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It was a bright sunny day at Capsule Corp. The morning dew glistened in the tiny blades of grass, resembling liquid gems. The birds chirped merrily, perched on the swaying trees, hoping for unsuspecting people to drop left over crumbs for them to eat; A gentle breeze brought cool air every now and then to the otherwise smoldering temperature consistent with summer afternoons. Two demi Saiyans were lying in the wet grass, staring up at the cloudless sky. .

"Trunks, I'm bored," said Goten, squinting his eyes from the blaring sun. "What do you want to do today?"

"I don't know," said Trunks, pushing away a purple strand of hair from his face.

"I wish we had some money," said Goten. "It's so hot out and I really want some ice cream."

Trunks thought about what his friend said. It really was hot out he could go for a triple scoop of chocolate fudge ice cream. The thought of a towering ice cream sundae topped with extra sprinkles made his mouth water. Just then he had an idea. A large smirk appeared on his face. It was the classic Vegeta smirk that he and Goten had seen so many times before. "How about we start our own business? I'll bet we can make tons of money selling things to our parents and all their friends."

"Yeah," screamed Goten, smiling brightly. "But what can we sell?"

Trunks' smile faded as he thought about Goten's question. A few seconds later his face lit up with a triumphant smile: "Lemonade" he screamed in Goten's ears. "We can have a lemonade stand!"

"That's a great idea, Trunks", said Goten jumping up and down. "But how are we going to get the lemons and stuff?"

"Do I have to think of everything, Goten?"

"I'm sorry Trunks," sniffed Goten.

"It's okay", said Trunks happily. "I know exactly where we can get the lemonade. We'll just sneak into my house and get everything. It'll be a piece of cake!" The two boys excitedly went inside to start preparing for their sale.

Later that morning, after all the lemonade was made, and both boys had washed away the sugar from their hair and faces, they sat down at their wooden table and began their sale. They had found some wood lying around one of his mom and grandpa's work shop and used it to create a make-shift lemonade stand.

"Lemonade, Lemonade," screamed Trunks and Goten at the top of their lungs.

Inside Capsule Corp, Vegeta and Bulma were sitting in the living room with the Son's. "What in Dende's name is that noise," screamed Vegeta angrily. His hands were covering his ears and he wore a profound look of annoyance on his face.

Bulma and Chi Chi looked outside the window to see Trunks and Goten trying to sell lemonade, although it looked like they hadn't had any customers yet.

"How sweet," said Bulma. "The boys are trying to earn some money by starting a business."

"Yes," said Chi Chi happily. "Why don't we go and buy some drinks from them."

Everyone inside Capsule Corp, including Vegeta went outside to buy some lemonade.

"Look," said Trunks, "Customers! Get ready Goten, for my master plan. He quickly whispered into Goten's ear as the Brief's and Son's walked up to their small table.

"Would you like some lemonade," asked Trunks politely. He smiled sweetly in front of his family and friends.

Gohan eyed Trunks and Goten suspiciously. They were acting a little too innocent.

"Yes, we would," said Bulma. "I think we'll have five glasses, one for each of us."

"Okay," said Trunks filling up the glasses with cold lemondade and handing it out to each of them.

"How much do we owe you?", asked Chi Chi taking out a few coins from her purse.

Goten looked and Trunks, and Trunks looked at Goten. Gohan looked at both of them, knowing exactly what was coming.

"Fifty dollars," said Trunks calmly.

Everyone sweat dropped, which was followed by a long period of silence.

"Fifty dollars," roared Vegeta. "What do you take me for, an idiot?"

Now it was Goten's turn. He was ready, he had done this so many times to Gohan, and it always worked.

"Please," said Goten sweetly. He then gave the famous puppy dog eyes and the lip. The site of him was almost too adorable to refuse.

Trunks was prepared with plan B. After Goten, it was his turn.

"If you don't give us the money" said Trunks, smirking, "I'll have to show everyone this tape of you getting drunk and acting like chickens." It was blackmail and Trunks mentally called a "check mate."

Everyone eyed each other. What could they do? They were trapped.

"Yes!" screamed Goten and Trunks softly. They were going to get their ice cream after all, plus a lot extra.


"That was great ice cream," said Goten.

"Yup," said Trunks satisfactorily. "And I have another idea how we can get even more ice cream."

"Tell me Trunks," said Goten, jumping up and down"

Just then Trunks began to whisper something in his friend's ear. The two boys smiled conspiratorially.

"All we have to do is…"