December the 22nd, 9 PM, some of the main eventers had done their last house show in Reading PA and they were ready to go home. Vince McMahon gathered what remained what remained of his star wrestlers to do the performance. They weren't thrilled with it, but they knew the fans rarely got to see a show with RAW and Smackdown stars, so they put up with it. Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, and Chris Jericho picked up what was left of their stuff and headed out of the locker room,

"I can't believe Vince made us do this, the rest of the wrestlers are home with their families and we're stuck here. What was he thinking shortening our Christmas break this year?" Chris Jericho complained to the other men.

"C'mon Chris, even I know the answer to that question," Rob smiled "It's all about the money."

"And the fans were awesome tonight," Shawn cut in, "they really appreciated us."

"Yeah but still-" Chris began until HHH stepped in front of them,

"Hey, Mr. McMahon wanted to see us all in his office for some reason, so you better get your lazy butts over there, now!" Triple H said without even cracking a smile, he quickly made his way to Kurt and Brock's room.

"What? Is he his personal messenger now, too?" RVD asked.

"Nice to see you, too, Hunter," Chris said cracking a fake smile.

"C'mon guys we better go see what bossman wants," Shawn said before heading towards Vinnie Mac's office.

"Gosh, it's really snowing out there," Trish said staring out the window.

"Yeah, I hope the planes aren't delayed," Lita said, "I really need to get home to Matt."

Angel giggled, "Well the snow doesn't affect me in any way, my place is about 5 miles from here."

"Well, you're lucky, we gotta fly in this blizzard," Trish smiled.

"Don't worry, if any of you guys need a place to stay," Angel shrugged, "My place is right next door," There was a knock at the door, followed by Kurt's voice,

"Are you girls descent?"

"Yeah Kurt, you can come in," Lita yelled.

"Sorry girls, I just needed to tell you that Vince needs to see us all for some reason," Kurt said.

"Did he say why?" Angel asked and Kurt shrugged,

"Something to do with the plane ride." The girls looked at each other,

"Uh oh," they said in unison.

Yoshi - Mr. McMahon has a special announcement, but will anyone want to hear it? Kind of short and late for Christmas, I know, but I hope you'll read it anyway.