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Now that Goten and Trunks had successfully obtained the so-desired $50 from their first bargaining customer, even if said customer wasn't ecstatic about what he received, their confidence skyrocketed. Goten giggled as he waved the master list in the air, which was adorned with a huge green check mark and a crudely drawn hand waving a 'victory' sign next to Master Roshi's name. This decoration was something Goten insisted upon drawing to showcase their success. Normally Trunks would think such a thing was childish, but even he couldn't contain himself as he relished the thought of all the money they would make—not to mention all of the ice cream they could buy, among possible other purchases they could make. Trunks was only now beginning to realize the magnitude of what they could buy if each person gave them $50 for the borrowed items they planned to trade. Perhaps they could stand to expand their little scheme and reap rewards far greater than a mountain of ice cream. An impish smirk appeared on his face, along with a repressed giggle.

Goten and Trunks worked well together, each having the same boyish delight in mischief making. Despite the fact that they were both offspring of the only two remaining full-blooded Saiyans, as well as having known each other since their births, giving them a bond of friendship by default, Goten and Trunks would have been friends in any context. The 'dynamic duo' quality between them was inherent. The fact that they grew up in times of peace indulged their care-free attitude and love of monkey business, so to speak.

The two boys glided in the sky for a little while until Goten turned to his friend, smile wide and eyes eager, as he inquired who they would visit next. Trunks replied with much enthusiasm: "it's time we made use of your brother's diary, Goten. Who do we know that would do anything to get her hands on it?" Trunks turned his head to look at Goten expectantly. "And for reasons I don't even want to begin to imagine" he added off-handedly. Still, the word 'blackmail' seemed to flash almost instantly, like a blinking neon sign, in his head.

"Oh I know," exclaimed Goten gleefully. "That girl Gohan knows from school, Videl!"

"Exactly," replied Trunks. He drifted towards Goten, slowing down his pace, as he began to whisper conspiratorially in his ear. "In this case," he began with a smile, "I think we should charge more than $50. She is the daughter of Hercule Satan after all. Mr. Satan is the Savior of the World and Beyond." Trunks spread his arms out in an exaggerated way, and the tone of his words reflected mock awe. "I bet she's loaded!"

"Good thinking Trunks!" Goten was clearly impressed with Trunks' ambition. Goten let his mind wander as they continued flying towards the Satan household. The mountain of ice cream he so often dreamed of turned into a giant castle molded from a delicious variety of expensive ice cream and toppings. Confectionaries were piled high on each portion, forming its own mountain. Along said mountain laid dozens of video games, complimenting a shiny new game system. Toys, action figures, books, and candy surrounded the edible castle in a circular fashion that resembled the edges of the moat.

Their plan was beginning to come together. Now all they needed was more money to make it happen, and hope that no one would ruin it for them in a way that would surely leave them punished in the end. Trunks and Goten were confident they could carry it out. They saw no harm in their little money-making scheme

The two demi-Saiyans touched down in front of the expectedly large Satan household. The two boys whispered inaudibly to one another, each one trying to get the other to ring the lavish doorbell. Finally, Goten acquiesced and rang the doorbell himself. Luck was not on their side, however, and it was not Videl who answered the door but the World Champion himself. Mr. Satan opened the door to find Goten smiling sheepishly with one hand rubbing awkwardly behind his spiky black hair. Mr. Satan's eyes bulged as he took in the site of what appeared to be an all-too familiar boy and with a grin that he had hoped to forget. "Uh…hi Mr. World Champion, sir," Goten started in a slightly embarrassed tone. "Can we…um…talk to your daughter please? She's a friend of my big brother, Gohan." At the sound of the name "Gohan" and the appearance of a boy that mirrored Goku without a doubt, Mr. Satan paled, nodded once without saying anything, and went to fetch Videl.

Trunks, who was standing off to the side while the two talked, went over to nudge Goten playfully. "Wow Goten. You really freaked him out for some reason. My dad wasn't kidding when he said this guy was complete fool. I wonder what that was about."

