Hey kohaku seishou here! That's amber energy roughly translated in Japanese! Gomen nasai about the delay, I had a nasty virus on my computer making hard to access my files. Grr, viruses. Stop me from writing. Grr. Okay well enough of that! Here's a quote from my fave comic, Calvin and Hobbes! Here it is. -"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." Okay now time for story!

It was exactly 10 minutes past 8 o'clock when the Reikai tantei arrived at the Tokyo's center court shopping mall. If there was a place to blend in with myriad faces, this was it.

Countless individuals moved up and down the wide courts, numerous bags and ribbons flashing colors, and all with 500 different conversations going on at the same time. Yusuke smiled happily. "It's good to be home."

Hiei looked around stunned. He had never been to a commercial ningen mall before. It was huge. Even bigger than most demons he'd seen roam Makai. "Overwhelming isn't it," Kurama said smiling to Hiei, who realized instantly how stupid he must look gawking in a daze. "Hn, ningens are full of themselves. They always think everything that they create is unparalleled, but it seems just a joke to me. It's not even that big." Hiei said coolly as he tried to regain his composure.

"Un huh," Kurama added with disbelief. "What do you mean, uh huh?" Hiei inquired suspiciously at the fox. "Nothing, I'm just agreeing you, that's all." Kurama replied in fake innocent. Hiei knew the fox was toying with him. How youkos loved to tease. "Don't make me hurt you, fox." Hiei replied with his usual threat, closing his eyes.

Kurama chuckled. She was glad to know the fact that everyone was still themselves on the inside. Unfortunately her thoughts were interrupted.

"Excuse me, Miss?" Kurama turned around to face the stern voice. "Is this child yours?" A security mall cop asked holding onto an arm of a very annoyed Yusuke. "Nani? My child? Of course not." Kurama answered, a little creeped out at the very idea.

"Sorry to bother you then, Miss." The cop said as he tried to drag the toddler away. But he was having trouble. Yusuke was giving him a hell of a fight and decided to end it with a large kick to the cop's right shin.

"Why you- the cop yelled grasping his shin as Yusuke ran behind Kurama. Seeing a problem that potentially could get worse, Kurama was swift to speak. "Oh no! You see, he's, he's actually my little brother!" Kurama said thinking quickly. Sorry for inconvenience. I know he can be a lot to handle sometimes!"

"I'll have you know that children are not permitted to run around the mall," the cop replied aggravated, rubbing at his shin. "I'll have to ask you to use a stroller." Yusuke opened his mouth to give the cop a piece of his mind, but was fortunately cut off.

"Yes, sir. I'll get one right now, thank you, sir." Kurama added in with a counterfeit smile. The cop stared at her a little while suspiciously before finally being convinced and walking away. Kurama frowned and revolved around to talk to Yusuke, who was flipping the cop off with his little finger.

"Yusuke," Kurama started out exasperated, "what exactly do you think you were doing? I thought we all agreed to keep it low key." Yusuke answered smirking. "I wasn't doing anything wrong. Just checking out how well you can see up girls' skirts at this height."

Kurama looked at him disappointedly, shaking her head. "Really Yusuke, you can be such a child." "Hey, I was just minding my own business when out of nowhere this cop grabs me. Stupid cop." Yusuke spat angrily, muttering curses.

"Speaking of stupid, where did the oaf run off to now?" Hiei commented, popping up without warning.

"Huh?" Yusuke said caught off guard. "Oh, I dunno. I guess I didn't realize he went off. Great." Yusuke said looking around, searching for Kuwabara. "Well, he couldn't have gotten that far." Kurama said scanning the mall. "Yeah, how many sumo wrestlers can you find in one mall?" Yusuke asked sarcastically.

Finally, it was Hiei who spotted Kuwabara. He was surrounded by a bunch a teenage girls and boys, signing pieces of paper.

"Oh, Nobuya, I love you so much!" "Nobuya, can you autograph this for me please?" "Oh, I'm your biggest fan, Nobuya!" The small crowd ranted as the gang pushed their way closer to Kuwabara.

