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Chapter 10 (The Alpha and Omega)

The battlefield was unimaginably one sided. The Fey Warriors, though talented, were helplessly outnumbered by the flood of Goblins, and other assorted creatures. And Goblins, due to their size, were in the range of very sensitive areas, areas that few thought to protect. Ludo, who had wizened with age, was flinging assorted rocks at the heads of the enemy. Brownies gleefully flew through the air, quite often hitting visors in such an effective manner as to temporally blind an enemy, which the Goblins took full advance of. Cannon Goblins let loose with a hailstorm of bullets.

But no scene was as impressive as the battle that raged in the middle of the fray. Jareth and Axima locked swords again and again. The clashing thundered over all the sounds around them. Axima fueled by the false knowledge that he was better, and the confidence of being the older brother. In brief breaks magic spells were hurled at each other, always blocked by the other. Axima was not counting on the armor which Jareth wore, he had to find a chink, and soon.

Jareth was fueled by the knowledge of being better, of being a King, and deep down within the confines of his heart, he fought for love. Never, never would he admit such things aloud. But he would be damned if he would let his kingdom fail, now that he had all of his desires. Yelling with renewed fire he sliced the arm of Axima, causing him to stumble. He watched gleefully as doubt crept into his eyes.

Unnoticed by most a Fey stood in the background, performing the spell that had helped them take the advance in past wars. The spell that would turn them to stone. Jareth felt the magic growing and with a brief look of his eyes be found the offender and revered the spell. The goblins who charged forward were briefly hit by the spell, and the backlash causing their flesh to become more solid, harder, like a living stone armor. The offender fell backward as stone. The goblins who were near did not intend for this to happen ever again, some still infused with the knowledge of what it was like to live like stone. A group picked up the fallen stone warrior and carried him to where Ludo was flinging rocks.

The clock chimes

Cindy, enraged pulled from her sleeve a dagger, waiting for the moment to strike. It must be at the same time, it must be precise. She would prevail. Sara was still looking with that pitiful doe look in her eye. It would work. It had to. Cindy would have her vengeance form that double crossing wee snip of a man. King? Him? He wasn't even a Goblin. (Cindy did not think of the fact that she was only human, for this would drive her over the brink.)

Chime, Chime, Chime

Cindy panted, closer she thought, it must be the 13th hour! Sara looked up at Cindy and felt pity for the Queen of gremlins. Did she have no one? What was her plan? Why was she here? Sara had snapped out of her daze. And for that she was thankful. But what was Cindy's idea? Why would she help Sara if she didn't have an idea of what she was doing. At that moment Sara realized that she could feel Jareth. She remembered that there was a war going on. Her thought clearing Sara began to back slowly away from the Queen of Gremlins. For surly, she was no friend of hers.

Chime, Chime, Chime

Ratchet looked upon his viewing glass in the palm of his hand. His little woman was meddling with things that should not be touched. Why was she tormenting this girl? At his side Tic and Toc looked up at him, they held hands. This was the moment they had waited for. Cindy was a good Queen. She had done well in her time in the underworld. But this man, no, this creature, whose blood was running with nanites; this was a true king. The magic of their world had changed him. He was no longer of the Earth.

He looked down, "Tic, Tock, if you would, I am thinking we must go collect our wayward Queen." Ratchet stretched his arms up, and grasping his hands, slowly lowered his arms, rippling with strength. His back bubbled as the nanites spilled out forming great wings on his back. Before they knew what was happening, the King had grabbed Tic and Toc and jumped off the ledge with all the confidence fitting his new station.

Chime, Chime, Chime

Jareth smiled as he saw the ending coming. His brother was tiring, becoming reckless. He would have to put him down like the dog he was. And yet, he was his brother. Maybe not kill him, but leave him with a memory of this day. Lunging forward, advancing his attack Jareth swung his sword upward slicing open the cheek of his dear brother. As Axima howled in pain, and renewed strength he continued to fight.

Jareth spared a glance at the fight around him. All around his troops had subdued the enemy. It was just down to Jareth and Axima. It was at this point Axima struck, hitting Jareth square in the hole between his chest plate and his arm. Axima's sword protruded from Jareth's armor. Axima backed away, breathing heavily. Jareth looked down, his eyes wide with disbelief. He stumbled, but did not fall.

