Sara sat quietly in her bedroom. Numb. Unfeeling. Really uncaring. She couldn't help but wonder. Five years had passed. Things seemed to be settling into some kind of normality. Until that faithful day last week.

There was a loud crash downstairs, followed by a shriek; "Where the hell's my brandy? Sara you little.." The words were lost in a drunken stupor. This was good thought Sara , at lease now she'll maybe sleep it off. But still, she supposed she should go and check it out. Sara got up and slowly made her way down the stairs.

Karen was as she had been since it happened. Drunk. She was blessedly passed out in the kitchen, an empty bottle of bourbon in her hand. She held on to it like a life line, but at this rate, that "life-line" wasn't gonna last long. With a sigh Sara looked around and spotted at least three broken glasses on the floor.

Sara went to the cabinet and got out the dust pan. It seemed automatic to walk over and grab the broom as well. She really should look into getting plastic glasses. At least it would save her a trip or two. As she cleans up the mess she started to think. She was now 21, and doing fairly well in college. She had stayed in contact with the "underworld." Hoggle had come to visit her almost nightly, always reeking of cheap perfume. They would talk for hours about nothing at all. It was nice. Toby had even come in from time to time and they would all play games.

She still dreamed of him. She hadn't seen him since she uttered the lines, but she knew he was still there. She still had nights were she would wake up in a cold sweat that had nothing to do with fear. She often wished that she had handled the situation better. I mean how many girls in their life were able to say that they had something as special as a King in love with them?

But there was nothing to do about it. When the whole thing happened she was too young to understand her true feelings. And when she did realize it, well. He hadn't tried to talk to her either.

No use thinking about that. But she couldn't help it. He had so much power, could he help now? Would he even listen? A loud snort snapped Sara back to her present. Shaking her head she threw away the glass shards. Karen seemed fine where she was. Sara couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her. She seemed to be handling the death of both her father and Toby much better than her step-mother.

A few weeks ago Toby had come down with a terrible flu. Just last week he was having a hard time breathing and that's never good, so father had volunteered to take him to see the doctor. They were hit head on by a drunken driver on the way home. Ironic that Karen had in a way become that which killed off most of her family. Shaking, Sara walked back up the stairs. It would serve Karen right to wake up with a sore neck. She had done nothing but drink since the funeral.

Sara really needed some company. Needed to feel again. She knew better to think it, but it really wasn't fair. She stumbled into her room and flopped down on her bed again. For a moment it seemed like she never left. She sat in the darkness, just thinking. She had fought so hard to save Toby from the Goblin King, and now it seemed like it was all for not.


There was a bump, followed by a curse, and suddenly the lights were turned on. "Sara, what are you doing sitting in the dark?"

"Don't know." She mumbled. Immediately he knew something was wrong. He hadn't heard from her in a week now, and she looked horrible. Her hair was tangled, her eyes were red and puffy, and she was wearing her shorts with some cartoon figure on them and a white tee-shirt that was wrinkled beyond repair.

Hoggle rushed over and held her hand. "Sara, what's wrong?"

"It's Toby, and my father. They both died last week in a car accident." Sara replied.

There was a moment of silence, and then Hoggle said "I'm sorry to hear that." He pet her hand, not knowing what else to do. It was a very awkward moment for him.

Sara choked, "It just doesn't seem."

"Fair?" answered Hoggle. Sara let a half hearted laugh, "Yeah, something like that."

They talked way into the night, about how it happened, and basically reminisced about everything. It was all Hoggle thought he could do for her. Just listen. She hadn't made a comment about his smell tonight yet. That was a sign of just how bad she was feeling. She had never asked why he always made it a point to put on that "perfume" and he had no plans to tell her. She must really be out of it he thought. He was looking for a way to go away. Before the smell overwhelmed her, at least that was his worry at the time. Finally she seemed to be alittle calmer.

"I'm sorry Hoggle, I have no right to dump all this on you, I guess I just wanted someone to talk to. " She felt bad, but she was beginning to feel.she didn't know. She suddenly didn't feel like talking anymore, but wasn't sure how to tell Hoggle that.

Hoggle looked at her and smiled, "It's ok Sara, if you'd like I'll come back tomorrow night to talk. Goodnight." As if he knew his time was up he kissed her hand and disappeared.

Sara sat on her bed looking at the spot where Hoggle had just left. There was a stain of some kind, but she didn't worry too much about it. She thought of all the things that Jareth claimed to do for her. She knew she was thinking of the past, but she couldn't help it. The Goblin King was very powerful. Again her mind strayed back to the thought; maybe he could help, somehow? Sara hung her head and sobbed out in a weak voice. "Jareth." Silent tears fell down over her hands. "Do you even still remember me?"

