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                Chapter One : Kagome's Wish

Higurashi Kagome looked down at the glowing pink orb in her hands. The Shikon Jewel, the Jewel of Four Souls, was finally complete. Amidst the wondrous beauty of her accomplishment, she could still smell the stench of blood and decay. Their final battle with Naraku had gained them the jewel, but many had died on both sides.

            Just glancing around, she saw the shattered remains of the dark demon lord who had put her through so much pain in her years here. Inuyasha sat battered and battle worn on the ground not far to her right. Sango was lying on the ground with Miroku, Kiara on top of them, acting as a shield, even though all three of them were badly wounded. Not more then ten feet away from them was Jaken, Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru's little stooge. How many times Kagome had wanted to pierce that toad with one of her arrows, she had lost count. Of course, his master was attempting to stand nearby. But then she saw Shippo and he wasn't alone.

            Rushing over to the tiny fox demon's side, she saw whom he was protecting. Rin, the small human girl who was in the care of Sesshomaru. All the times she had seen them together, she had wondered what possessed a great demon such as the Lord of the Western Lands to throw away his hatred of humans for a single child. Was there more to it then met most eyes?

            Kagome knelt by the children's side. "Shippo," she tried to wake the fox. He opened his eyes slowly, his tiny arms hugging the girl by his side. "Shippo, are you alright?" Kagome asked, looking him up and down, checking for blade scrapes, or any other serious injuries that would need immediate attention.

            "I'm okay," he stated, trying to sound grown-up about it. He glanced down at Rin. "Is she going to make it?" He pulled back enough for Kagome to see the large gash that was across the girl's belly.

            "Gods," Kagome gasped. "Shippo move," she directed him, tucking the Shikon jewel away in her pocket while she fumbled through her bag for some bandages and medicine.

            "Kagome," a hoarse voice came from behind her.

            "Inuyasha," she barely gazed up at him. "I'm tending to her wounds," she told him, as if she needed to explain.

            "Kagome," he tried again, "It's Kaede," he whispered.

            Immediately, the girl from the present stood up. "What about her?" Inuyasha looked at the ground, then pointed to where the old woman lie fallen on the battlefield. Next to thousands of demons, hundreds of possessed men and women a wonderful lady lie dead. Kagome looked to the heavens, then crumbled to the ground aside of Rin, crying.

            "I may be of some service," a calm voice entered the conversation.

            Slowly, Kagome raised her face. There stood Sesshomaru, staring down at her. The tip of his sword barely touched the ground. "If you save Rin, I'll save the old wench."

            "Why?" Inuyasha growled, not trusting his half-brother.

            "Fine," Kagome choked back a sob. She had planned on saving the girl anyway. What did she have to lose? Kaede was worth more than she was. Besides the village needed the old woman. It wasn't her time to go yet. What Kagome couldn't figure out was why Sesshomaru wanted her to save Rin, when he could have easily done it himself. His sword had the special healing powers. Why did he need her to heal Rin? Was it because she was a Miko?

            Not caring at the present moment, Kagome finished her task. She dipped her bandages into the medical fluid she had brought, then carefully wrapped the strands around the girl's open wound. Tucking in a few herbs here and there, just for added luck, she said a quick prayer for the girl, hoping she'd come to.

            Getting to her feet, she swayed slightly. "Kagome-chan," Sango was by her side, holding onto her arm. "Are you sure you're alright?"

            Nodding, Kagome felt the burn of the lie long before she saw her own wound. She was shocked at how she had failed to notice it until then. The seeping blood had stained a good portion of her shirt. The pain had been slight until this moment, now it came back in fierce force. She squinted her eyes against it, lowering herself back down to the ground. Perhaps the jewel had helped ease her pain until this time.

            Realizing she had a wish to make on the jewel, she pulled it back out of her pocket. Holding it in her trembling hand, she thought of the purest wish she could fathom. Through all this blood, all the pain, all the loss, only one thing rang true in her mind. Everyone deserved a second chance, especially Inuyasha, even if that meant bringing Kikyo back.

            The priestess had died alongside of Naraku. It had been the worst of the many agonizing times he had had to lose her, but Inuyasha had done it with his own blade. For once, it seemed the Tetsusaiga was going to be permanently stained red in some areas. The cold steel now had a warm color.

            Remembering she had to say the words outloud, Kagome closed her eyes. "I wish that the priestess Kikyo and the half-demon Inuyasha were given a second chance at their lives, a chance blind of the traitorous ways of the demon called Naraku."

            With that, the jewel burst forth a brilliant light, so bright, Kagome had to shield her eyes. She thought it would drop from the air, but it remained floating there while it carried out its command. When the light died away, the battlefield, devoid of the dead, was nothing more than a normal field, full of grass and sunshine.

            Needing another protector, the jewel encased itself back inside Kagome's body and the force of it sent the girl falling back in a dead faint.

            "KAGOME!" Inuyasha cried, racing over, and catching her.

His brother turned away from where the old woman had finally gotten up and looked at the girl who was supposed to be saving his Rin. What was wrong with the frail human now?

            "Inuyasha?" a voice from the long ago past asked.

The half-demon turned to see his forgotten love standing in the middle of the grass plain. Setting Kagome down carefully, he rushed over. Her scent, her poise, her eyes this was his Kikyo, the real Kikyo. She was back…but how?

            "How?" he asked, confused as he embraced her.

            "It seems that my reincarnation has more power then I will ever posses," she grinned thoughtfully, glancing over his shoulder at where Kagome was lying on the ground. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo were by her side, Sesshomaru standing a few feet back, his eyes on Rin.

            "Kagome did this?" Inuyasha asked. (A/N: Sometimes he can be so dumb.) Kikyo merely nodded. "But why?"

            "Because," Kaede interrupted, coming over to them both. "Her heart was pure. She wanted to give those who never got a second chance what they deserved, even if it meant killing herself."

            "What?!" Inuyasha demanded. "She's not dead!"

            "Not yet," Kaede shook her head, sadly. "But in a few hours the amount of power she used to help heal your half-brother's charge and then to make her wish will have drained her completely. She will not last long, Inuyasha."

            Shippo, who was curled up by Kagome's side, was crying uncontrollably. "Kagome," he wailed. "Wake up." But the girl remained motionless. Not even her chest would rise and fall in silent breath.

            Rin, who had just woken, was now in the arms of her beloved Sesshomaru. She too was crying for the girl who had saved her. "Not dead, not dead," she kept whimpering as the girl remained lying still on the ground.

Jaken stood by the left foot of the Lord of the Western Lands, fidgeting nervously. He couldn't figure out why his lord was wasting time here. He had a kingdom to run after all. Why was he hesitating to leave? Then Inuyasha came over, Kikyo and Kaede trailing behind him.

            "Is she going to die?" Sango asked through bleary, tear-filled eyes. She was about to lose her best friend in the world. Ever since they had met Kagome and her had clicked. They were like sisters. How could this happen? Why had it had to have come down to this? Kagome couldn't leave her now, not when Naraku was finally gone.

            Kaede nodded, while Inuyasha just stared at the girl on the ground.      

            "I'll save her," Sesshomaru startled them all.

            Kikyo looked over at him, her eyes warm and understanding. Inuyasha glared at him as if he had just pulled a Miroku on Kagome. But it was the monk who spoke up. "Please!" he begged. "We'll do anything, just save her," he cried, hugging Sango. They were both terribly shaken that they might lose one of their closest friends.

            "I'll save her," he repeated. "But on one condition."

            "Aye," Kaede nodded, knowing he'd want something big in return. "And what will ye be wanting from us as payment?"

            "I want the Tetsusaiga."


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