Show me the meaning of being in love

A Naruto Fanfiction

By asa-chan

Warning: Shonen Ai, OOCness?, swearing, R, Humor and more

Pairing: Gaara/Naru, Sasu/Naru

Disclaimer: asa-chan doesn't own Naruto! Now you made her sad.

Summary: How did this all happen, Naruto asked himself. O yeah, one day Gaara came up to me and said: Show me what being in love means.... Sasuke didn't like that one bit... I wonder why... Gaa/Naru Sasu/Naru

Note: Sasuke is back in Konoha, Orochimaru lives, Itachi still wears his cloak, they are all now 16 and stronger.


"Bla" - Speaking

'Bla' - Thinking



'How did this happen?' Naruto asked himself and sighed, crossing his arms. He was shifting his weight from one foot to another and was pouting. He was clearly uncomfortable, squeezed between a certain Sand Shinobi and a certain Leaf shinobi, with Gaara and Sasuke death-glaring at each other over his head.

'Why I am such a midget??? Why must I stand next to Sasuke and Gaara? Why does my life suck? Why must they hate each each other??? Oh yeah, Gaara proclaimed that I'm the one who will teach him to love.... But it seems, that Sasuke didn't like this one bit. Wonder why...., but it was really amusing seeing his eye twitching like that.' Mused Naruto and glanced at a scowling Sasuke out of the corner of his eye.


You want to know about that incident, with Gaara??? With flashbacks? Man, readers are always so bossy...., and you also want every detail? Ché, all are sodding perverts here, like Kakashi-sensei, I bet you're all reading Icha Icha Paradise! Dammit, stop glaring at me!!!!

And please, Gaara/Naru fans, refrain from asking the question. We didn't, okay!!! I'm a fucking holy virgin, who still didn't have a blowjob, or a cock up in my ass!!!! There I said it!! Are you happy?

Well, the Yaoi-fangirls sure are not. And no, it also didn't make out with Sasuke or anyone. What do you think I am? A bloody slut? A fucking whore?!

Don't answer that. I may be blonde, I may be blue-eyed and I may be not the brightest, but at least I've got some pride and honor!

And yes, Naruto, me, said those *gasp* oh so crude things!! Oh my, I never knew!! And I thought he was such an innocent and nice sixteen years old boy!

What a bad bad world!

I love sarcasm. Really.

And yes, I'm uke. It's after all called Sasu/Naru or Gaara/Naru. Me, he submissive one. Surprising? Heh, does that bother you? What's up with you homophobics?? Are you scared of me, or what?? Scared of little, ugly me, huh? Do I disgust you? Damn you narrow-minded people, as every gay guy says: TRUE LOVE (and good sex) CONQUERS ALL!!!

Hell yeah!

Yes, I'm gay. G-a-y. Homosexual. I'm into guys, cocks and BDSM, well not really, but it does sounds interesting... *cough*

No wait, correct that, I'm bi. Why should I concencrate on one population, if you can have both? I do appreciate the females around here...., but I prefer men anyway.

There goes my babbling...., and stop staring at me in that freaky way!! I'm the future Hokage of Konohagakure!!! You don't have to bring out the straight-jacket, I'm fine!! Not crazy, not delirious and not on crack!! This is my personality, so come and sue me!!!

Not so brave anymore, are you? Suckers, is all I can say!!! Mwahahahaha!! I'm the best!!! Praise me!!!


Stop raising your eyebrows like that. It freaks me out, okay? Damn, don't laugh. That reminds me, Gaara doesn't have eyebrows. But those rings around his eyes, he just looks like a cute Panda bear!!! Soo cute!! Ewwww, I sound like a girl.

But still, he looks cute. I just want to cuddle him and.... Okay, I will stop before I gush you to death.

Okay, you wanted to know what exactly happened? Listen up, brace yourself and read the dreaded flashback.


Everyone was assembled in the huge study of the fifth Hokage. With everyone I mean, the jounins and the chunnins.... Hey, there is Iruka-sensei!!! Damn, he didn't notice me.

"Dobe, stop fooling around and pay attention!" Sasuke growled behind me, tapping his foot impatiently against the marble ground. Meh, someone has to get that stick out of his ass. Don't order me around, you were the one who betrayed the village! Stupid Sasuke....

"Okay, jounins and chunnins. I'm sad to tell you this, but somehow...." Tsunade started to say, but I really didn't listen to her and stared at the marble, yawning. Man, the old hag could be so boring, all was I could hear was: "Blah blah blah, yada yada yada, blah blah blah..."

The ground was really fascinating, there was some dirt and there was a scratch and...

Okay, what she babbled about seemed to be important, but hey, I was sleepy so I could drowse a little!! This is a free country after all!!!

But after I heard these names, I snapped to attention. 'Itachi, Orochimaru and Kabuto.'

Oh man, I really don't like all of them. Okay, I despise two oft them with passion. I only hate Itachi, but still ogle his body. Perverted me, eh? I have that from kakashi-sensei. Only Sasuke surpasses me in the hate-category, he just wants to kill his older brother, burn him, tear him to shreds, rip his insides out, feed his remains to the animals and resurrect him, to do it again.