In the underground Jareth on his sat on his throne. The room was empty, save for a few loyal goblins, which were asleep at his feet. The Goblin King gazed into his crystal ball at the weeping Sara. She had certainly turned into the beautiful lady he knew she would become. Technically she had called for him; it was within his right to go to her. But she should come to him Damn it all. All these years, all the time she had called on a "friend." She never once set foot back into his realm.

Now she needed him. Fine timing. He offered the little whelp the world and she thumbed her nose at him, and now, now that tragedy has struck; now she called to him? Bloody little. Jareth sighed. He did still love her. He had spent many a night thinking of how he would love to make her obey his will. Something about her called to his very soul, even if he was unwilling to admit it out loud. Time had little meaning for him. He had lost count of how old he was, and how long he had been the King, but the past 5 years seemed to drag on.

His nights were filled with lovely visions of Sara. Sara in fine leather outfits, Sara in nothing at all. He had taken pleasure in visiting her in her dreams. Sending her images of the two of them entwined in bedroom sheets. At first it was just punishment, but it back fired on him. She haunted him as well, and he wanted nothing better than to touch her again. Never in his life had he been so obsessed with any woman, and then this girl caught his eye. Now the girl was a woman and thoughts of ballroom dances went out the window, to be replaced with other "activities." He had watched her grow into the woman she had become. It was sad to see her now.

He, of course, knew what had happened. He had secretly longed for her to have some kind of reason to call him. It was never about that brat Toby. It was always about her. The child had just given him a handy excuse to call on him. He gave her the power to summon him and his minions. Now she had reason to call him again. He couldn't help but feel a smug smile pulling at his lips. At last, I shall have her, he thought. I will in time make her forget all about her life, and think of nothing but me!

He gazed into his crystal ball and stood up. He calmly stepped over the sleeping forms and walked outside. The moons of the labyrinth were all glowing in their unearthly white light. It was a good night after all. He strolled to the garden and summoned Sara to his side.where she belonged.

Sara knew something had happened. For one, she was wearing a dress. She looked up and there he was, the man of her dreams. Not that she would ever admit that to anyone, much less herself. But none the less, there he stood.

Her mind struggled. After so long he still looked. Sara took a breath. well he looked great. He was all dressed in black. Tight black leather pants, a black leather jacket and no shirt. His necklace was hanging over his chest, but once you stopped looking at it she saw how well his chest as "chizz led." The jacket was open and allowed Sara to gaze upon the fine line of muscles as they disappeared into the jeans.

On yes, he was enjoying this. Despite her pain she was admiring him. Just as she should, any moment how she'll look into his eyes and that would be it for her. This was going to be easy, bending her to his will. But she really must look him in the eye. Jareth stepped forward and cleared his throat.

Sara looked up, a blush spreading across her cheeks. She finally looked into his eyes. Oh those eyes had haunted her since they first met. One blue, one brown, both hungry. Maybe she made a mistake, what had she done?

Jareth smiled, and walked toward Sara. "Isn't it ironic that if you had just bent to my will the first time, your brother would still be alive?" He shook his head, "He'd be a goblin, but he'd still be alive."

It took awhile for the words to sink in "You bastard!" Sara ran to him and beat him on the chest. "How could you say such a thing?" Jareth let her throw her fit. He stood calmly for awhile, letting her beat her fists against him, and then he hugged her. Yeh gods, she felt so good. Even if she did hate him. That would change. Sara grew weak and just started to cry. Jareth gently pushed her away, and plucked a rose from a bush nearby. He smelled it as he walked away. "You called me Sara, remember that." He threw the rose towards her and walked behind a wall. He had to gain some kind of control. Even with her yelling at him, she still felt good to be in his arms. He was fighting his body; he couldn't let her know how she affected him. Not yet. A certain amount of passion was needed, but now was not the time to take her and make her his in every sense of the word. She would hate him forever, and that would not suit his needs. Better to leave her, let her realize where she is now. Jareth leaned against the wall and took deep breaths and he listened for any movement just a wall away.

Sara stood dumbfounded. What had happened? That rude jerk just made her feel more rage than any she thought she had left. But she guessed that is what she wanted. To feel again. Wiping the tears away she looked around. She was in the labyrinth again, that much was clear. But she seemed to be in some sort of garden. She walked over to the rose that was lying on the ground. It was a crystal rose. At first she thought it was a trick of the moonlight, but she looked closed and saw her own reflection. She smelled it, and strangely it smelled like a rose. "Ouch!" and apparently it had thorns as well. Her finger started to bleed.

Around the corner, Jareth smiled.