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Summary:  Harry POV on this lovely Monday morning....

Title:  Harry the Obsessor and Ginny the Obsessee

            Harry Potter buried his face in his arms and groaned.  The breakfast table creaked sympathetically.  Ron and Hermione were at it again.  Did they ever stop?  No.  Did an argument end before another one started?  No.  It was a continual, never-ending torrent of insults that always managed to catch Harry and hold him in the middle.  There was no escape.

            It had been this way since their first year.  The shouting started at breakfast and broke at sundown.  But that didn't mean it was over, oh no, Ron would pick up right where they left off the night before, with a whole new bucket load of comebacks.  For someone who couldn't remember a single piece of homework assigned, he sure had every fault of Hermione's stored neatly away under his red hair and freckles.

            Harry thought about this.  Hermione was always ready with her own stinging replies.  Harry winced at the memory of some of the worse ones.  They lived for the fighting, it was as if they couldn't get along without each other and a fight.  I think I'm on the verge of something, Harry thought but he couldn't figure it out. 

            The only lulls in the arguments where when they were asleep or in separate classes.  Harry lived for those few precious moments of peace.  They were few and far between.  He longed for the old days when... Wait a just a tick-- There had never been a time when Ron and Hermione hadn't fought!

            Harry slumped forward in his seat.  He reached out unhappily for a piece of toast and spread strawberry jam on it.  He rested his head one hand and chewed slowly.  He looked around.  On his left were the bickerers.  On the right, Dean and Parvati were smooching (the whole Ginny/Dean thing was a scam to get Ron off her back)...  Speaking of whom...  Where was Ginny when you needed her?

            Ah, Ginny, the one person Harry actually looked forward to seeing anymore.  Her sense of humor always managed to distract him from the constant nagging beside him.  Then again, with her vibrant red hair and chocolate eyes, you'd have to be a fool not to be distracted by her.  Chocolate eyes....

            Whoa there, mate, a little voice chided him.  If I didn't know better, I'd say you were obsessed with the girl.

            Don't you think 'obsessed' is a little too strong of a word?  Harry asked himself.

            Think about it, the little voice nagged.  So Harry thought about it.  He was crazy about Quidditch, did that count as being obsessed?  Harry didn't know.  Except... Every time he heard Ginny laugh, his stomach would give a queer little lurch.  Harry was quite sure his stomach acted perfectly normal around the Quaffle.

            You're getting there, mate, the little voice encouraged.  So Harry grabbed a blueberry muffin and thought some more.  Whenever Harry would catch the Snitch and win a Quidditch game, he would get a light feeling in his heart.  But did that compare to the light feeling in his head and heart that occurred any time Ginny smiled or, on special occasions, winked at him?

            Why, once, after winning an especially difficult match against Slytherin, he had caught her eye from where she was sitting on her broom, holding the Quaffle under one arm (being a Chaser), and she had winked at him.  He had almost fallen off his own broom.  Not only that, Malfoy's sneers didn't do more than merely bounce off him for a week.  A whole week, Harry marveled, he had lived off that wink and smile!

            Realization dawned on the black-haired boy.  Merlin's Beard!  Harry Potter was obsessed with Ginny Weasley, and from the sound of it, he had been, for a long time!

            These pleasant thoughts were interrupted by Ron's indignant shout.

            "Miss Bossy, Know-it-all, I-have-to-be-perfect-in-everything, Let's-save-the-house-elves Granger!" Ron's face was as red as his hair.

            "At least my grades and projects reflect my mental capacity, whereas yours..." Hermione let the sentence trail off eloquently.  There was a storm of clapping from the girls.  Ron immediately turned on Harry.  He was caught.

            "Harry, you'll tell me the truth.  Does this look like a face that lacks intelligence?"  Harry decided not to answer.  He needn't have worried, because Ron turned back to Hermione without waiting for an answer.  The first and second years at all of the House tables were looking on in terror and awe at the spectacle.  The teachers carried on chatting without a single glance.  Harry supposed they were all used to this nightmare.

            "All I see is a face that couldn't be distinguished from a baboon's backside if it tried," Hermione said, coolly.  Dean and Seamus let out identical guffaws of laughter, while Parvati and Lavendar looked scandalized.

            "At least I'm not a direct descendant of baboons like your precious Vicky!" Ron said, scathingly.  Bad mistake, Harry thought.

            "Ronald Weasley!  You take that back!" Hermione shouted.  Harry could have sworn her bushy brown hair crackled, she was so angry. "Viktor is a kind and polite person, isn't he Harry?"

            Ginny, where are you? Harry pleaded desperately.  It wasn't like her to be late for breakfast.  She loved food almost as much as Ron did.