Yeah, Uchiha Itachi, Mr Freaky-red-eyes-and-wear-this-long-cloak-with-floaty-clouds-on-it and yes, he is the sexy as hell older brother of Sasuke. Ohh, I've to admit, he is a sex god with his long hair and the voice, but don't tell that Sasuke, I fear that he might kill me....

Then the son of a bitch Orochimaru, I mean, seriously Orochimaru? What kind of name is that? He is Mr Who-really-reminds-me-of-Voldemort-and-has-a-lousy-fashion-taste..., what, never read Harry Potter?? You've no edcucation, really. Of course, you can't forget his trusty sidekick Kabuto, aka Mr Ponytail-with-round-glasses.

They are the villains, our enemies, the foes, the.. Oh, you know. The bad guys. Didn't Itachi have a sidekick too? That really ugly guy named Ki...-something.

Now I got off the track again. Okay, so I was minding my own business, not listening, thinking about Ramen and wondered, if I wouldn't get to see Gravitation, you know, the important stuff.

Suddenly someone whacked on the head, snapping me out of my day-dream. "What?!" I snarled, glaring at my attacker. And who was it? Of course Ice-bitch Sasuke Uchiha. Meh, sometimes I'm asking myself why I hang out with him... He can get really boring, whining about that and these, aka about his brother, acting like he was the coolest thing in the world. Sometimes, Sasuke can really suck.

And no, you perverts, I didn't mean that in that fashion!! Geez, get your mind out of the gutter.., hentai.....

"Did you listen to her dobe, or can't your peabrain comprehend what she said?" Sneered Sasuke.

'I hate him.' I thought, glaring at Sasuke.

"No, I didn't listen. I had much more important thoughts to think about." I answered, trying to hold my temper in check.

"Really." Said Sasuke, raising his eyebrow.

"Yes." I sulked, turning my head away.

"Then I think I'm right about assuming that you don't know that some Sand Shinobi are coming here, because the Leaf and the Sand village formed an alliance against Orochimaru and the Sound Village. And they are bringing their best Shinobis with them. That means Gaara, Temari and Kankurou are going to be here."

I stopped dead in my tracks and whirled around, trying to see if Sasuke was trying to fool me. No, he was serious.


"I've to correct you, Uchiha. We're already here." A new voice interrupted and we both turned our head to the direction.

The room was already deserted, only Tsunade and Shizune were there, watching us.

And above us, perched on the window, stood Gaara, with his gourd and panda-eyes, Temari and her huge fan and Kankurou with his stupid outfit and the puppet on is back.

Double shit.

"Gaara." I said, my body tense and reday to defend. Had he changed? Is he still the same?? Or did he get worse? Is he now a bubbly, squealy squealy boy who likes Sailor Moon and wears pinks clothes with red hearts on them?!

Nah, I sincerely hope not..

"Naruto..., you know you're always bothering me." Gaara stated softly, his green eyes staring into mine.

'Was that a bad thing?' I asked myself. 'And how is that possible? Sand Village and Leaf Village are hundreds of miles away from each other... Is he a telepath?'

"Really? How is that so?" Sasuke besides me was silent, but I could feel the dirty glances he sent Gaara. This was not good. Gaara was glowering at Sasuke, Temari's and Kankurou's faces were expressionless.

"After you defeated me...", Gaara paused and glanced to the side , "I was pretty confused. You said things to me I couldn't comprehend, so I was searching for an answer, but I just couldn't find one, even after I asked nearly everyone and killed a few. So, I came to the conclusions that you, who beat me and had the same past as me, would be the only one who could show me what love exactly is. And I won't leave you alone until, you say yes. So Naruto, now show me the meaning of being in love." Said Gaara matter of factly and took my limp hand in his.


I could only blink, and Sasuke seemed to choke on something, because he made some weird noises in the background.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a shaking Tsuande, a hand covering her face, her eyes closed. 'Bitch... This is all your fault.' A small snigger escaped her and she had to bit on her lip to prevent further laughter coming out.

"Eh, could you repeat that Gaara?" I asked and scratched my head. 'This is a joke, yeah, this is a joke, lalala...'

But Gaara ignored me and grabbed my other hand. Sasuke let out a noise that sounded like a growl.

"I already looked up some information. I read, that when people love each other they kiss...." Gaara continued, not caring about a now laughing Tsunade, the snickers of Temari and Kankurou, or my horrified face.

'He won't...! Right?'

But Gaara did. "Is that a kiss?" He asked and pressed his lips on my dry ones.

'Hey, this feels niceee~~~' My dazed mind thought and I was away in la-la-land, so I didn't protest, as Gaara pried my mouth open with his very niiiice tongue. Much to the displeasure of Sasuke. Who was now hissing like a very mad cat.

Gaara broke away from the kiss, cocked his head and frowned. Then he hesitantly looked up and said: "I liked this..., seems to be okay."

"Urgh..." I croaked and my right hand was touching my wet lips. 'God...'

All I could do was to stare dumbly at Gaara.

/End of Flashback/

That was what happened. Nice, eh?

I'm Naruto Uzumaki, holder of the feared Kyuubi.

Welcome to my life.


Umm, yeah I like Sasu/Naru more than Gaara/Naru, but my friends loves Gaara/Naru, so... Oh, that isn't interesting. I know they are Ooc, but i don't care. Please review?