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Angel woke up and realized that she was now laying on the armrest of the couch. When she looked around, she noticed Shawn wasn't around. Kurt and Lita were gone too. She started to stretch and touched her behind when she felt something else on it she looked over she went wide-eyed when saw Rob with his hand on her butt, still sleeping,

"You pervert!!" she screamed and slapped him across the face. Rob immediately woke up, unaware of what was happening. Angel screamed and grabbed one of the couch pillows and began beating Rob with it. The others were all awake now, and quite confused,

"Ow! Angel! What are you doing?!" Rob shouted guarding himself from the pillow. Trish came over and tore the pillow away from Angel, and tried to hold her back, "What the heck was that for?"

"You pervert, you were grabbing my butt!" Angel replied and then Trish let go and began beating Rob with the pillow. Rob then ripped the pillow away from here and began beating the both of them,

"I was sleeping! SLEEPING!!!" Brock and Chris were laughing at the three of them through this whole skit, but then they realized that some of them were missing,

"Hey guys where are Shawn, Kurt, and Lita?" Chris asked. Rob stopped the pillow beating and looked around,

"I don't know, did they get up early?" the others shrugged and looked around. Angel looked behind her and saw a Christmas Tree full of ornaments. Brock noticed it as well,

"Hey Angel, when did you get a Christmas Tree?" they heard a bang outside the window and Angel got up and walked over to the door. She opened it and saw Kurt and Shawn hanging up Christmas decorations on the edge of the roof,

"Hey! I thought you guys would never get up!" Shawn smiled and Angel looked at her watch. 11:00AM. Wow, it's been a while since she had slept that late,

"When did you guys get up?" she asked them.

"7:00!" Lita yelled from below, holding the ladder steady, "We went out to get a Christmas tree and decorated it, hope you don't mind," Angel shook her head and looked around. The snow was still coming down hard. It would be hard to figure out what to do in- Angel interrupted her thoughts and put a big smile on her face,

"How long until you're finished?"

"About thirty more minutes. We could get it done faster though, if the others helped," Shawn said. "Guys, they're outside and they need help putting up decorations," the others groaned but got up and put their coats on. Angel headed to the kitchen,

"Where are you going?" Rob asked with a disgusted look.

"I'm going to make some hot chocolate, if you must know," She said and Rob grumbled as he headed outside. After Angel got into the kitchen she picked out the packets of hot chocolate mix and started heating the water. She still had a very large smile on her face. What a perfect day for a snowball fight. One that the men wouldn't know they were getting into. She laughed and continued heating the water.

Outside, the Christmas cavalry was having a hard time getting the others to cooperate,

"Chris that's totally wrong, it's all lob-sided," Lita said about the wreath Jericho had hung,

"How can it be wrong? It's a blasted circle!" Chris replied frustrated.

"Brock you're shaking the ladder!" Kurt said looking as Brock tried to hold his balance the ladder, Rob looked up at him,

"Yeah, let me go up there, I have experience," Brock rolled his eyes and did his best to keep steady. Trish then opened the door with a rather large box of decorations in her arms. She struggled to keep her balance, but failed as she began to fall backwards hitting the ladder as she did so. This knocked the already unstable ladder off its balance, and Shawn grabbed the edge of the roof and hung on but the ladder began to fall with Brock and Kurt still on it. They both jumped off into the snow, but Brock fell on Kurt's body while landing.

"Hey guys! Hot Chocolate's re..ady,"