"Hey! No cuts! You have to wait in line for Nobuya's signature just like everyone else!" One girl in pigtails cried angrily. "Who is Nobuya? You can't possibly be talking about the simpleton over there." Hiei asked indifferently.

"Don't you dare talk about him like that!" The girl cried indignantly. "Nobuya Yoshioka is one of the greatest sumo wrestlers Japan's ever seen!" "Whatever." Yusuke replied uninterested to the girl. "I'm going get that idiot back here, so wait, kay?" Yusuke said turning to Hiei and Kurama.

The girl was extremely frustrated by this boy talking bad about her favorite icon. She decided to follow him and give him a piece of her mind. But she was halted by Hiei's arm.

"What the heck do you think you are doing?" she yelled furiously at Hiei.

"I don't care what delusions your mind crafts, but I feel I should tell you that is not your idol. The incompetent's name is Kuwabara Kazuma." "Nani!?" That's not Nobuya!?" The girl as well as a couple of boys nearby shouted as they overheard Hiei.

"Of course it's Nobuya!" One large boy shouted heatedly.

"My you're a stupid one, aren't you? I suppose it does take a moron to idolize a moron."

"Watch it short stuff, you don't wanna make me angry! I am training to become a sumo just like the Great Nobuya, and I bet I could kick your ass from here to Kyoto!" The large boy pushed his way through a couple of kids, cracking his knuckles.

"Hn, believe me, killing you would be only too pleasurable, but unfortunately I have more important business to concentrate on." "Backing out, eh, weakling?"

"Because your mind is so dense, and I'm sure it's harder to process information, I'll repeat my final warning- leave my sight if you don't want to die." Hiei growled, narrowing his eyes.

"No one talks to me like that! I'm gonna mess you so bad, you'll probably end up running home to your momma!" The hefty teen spat while grinning maliciously as he raised back his arm to strike.

Suddenly a dark ominous energy arose around Hiei's form. Hiei's eyes glowed a vivid crimson.

"What the hell!?" The boy cried as the aura edged closer threatening to engulf him.

"I told you to leave. And you chose not to. Now you have to compensate for your foolishness." Hiei smirked, gripping his katana.

"Hiei, you know you're forbidden to attack a ningen." Kurama remarked composedly as she placed her hand over the hilt of Hiei's sword to impede him. "Besides, a gory scene is sure to attract attention, and that is something we neither need nor want."

"Hn, this ningen world has made you grow soft and too merciful, Kurama. But I suppose your right about one thing. This pathetic mortal isn't worth it, so I'll let it go this time." Hiei said causally walking away from the boy, who by this point was quivering.

"FREAK!!" The boy yelled angrily out of embarrassment.

'Oh no.' Kurama thought. 'I hope Hiei doesn't do anything he'll regret.' She said to herself worriedly at the boy's stupidity. Much to Kurama's surprise, though, Hiei didn't not assault the teen.

Instead he slowly turned around to face the boy. Hiei smirked dangerously. "A freak, am I? I don't you think know just how monstrous I can really be. Hiei scoffed. He then hissed, revealing his long pearl fangs.

The boy fell to the ground panic stricken. His eyes filled with horror and backed away clumsily on the floor with his hands. He quickly pulled himself, stumbling as he ran away screaming, "Monster!!" and shoving others out of the way.

Hiei snickered to himself. "Having fun, Hiei?" Kurama asked, crossing her arms.

"Don't give me that tone, Kurama. I know you were amused as much as I was."

"Excuse me if I don't find enjoyment in frightening the naïve public." Kurama said sardonically.

"Hn, you saw that fool. He was so full of himself. All I did was deflate some of his pompous ego." Hiei retorted indifferently.

"Or scar him for the rest of his life." Kurama pointed out.

"I was easy on him. It's not my fault if he's weak." Hiei said closing his eyes and leaning against a nearby column.

"I can see this is going nowhere; I'm not going to win this fight am I?" Kurama asked, fatigued. "I hope that you don't need me to answer that." Hiei replied without opening his eyes.

"Yes, I suppose it is rather self-explanatory." Kurama sighed. "Well, on a brighter note, the crowd has seemed to vanished."