Chime, Chime.

At the end of the clocks chime Cindy lunged at Sara, stabbing her in the stomach. Blood blossomed from the wound. Sara let out a small whimper and stumbled back. Cindy smiled. Sara looked down and the wound and felt a tingling sensation. It was burning, as if her body was rejecting the dagger, pushing it out of the wound. Cindy's eyes opened wide with amazement.

"No." Cindy stepped back "NO" she fell to her knees as the dagger fell to the floor. "NOOO!!"

On the battlefield Axima watched with glee as Jareth's eyes began to lose focus. All the fighting stopped. All on the field watched as the two warriors moment unfolded. A snarl grew on Jareth's face as he watched Sara be stabbed. Then he felt the burn. The sword was being pushed out of his body. Jareth grabbed the sword, and with a word melted it, flinging the molted metal down at Axima's feet. He laughed with all the happiness that was in his heart. This could only mean one thing. He was well and truly bonded to his Sara.

Axima watched in horror as he watched Jareth heal. He placed his hand to his cheek and fell at his brother's feet. The only way to kill a bonded pair was to hit each one, at the same time, at the same place. If this had really happened to Jareth. And it appeared it had, there was no killing him unless he chose to.

Jareth walked over to Axima. "I should kill you for what you have tried to do." But the goblin King was just too happy with this turn of events to be in a killing mood. He watched his brother bleeding and winded on the ground before him. Jareth thought about something he had once told Sara, smiling he told his brother, "Go back to your toys and your costumes. You have no place here in my realm. I will not go back. Ever. But you will, and you will remember this day." With that he turned and walked away from his brother, his old life, his past.

His Goblins laughed gleefully, taking the weapons of the defeated and following their King, back unto the Labyrinth. As the last goblin shoulder went into the gates, the door mended itself, remaking itself into a door of cold hard Iron.

Sara stared at wonder as the wound healed. The dagger clattered to their feet, before the kneeling Cindy. Cindy grabbed her dagger and shoved it back up her sleeve. It was over then. Jareth was lost to her. Cindy remembered that she was a Queen. She stood and faced Sara. Sara, for lack of anything better to do, slapped her.

Queen Cindy backed away and bumped into something hard. Turning she saw Ratchet. He was different; Cindy shuddered and went into his embrace.

Ratchet looked at Sara, "I am sorry for this day. But this will not happen again." Sara looked at the King of the rival kingdom and an understanding passed between them. For now on they would be separate but equal. Cindy was not libel to bother her again. However, "Don't even think about it!" Tick and Toc looked sheepishly at Sara and backed away from the clock. Ratchet took Cindy and went outside, the gremlins tailing behind them.

The doors to the throne room were thrown open and Jareth stormed into the room. "Sara, are you...?" Sara stepped close to him and touched the blood on his armor, then the place where the sword had entered him. There was no wound, no sign that anything had ever happened other that the blood. As she touched his flesh images raced into her head.

Jareth had watched Sara from afar grow from a child to the woman she was today. He knew ever silly play, every silly love song, and every aspect of her young life. And now Sara was receiving the same. Images of Jareth's youth danced before her eyes. Sara knew. Time was catching up with itself. She now knew that she was made for him, and he was hers. Sara saw the pain, the neglect, and his new beginnings.

A flutter of doubt crossed Jareth's face. Now that Sara knew the truth, would she want to leave? If she did, that was another battle he would not lose. "Sara, I do not want another war." Jareth smiled and cupped her face. Sara smiled. "Nor I."


Sara and Jareth stood before their kingdom watching their daughter. "What's this part do uncle Hoggle?" The little one was taking apart a watch. Hoggle was distracted by the tugging of his ear. For his own Daughter was apparently trying to take it off. Tic grinned at the little Halfling.

High above the clouds a little boy was giggling and talking to a Goblin.

Author's note: thought it'd never end right? I really should have stopped when they came together, but you know us Fangirls. Also, before you jump on me, you'll recall the first Clock Chime was in Chapter 9