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Hurt Before


*She's a girl in a world

She's moving as fast as she goes*

Serena Moone (AN: I know I stole this surname for some one, I just can't remember who, but isn't it so fitting??) looked at what used to be her bed room. A cube-shaped piece of space wrapped by four sound pink walls, and a window facing the driveway and front lawn with a huge cherry tree that almost touched the glass. The tree that had many times kept her awake with fear; the tree that even more times helped her escape the house when she was grounded. How she loved her tree! It was the only thing now, apart from the pink walls that reminded her that this had once been her room. The bed, wardrobe, nightstand, shelves, desk, fluffy pillows, teddy bears, mats, pictures, mirror, clocks, and every other furniture that belonged to his piece of space were on the way to another piece of space: He Own Piece of Space.

Finally, Serena closed the door to her old room, and walked down the stairs. She had been helping the moving people carry the boxes in the truck. She picked up the last one— one with some of her stuffed animals, and brought it to the moving man who was inside the truck.

She didn't go back into the house; instead she headed to the bus station. On the way she reached for her cell phone, calling her best friend Molly. While in the bus, heading to the heart of Baltimore, she though of the big step she was taking; moving to Toronto to work in the headquarters of Diamond and Shields! She had been promoted— well sort of. She moved from Store Manager to take the job of President's Secretary and part time Counsellor for the company's workers in the head office. She wasn't just moving out of her parent's house— she was moving to another country! She would really miss her family and close friends. This meeting with Molly was intended as a good bye coffee.

Of course, the bust has to be late! She just could not be late for her last real meeting with Molly! She made a dash for it from the bus station to the Hilton Hotel. She wasn't really watching where she was going—and just as it was, she tripped on a tiny stone stuck on the pavement. With her luck, she also managed to bring down another person with her, landing on top of— him (AN: what do you know?)!

Serena quickly stood up making her apologies, asking if he needed any help, telling his that it was her fault.

"Of course it's your fault! Next time try seeing where you're going," he growled standing up, smoothing his dark grey suit, "And most important of all: Walk!"

Serena just stood there looking guilty, at the dark haired man frowning at her. No one had ever been so mean to her when she clutzed out before. She pouted like a puppy walking with its tail between its legs. She apologized, so why was he being so mean? She didn't even mean to smash into him.

"Serena!" she heard Molly's voice.

 "Molly!" she shouted finding her friend by the entrance of the Hotel. She ran to meet her best friend, the frowning man instantly forgotten.


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