Historical Note: This Trilogy takes place in the fifth season of Buffy, and the third season of Angel.

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By now in the show, Dawn has joined the Summers' family, but the arrival of Glory will be postponed due to my stories perspective; which is about Buffy, Angel, and Connor.

Also, you'll notice that some of the plots from both of the shows later episodes are happening sooner since I've altered a lot of both shows story lines.

Angel pulled in at Dupont Point a few minutes later. Angel got out of his car and walked over to the edge of the low cliff, which overlooked the beach. As he walked towards the place where he was supposed to meet the person who had called, he could hear the waves crashing beneath him.

"Good thing I'm not afraid of heights," he mumbled to himself. He waited a few more minutes for the person to show up before deciding he'd call Buffy, and tell her he'd be a while, and also not to worry.

Angel quickly reached for his cell phone in his pocket, but as he fumbled to pull it out of his pocket, dropped it. Angel swore under his breathe as he watches the cell phone drop in the sand; several feet below.

"Great," he said to himself. Just then, Angel turned around feeling a presence behind him. Behind him, he watched as Connor walked over to him. Before Angel could ask what he was doing there, Connor gave him a surprise punch in the stomach; sending him into the sand below. Angel quickly recovered and got up as Connor jumped down the cliff; landing on his feet. He quickly walked over to Angel with his fist still clenched.

"Connor, what-" Angel began. Before he could finish, Connor threw another punch, this time knocking him in the chin. Angel was now officially confused. He thought he had finally got through to him, but as Connor continued to pummel him on the beach, he realized he had been tricked all along. Angel could tell that Connor wasn't fooling around, and was seriously trying to hurt him. Although he knew that, he made no move to hurt him; instead, Angel tried to block his son's moves the best he could as Connor continued to throw his fist as Angel.

"Connor, what's wrong?" Angel finally asked as he continued to try and block Connor's moves.

"Your what's wrong. You shouldn't be allowed to live!" Connor said as he punched Angel in the chest. All of a sudden, Connor backed up a little, and pulled out a stun gun.

"Put that away. We can talk-" Angel began as Connor shot him. Angel felt the darkness creep into his vision as he fell to the ground.

"Sorry, I don't want to talk about it," Connor told Angel; who had now fallen unconscious. Connor looked down at Angel and smiled cruelly before taking out a flashlight and signaled a nearby boat that had been waiting for him.

* * *

On the boat, Angel began to wake feeling a little stiff in a few places. As he came to, he could hear the sound of waves smashing against something as he tried to sit up and figure out where he was. Then it al came back to him; he had been waiting at the pier for someone who needed his help before Connor arrived and suddenly attacked him. He also remembered Connor fighting him on the beach, then shooting him with some sort of tranquilizer gun or stun gun.

As he opens his eyes, he quickly discovered he was in a large metal box, and Connor and a female, who Angel sensed was a vampire, were sealing the box shut tightly.

"Connor, why are you doing this?" he asked as he tried to sit up once more.

"Because you killed him," he told Angel. Unbeknownst to Connor, Justine had lied to him; telling him Angel had killed him. But really, Holtz had forced her to stab him. After he was dead, Justine had taken it into her own hands and made it look like Angel had bitten Holtz, killing him.

"What? Killed who?" Angel asked, not knowing what Connor was talking about.

"Holtz. You killed him," Connor told him angrily. Angel shook his head quickly.

"No. No I didn't; Connor, you've got to believe me," Angel pleaded as he quickly tried to think of a way to get out of the box.

As he struggled to get free from the box, he realized he was tied up by his wrists, which were in back of him. As the other vampire finished welding the sides of the box, Angel realized that if he didn't get out of there fast that he'd live in the box forever. And by the way the situation looked, it appeared Connor also had the idea of throwing the box, with him, down to the bottom of the sea. He also realized he'd never see Buffy again, nor would he be able to try to get to his son and win him back.

"Connor you will one day find out the truth. I swear I did not kill Holtz," he told Connor once more.

"Right. Like I'd believe you," Connor said. He smiled as he watched the other vampire weld the box together. He remembered her. She was working with Holtz….Justine he thought her name was.

"Connor, I forgive you, I…I love you," Angel said; his gaze locked on Connor just as he places the lid on the box.

"Connor!" Angel yelled from inside the box. Connor looked down and smiled as he watched Justine welded the cover shut. In the middle of the sea, on the boat, the other vampire finished up welding the box shut. Connor smiled as he could hear Angel scream his name from inside the sealed box.

"Alright, now that that's done, I think it's time we get rid of this box," Connor suggests. Justine smiled.

"After you," she said as she motioned to the metal crate. Both of them positioned themselves on either side of the box, then pushed it over the edge of the boat. They both watch with smiles on their faces as Angel's metal casket sank down into the cold, dark sea.

* * *

At the hotel, Buffy, Fred, and Gunn pace around the hotel lobby waiting for word from either Angel or Connor.

"Did anyone try Angel's cell phone?" Fred asked. She looked over at Buffy who continued to pace around the room worriedly.

"Twice," she answered quickly. "Where could they be?" she asked.

"If it helps, half the time Angel forgets he even has his cell phone. He usually turns the ringer off. Plus he doesn't know how to check his voice mail," Gunn told her.

"I'm going to go out and look for them. You guys stay here just in case it's nothing and they come back," Buffy told them as she walked towards the door.

"Alright. Be careful!" Gunn hollered back just before Buffy disappeared out the door, into the darkness. Buffy could sense something wasn't right; just like she had felt the night Connor had disappeared...

To Be Continued...

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