to take him to Domino High. And finally, after he finished throwing up Solomon Motou's Breakfast Pancake Surprise, he proceeded to join the rest of his history class to wait for the bus.

Looking out the window of said bus, Ryou could see the temple they were headed to. It was a collection of new museum buildings, storage sheds, and the house that the people who owned the temple lived in. All the buildings were ancient Japanese style, white walls with green tiled roofs with the corners of the buildings being jutted out and curled.

The Higure Temple rested on raised ground which made it about a couple stories higher then the actual street. The layout of the museum was the only thing he had remembered about the place, since there had been a fire there about six months back. The fire, as well as the sudden disappearance of several people, made the evening news.

The buildings of the museum slowly disappeared behind him as the bus neared the freeway exit that would lead them to the temple. A pot hole in the road shook the bus, catching Ryou off guard, and sending several unwary passengers falling out of their seats. Ryou, being one of the people who got thrown around, got up slowly from the floor of the bus as his teacher, Mr. Yoshiro, muttered something about stupid political leaders and their laziness.

As Ryou continued to lift himself off the floor, he noticed that his chest was lighter then it used to be. He padded a few times at his chest before searching his undershirt. His Millennium Ring was missing! Ryou bent over and franticly searched the floor for his Ancient Egyptian artifact.

Ryou's eyes met with a pair of formal shoes standing right in front of him. He followed them up to the face of Mr. Yoshiro who was looking down at the white haired boy.

"Is this yours?" Ryou's teacher asked. Mr. Yoshiro pulled out the Millennium Ring, complete with the leather strap, from behind his back. Ryou retook the pendant, slipped it over his head, and tucked to back into his kimono.

Mr. Yoshiro took a seat next to Ryou while the bus rolled through the small street traffic. "Listen Ryou, I know how much you like your pendant, so next time, try to keep better track of it." Mr. Yoshiro smiled.

"Thank you." Ryou smiled before looking back out the window. His highest dread, at the moment, was coming true. The bus passed another block and the Higure Temple was coming closer.

"Listen Ryou, I know how much you hate doing Japanese history-" Mr. Yoshiro commented.

"Actually," Ryou interrupted, "I don't really hate history class, it's just, there's a lot of information to keep track of."

"True. You know a very large extent of American and British history. Not to mention the fantastic report on Egyptian history you did last semester. But, just for today, could you try to pay attention?

"I know how much you like myths and legends about dark sorcerers and terrifying monsters like the ones you talked about in your Egyptian report; in fact, that's what most of the legends at the museum are about."

Ryou thought for a moment. His teacher was commenting him on knowing so much history and was hoping that he would enjoy the myths and legends that the temple had to offer. It would rack his brain and/or give him sever migraine headaches for trying to remember all of the information that he would possibly learn from the trip, but that's what aspirin was for, wasn't it? Not only that, Mr. Yoshiro said there was a test, about the myths and legends of the temple, next week.

Who knows? Maybe he'd actually ace this test.

"I'll see what I can do." Ryou replied.

Back outside the transit bus, the buildings receded behind him and the Higure Temple drew nearer. Since parking wasn't allowed in front of the entrance, the bus stopped where it was, half a block away from the main entrance. A tall wood archway, painted red and chipped with age, sported the same Feudal Era architecture as the rest of the buildings.

One by one, the kids in Ryou's class filed out of the bus and into the streets. A small group of kids were giddy with excitement at the field trip, two girls talked about a third girl's boyfriend, and Ryou pressed play.

All the kimonos that the kids wore that day had long pockets in the sleeves. Ryou had taken advantage of the large pocket and stuffed his CD player into the right side pocket. This museum trip was the perfect time to listen to his psychiatric enforced recordings of waterfalls, rain, and other natural sounds to help reduce his sudden mood swings. Fat lotta good it'd do.

Mr. Yoshiro led a few kids around the campus, reading a few of the stories behind each of the buildings. Ryou, on the other hand, was having a fair enough time hanging out beneath a tall tree that had strands of white paper diamonds hanging from the trunk.