"Always the optimist."

Kurama smiled slightly. "I do try." Kurama walked over next to Hiei and sat down a bench. "I suppose we just wait for Yusuke now. But I can't spot him or Kuwabara anywhere."

Hiei eyes flickered open instantly. "Kurama, do you sense that?"

"Hm?" Kurama asked tilting her head to the side. Suddenly she gasped as she felt a shock wave of ki pass through her.

"It's a demon's." Kurama said firmly, standing up quickly.

"I know. And it's very close by." Hiei replied positioning himself on guard. "Can you tell where's it coming from?" Kurama asked removing a scarlet rose from her hair and preparing herself to fight.

Hiei unraveled the bandana from his forehead radiating an emerald glow. "There! Up by the banister!" Hiei affirmed fixing his eyes a figure situated on the railing of the second level. Kurama glanced up to see what appeared to be a humanoid demon. He had long sapphire hair wrapped in a thick braid and glowing ginger eyes. In fact, he looked like he could pass as a ningen if wasn't for his pointed ears.

"Finally we can get started. I was wondered when you would locate me. I swear I must have been waiting for at least 15 minutes." The demon spoke in a sultry smooth voice.

"Good for you." Hiei replied with his usual coldness.

"No need to get coarse now. I've been waiting patiently for you to finish your little conversations, so you could be a little more polite."

"Enough with talk. Do you want to fight or not?" Hiei answered ignoring the demon.

"Slow down, my friend, let there be introduction first. Then fighting." The demon said smiling. Hiei, of course, scoffed when the demon said 'friend'.

"My name is Nakaba, and I believe I have some business with you concerning a certain orb." He stated revealing from underneath his tunic, a piece of the orb. Hiei and Kurama both gazed upon it.

"So you have already acquired one of the missing pieces!?" Kurama called out surprised.

"Yes, and my teammates have already starting looking for the others. What a shame it is to come back from a hard day's work to find that our most precious item is shattered. Not only that, but only one piece of the orb remained where we had left it." He said looking disappointedly at the small portion of the sphere.

"I don't suppose you're hiding any pieces, are you? If you do, it would be much appreciated if you returned them." The demon added glancing down at the two.

"The kind that doesn't shut up, huh? I hate your type. I've heard you speak for two minutes, and I'm already bored out of my mind. I think I'll just kill you now." Hiei spoke annoyed, but still with composure.

"Hiei, wait. This is a demon from the lair. We know already that they are not to be taken lightly." Kurama intervened, glimpsing at Hiei only from the corner of her eye to keep her focus on the demon above her.

"I like your attractive friend. She is very wise." He smirked gazing upon Kurama with interest.

"Uhhh- Kurama stammered uncomfortably with a sweat drop.

"Are you finished yet? Because I have better things to do with my time if all you're going to do is babble on incessantly." Hiei spat disliking him more and more.

"Aww, and here I was hoping to have a friendly battle of wits with you." The demon said sulking.

"This is no battle of wits; I never pick on an unarmed man. Unless it's the oaf, Kuwabara." Hiei added in.

"Very well then. We shall fight in this facility's roof, if that okay with you." Nakaba retorted, irritated and showing the same dislike for Hiei as Hiei had for him.

"Whatever, I don't care." Hiei replied unconcerned.

"See you there." Nakaba added as he leapt off the banister and vanished.

"What an idiot." Hiei stated. "By being here he is practically giving away the orb."

"We must be cautious, Hiei. It is always in ideal situations where traps are laid out." Kurama added as the two of them ran outside of the mall.

"You worry too much. Believe me, I can tell already this won't take long." Hiei replied smirking.

Whoa, that was a lot to type. But it's all good! Hey just to let you know Nakaba means 'half' in Japanese. I wonder why I would pick that name? (Hint Hint) In the next chapter Hiei and Kurama face off against this new demon, and we get to see where Yusuke and Kuwabara have run off to. But demons really are the least of their problems, because I assure you there are many more to arise! Ooooo the suspense! Even though I'm the writer and know what's gonna happen, but still oooo the suspense! TTFN!