Hey people! This is a new one. Koenma sent them on another reckless mission where they find an orb that changes their form. Yusuke has been turned into a toddler version of himself, Kuwabara, a sumo wrestler, Hiei, a vampire (not that he didn't like the dark enough already), and poor Kurama, a female! Can these mismatched team members get back to their own bodies before the change is permanent?

"Uhhh, Guys, I think it's this way," Kuwabara reported unsure. "Kuwabara, you idiot we've been down this hallway already." Yusuke groaned. " Get off me Urameshi! I know what I'm doing!" "Kuwabara, I must agree with Yusuke, this place is the same one we were in a half an hour ago." Piped in an exasperated Kurama. "Don't worry you guys, I, Kuwabara the man, will find the way, for my sixth sense is unbeatable!" Kuwabara laughed loudly, even though if you listened closely you could hear uncertainty. " Hn, I think the oaf has lost it, though I suppose he never had it to begin with." Hiei had not failed to miss his queue to insult Kuwabara. "Shut up, Shorty! If you think you can do better, than go ahead and try!" "With pleasure, I can escape this labyrinth, and I won't make a baka of myself either." "Why you! If we weren't on such an important mission, I would have sent you all the way to Reikai crying with my fists!" Kuwabara exclaimed angrily with his fists threatening Hiei.

"Shut it Kuwabara! We've got to focus, and your stupid bickering isn't getting us anywhere!" yelled their leader with frustration. "Hiei, please proceed." Kurama said in his soothing tone of voice. "Hn." Hiei then pulled off his bandanna to reveal his most famous feature, his Jagan. He open up his third lid and commenced his perceiving process. A green glow emitted from the Jagan, and Hiei's mind was swept pass through the walls to where he finally reached the sight of two large bronze doors. " Are target is not far off, it is in the direction of our right." Hiei reported as he wrapped the scarf back around his head. "Right, what are we waiting for?" Yusuke held up fist eagerly and determined. The team winded their way through the thick stonewalls sending their echoing footsteps to reverberate off the elevated ceilings. Hiei lead them as their guide. Finally, they arrived at the entrance. Kuwabara then kicked the heavy doors open, sending them slamming against the wall. "Nice going Kuwabara. So much for subtlety." Added Yusuke. "Subtlety for scaredy-cats, and we should let them know who their dealing with!" Kuwabara said pompously. "If these guys aren't wimps then THEY WON'T BE AFRAID TO SHOW THEMSEVLES!" He yelled hoping the enemy would unveil themselves. But no one answered, and the group was left with only a chilled silence that made the hair on the back of their necks stand.

They all cautiously stepped into the chamber. It was one filled with gold and silver beyond imagination. On the walls and floor hung great tapestries designed with ornate colors. "Wow, I wonder if they sacked all of Reikai along with that enchanted item Koenma was so huffy that we recover." Yusuke said with his eyes wandering all over the room in disbelief. " I must say I'm impressed. It would have taken quite an immense skill to plunder all these objects, no doubt about it." Kurama said as his eyes drifted to a peculiar shiny crystal in the back of the room. It was emitting a strange blue light very faintly, but he could still make out the aura. That had to be it.

"Yusuke, I believe our objective is that aqua tinted gem on that round stand towards the rear of this chamber." "Huh, what?" Yusuke asked. He was so into the other items he forgot that he was even searching for something. But he then managed to snap back into reality. "Whoa, you guys I just for a second their totally forgot everything. It was like I was in trance and the jewels were all I wanted and all I could think about." Kuwabara chimed in. "Me too! That was so weird." "So, it seems that a spell was placed on this room to keep others away from their real fortune." Kurama said pondering out loud. "I guess Kurama wasn't fooled, how 'bout you, Hiei?" asked Yusuke turning to face him. "Yeah, what about you, shrimp?" Kuwabara chimed in. "Don't look at me you simpletons, I'm not like you and your Ningen weaknesses. I wasn't distracted at all."

"Please may we continue? We should retrieve the gem before anymore traps or spells appear." Kurama counseled. The gang walked up to the crystal. Yusuke then put his hands around the gem, not touch it. He quickly recoiled his hand at surprise of something. "Okay, that's weird. It's warm, almost like its alive." He stated. "I hope Koenma doesn't expect us to touch that creepy thing." "Hn, it's not going to walk up and just follow us out. We're going to have to carry it somehow or else this mission was pointless." Hiei said with boredom. "Hey you guys, what if we touch and pick it up as a team?" Kuwabara asked. "Oh right just like a good little team should; how pathetic." Hiei stated. "No I'm serious! We all pick it up together and that way everybody can share the load! Whatever happens we will be there to help each other out!" said Kuwabara who was hoping they would accept his plan.

"I suppose we don't much of a choice do we?" Kurama noted. "Okay, then all in favor of doing Kuwabara's idea say I!" Yusuke exclaimed. "I", "I", "I", all said yes to this except for Hiei. "Fine, whatever." Hiei said with his arms crossed, apathetic. The team slowly approached their hands towards the crystal. "On my count, one, two, THREE!" Yusuke shouted. They all placed their hands on the gem. It was then that the team felt the room begin to spin and the ground shake. Then they themselves were plunged into a dark abyss within a split second.

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