His mind paying half attention to the sounds he was listening to and the other half-paying attention to what he was 'reading' from a sign by the old tree. It said that the tree had belonged to some dog. The dog had been sealed to the tree by some priestess to protect her village; the priestess died soon after. La-de-frickn'-da.

Totally forgetting about the tree's story a few minutes after, Ryou noticed that less and less of the kids in Ryou's class were wandering around. The white haired boy pressed pause on his CD player, before moving from the shade of the tree and looked around for the rest of his class.

Constant chatter came from one of the buildings followed by Mr. Yoshiro's voice telling everyone to quiet down. Faintly hearing it from beyond the door that lead to the inside of the building, he heard that the class was going to watch a movie about some of the legends at the temple. Ryou decided to ditch the movie and go back to his spot under the huge tree.

Over near the house where the owners of the temple lived, Ryou couldn't help but overhear a conversation between some girl and what looked like her boyfriend.

"I told you, Inuyasha. If I'm to be spending more time hunting shards, I'll need to bring a few things there for my comfort. And I though that my stereo would be the first of many things that I'd bring."

The girl looked to be about a ninth grader, one grade above Ryou's, with long black hair, brown eyes, and peach skin. She was wearing a Sailor Fuku outfit: a green mini skirt and a white long sleeved shirt with green and white stripped lapels.

"But why do I have to carry it? You are fully capable of carrying your own stupid 'stereo' yourself. What the heck is it, anyway?"

The 'boyfriend' had long white hair with a few spikes, amber eyes, and a more tanned skin color then the girl's. He wore a large, baggy red kimono with a sheathed sword, probably a traditional Japanese katana, strapped by his waist.

"Well, this stereo with revolutionize the way you listen to music. You place one of my many CDs in the slot at the top and sound comes out of the large black boxes called speakers. But enough of that, Miroku, Shippo and Sango will be worried about us if we linger too long."

"Fine, but I'm going first. The less I spend here, the better."

Ryou could hardly bring himself to forgetting the conversation and returning to his music. First, the guy was as dumb as a rock for not knowing what a CD player was. And second, he guessed that the rest of the tour of the temple was going to be boring, so he'd spy on the two just for the heck of it.

Because Ryou had once been possessed by an Ancient Egyptian thief, he had come to learn good thieving techniques. Being able to sneak around without getting caught was Thieving 101. Ryou mentally cringed at the thought of his yami, Bakura, teaching a classroom full of students the basics of being a tomb robber. Ryou silently ran from behind one building to the next, keeping an eye on the two at all times.

The girl quickly and quietly opened the door that lead into the shrine's well house. The boy, Inuyasha, from what the girl had called him, gracefully took a leap into the building. No crashing sounds were heard, so the guy must have landed without breaking the equipment. The girl stood outside the well house for a second or two, watching for anyone who could be spying.

No spy in Ancient Egypt could stop Ryou's yami from tomb robbing ("Except maybe Yami." Ryou thought.), and the girl didn't either. Ryou had easily slipped past her gaze and into the well house.

He looked around. It seemed like just an empty building. A wood staircase led down to a well surrounded by wood planks. The dirt floor had some feet prints on it, but none to recent. Not only that, Inuyasha was no where to be found. The entire well house was visible from where he was standing, so he chose to scope out the only remaining place.

The well.

Ryou took a quick glance down the well. Nothing but an endless black abyss.

"What are you doing here?" Ryou spun around quickly to see the girl had caught him. She walked down the ramp and glared into his eyes. "This building is off limits."

"Then what are you doing in here?" Ryou retorted.

"That's none of your business, so get out of here!" The girl yelled in his face before pushing him out of the way and continued towards the well.

"Wait! You're going to fall down the well!" Ryou warned.

He grabbed onto the girl's sleeve, before she could jump in. The girl didn't seem fazed by it, and jumped in anyway. The white haired haikari slipped in the dirt floor as he tried to haul her back up. His loss of balance sent the two of them falling into the well.
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