"Beats me," replied Goten. "At least he's going to get Videl now. Hey, Trunks, do we even have a plan as to how we're going to get the money? Do you think she'll give us money for Gohan's diary just like that? It doesn't look too special to me."

"Relax, Goten." Trunks waved his hand dismissively in the air. "We've got this covered."

"If you say so, Trunks."

A few minutes later, Videl walked to the door and was face-to-face with the two mini delinquents. She wore her usual long white t-shirt, which still displayed the small circle on the bottom corner with the "Orange Star High School" insignia on it, and black bicycle shorts. Her loose pigtails framed her face as she stared skeptically at Goten and Trunks. "Your Son Gohan's little brother, right?" she asked Goten, staring at his unmistakable likeness of her fellow classmate.

Goten grinned. "Yup," he replied happily. "And you're Videl. Gohan talks about you a lot."

"Does he really now?" she asked in a humorous tone.

"He does," Goten emphasized enthusiastically. "He's told me that there's this pretty girl who is always following him everywhere and it makes him really nervous. He keeps trying to avoid her because she's always staring at him suspiciously." Videl's eyes narrowed slightly.

"That's right!" Trunks interjected, forming a brilliant plan in his mind. He scrunched down with his knees bend and his hand horizontal above his eyes, pretending he was Videl searching secretly for Gohan.

Goten, catching on to Trunks' new scheme, took on the role of Gohan, glancing erratically from side to side as he walked a few paces, trying to sneak away from the ever-present Videl impersonator.

Videl, who wasn't really in the mood for games, having just got back from kicking the butt of two criminals trying to hold up a bank and was extremely tired, started tapping her foot to stop the rather odd reenactment of her and Gohan.

Trunks, sensing they were going to loose their customer, lightly punched Goten so he would ask her if she wanted the diary. "Oh, right," Goten said cheerfully. "Videl, we have a proposition for you. Trunks and I have Gohan's original diary if you want to buy it." He smiled politely.

Videl's skeptical glance turned light-hearted as she regarded the two boys before us. "What makes you think I would want it?"

"Come on," Trunks said in almost a whine. "Do I have to spell it out for you?" His eyes glinted. "You can blackmail information from him with it. Goten told me that this other girl in your class called Angela did that and even made him go on a date with her."

"Yup" Goten confirmed. "Hey Videl, I bet you can do that with his diary too!"

"You're absolutely right Goten" Trunks said turning to Goten with a mischievous smirk on his face. "I may be only eight years old, but from what I've heard about you it seems you might have a thing for Gohan after all." The two boys started giggling uncontrollably.

Videl smiled sweetly and then knocked the two boys on the head. It didn't hurt of course, but it got their attention well enough. "Now," she said sternly, "it seems to me that you two have quite a scheme going on here." Videl was one not to be messed with and she made this rather clear to Goten and Trunks. "I gather Gohan's diary wasn't the only thing you 'borrowed', and I'm sure he didn't give that to you by choice, right?" Goten and Trunks averted their eyes slightly. 'Such little troublemakers,' she thought to sighed before she continued. You said something about a proposition. Are you trying to sell me Gohan's diary?"

"Well, yeah" replied Trunks. "It's worked on everyone else so far and we even outsmarted our parents," he mumbled to himself.

"How much," Videl asked in response to Trunks' affirmation that they were indeed trying to sell her Gohan's diary.

"$100," Goten said, remembering what Trunks said about her being rich. "What do you say?"

"Hmmm" Videl pretended to consider this for a moment. "I'll tell you what. I'll give you twenty dollars because I really am curious about Gohan's diary and in addition to that I'll make you a proposition."

"No way—that's not fair," Trunks protested. "We're the ones who are propositioning you so you can't do it back to us."

"What's your proposition," asked Goten curiously.

Videl looked at Goten specifically as she spoke in a serious tone. "Is your brother the Gold Fighter that defeated those crooks at the beginning of our school year and the one who calls himself The Great Saiyaman?" Videl watched Goten and Trunks glance at each other. "If you tell me, I'll give you $500. Each, if you want."

Trunks and Goten's mouths dropped open at the mention of that much money. "Conference!" called Trunks. "One second, please" requested Trunks to Videl. Trunks motioned Goten with his hand over to a nearby bush next to the Satan house. "Do you know how much stuff we can buy with all of that money? We can forget lemonade stands, garage sales, and selling any more of the borrowed goods. We'll be set for life!"

"But Trunks, Gohan obviously doesn't want Videl to know about him and his powers." Goten moved closer to Trunks and spoke more softly as he continue. "He's trying really hard to be a normal teenager in school and not stand out in a way that would attract too much attention. Mom's really happy Gohan is in a real high school. He gets to interact with people his own age and have fun. He gets to study like our mom wants, but now he doesn't have to be by himself in his room like he used to. I don't want to ruin it for him. I mean, yeah, we stole his diary to begin with, and for the intent to sell it for blackmail, but this is different."

Trunks looked thoughtful only for a moment as the fleeting glimpse of what he could get with $500 disappeared. He sighed. "You're right Goten. This is different,and I wouldn't want to upset Gohan either." Trunks smiled a little. "I don't think we should sell Gohan's diary. Not that Videl would really do any intentional harm to Gohan with it, I'm sure, because it's so obvious that she likes him. Besides, Gohan would probably start telling us both his thoughts and feelings aloud as punishment. That would get annoying."

"Now that you mention it, it's really obvious that Gohan likes Videl too" Goten said absentmindedly.

Trunks' smile turned into a knowing grin and that glint appeared in his eyes again. "So it's decided that we're not going to sell Gohan's diary after all, but that's how we'll get money from Videl! It's probably best to take her up on her $20 instead of the original $50. 'Not to mention the $500 she was offering us before,' Trunks thought sadly to himself.

"What are you talking about, Trunks?" Trunks walked over and whispered into Goten's ears, causing him to laugh when he heard Trunks' new plan. "Sounds good to me!"

The two chibis walked back over to Videl. "Sorry Videl," Goten started, "but we don't feel comfortable taking that much money from you after all. Videl nodded, understanding what this declaration of giving up all the money she offered implied. "We decided against selling Gohan's diary, too.

"I see," said Videl with sad tone but something of a triumphant glint in her eyes. "You're a good brother, Goten. Gohan is lucky to have you." Videl smiled. "I know I have no right to pry into Gohan's life, but I know there's more to him then he's letting on. I grew up all my life as the daughter of the World Champion who defeated Cell, but for some reason, when I look at Gohan next to me in class, I just get this feeling that there are people far stronger than my dad."

Goten and Trunks glanced at each other. Trunks, then, decided it was best to initiate his new plan. Otherwise, they wouldn't get any money from her, and the two boys were not leaving without even a little extra cash. "That's really sweet, Videl," Trunks said with a genuine smile. "You seem to care a lot for Gohan." His smile turned mischievous. "After a few more stops Goten and I are going home. It's fairly obvious that you have a thing for Gohan, and please don't waste time denying it. I'm sure Gohan would love to hear all of the lovey-dovey things you've said about him, as would your friends."

"Wait, you can't do that!" A small bush crept up on her face that she was determined to will away. "I never said any—"she began again "…that's not true…I mean, I don't have feelings for Gohan." Trunks grinned triumphantly.

"Fine," Videl said forcefully, understanding what Trunks was getting at. Even if she hadn't known, Trunks' open hand made it clear what was expected of her. "Don't tell Gohan you spoke with me, okay?" She put $20 is Trunks' hand. Videl smiled genuinely at Goten and Trunks. "You boys are something else. I bet you have Gohan and your family running in circles after you and your silly schemes." She laughed and was soon joined by Trunks and Goten.

"Thanks Videl," Goten said. "Maybe I'll see you again soon. I hope you and my brother get together. I like you too!" And with that the two boys waved and ran in the direction of an air cab. They didn't want to fly away in front of her.

Videl waved goodbye, and her hand paused in the air as she though of Goten's last words: 'I hope you and my brother get together. I like you too!" She smiled and walked into the house. "I hope those boys don't make too much mischief for Gohan."