            "So now you're taking her side?" Ron said, in a betrayed voice.  Harry had had enough and walked out of the Great Hall to wait for Ginny.

            The last thing he heard was, "Of course he's taking my side; you're not reasonable enough to have a side to take!"

            Harry rolled his eyes and went over to stand at the foot of the stairs.  He leaned his elbow on the end of the banister.  Where was she?  Class was starting in eight minutes, a prefect informed him, and she hadn't eaten yet.  It was then he heard a strange whooshing sound, and he turned around to look.

            What he saw was a bundle of red and black flying right into him and then he was on the stone floor tumbling over onto his back.

            He opened his eyes to see two pools of chocolate gazing into them.  Ginny Weasley was blushing furiously.  Harry could feel laughter fighting to break out.  Here he was in the middle of the hall, the object of his obsession sprawled on his stomach, and all he could do was laugh?  Ye gods.

            "Good morning, Gin," he managed.  Gin?  Hmmmm, he liked the sound of that.  Very... er- He didn't know.

            "Good m-morning," she stammered.  She was struggling to free herself, but their robes and schoolbags were all mashed into one big, hopeless mess.

            "I can't move--" Harry said at the same time she did.

            "You first--" they said together.

            "No, you--" they chorused.  Ginny clamped her mouth shut, her eyes laughing.

            This is a very interesting situation, Harry mused, and a bloke doesn't get in a situation like this every day.  A strange impulse seized him.

            "Oh, well, I guess you're stuck here with me, then," Harry said, casually.  What in the world had possessed him to say that?  She blushed.  Oh.  Well, then.

            "Guess so," Ginny said, coyly.  Uh-oh.  She propped her chin on her hands and gazed at him impishly.  He gulped and turned red.  She smiled.  Yep, there went his stomach.  Obsessed.

            "So," she said, finally. "While we're here, how was your morning?"  Horrible, Harry thought.

            "You mean until you nearly broke my back?" he laughed.

            "Hey!  I can't help it, I love sliding down banisters!" she cried, indignantly. "Besides, what were you doing standing in my way in the first place?"  So that's what she was doing.

            "Waiting for you," Harry said honestly.  That adorable pink flush crossed her cheeks again.

            "Me?  Why me?" Ginny whispered.  This is it, the little voice announced.  Go away, Harry ordered.  He was having trouble breathing and he was positive that it wasn't because Ginny was sprawled on his chest.

            "Because," his hand lifted involuntarily to brush a stray lock of silky hair from her face, coming down to rest on her shoulder.

            "Because why?" she whispered, again, hope glimmering in her eyes.  Carpe diem, the little voice ordered.  Carpy what?

            "Because Ron and Hermione were being idiots to each other,"  Harry's hand was now on the back of her neck, gently drawing her nearer.

            "Oh," Ginny murmured, leaning down.  I can't believe it, Harry thought dizzily,  I'm about to kiss Gi--

            "What are you two doing?" Harry snapped back to reality.  There was nothing he wanted to more right then, than throttle Ron.  He cursed his red-haired best friend under his breath.  Of all the times to take a breather from fighting with Hermione.

            "Give us a hand, mate," Harry said, cheerfully. "We bumped and er- got caught up in each other."

            "I should say so," Hermione said.  She pulled Ginny up and Ron hauled Harry to his feet.

            Ginny was incredibly angry and looked as though she wanted to kill Ron, Hermione had a knowing smirk on her face, and Ron, thankfully, seemed to be oblivious of the entire thing.

            "Would you look at the time?" Harry exclaimed,  looking at his wrist that had not had a watch for a very long time. "Ginny, come on, I'll walk you to class."  He grabbed her hand and set off quickly towards the dungeons.

            He was silent the entire way, for fear he'd lose his nerve for what he was about to do.  They reached Snape's classroom door.  He screwed up his courage.

            "Well, I'll see you lat--" he cut Ginny off and pressed his lips to hers.  He broke off and ran.

            He was never quite sure how he made it to Transfiguration that morning.  Harry turned to see Professor McGonagall hurrying towards him.

            "Well, don't just stand there, Potter," she said, impatiently.  He looked at her, confused.  Oh, class, right.

            "Sorry.  Here, let me get the door for you," Harry said, holding it open.  She was amazed but swept through.  He then darted forward and pulled out her desk chair.  The class was impressed and scared at the same time.

            "Well, thank you Potter.  Ten points to Gryffindor for your courtesy.  But still, are you sure you're feeling all right?  I can send you down to Madam Pomfrey if you need," Professor McGonagall looked uncharacteristically worried.  Harry shook his head.

            "Very well then.  You may take your seat."

            "Right, Professor," he said, grinning.  He ignored Ron's half disgusted face:  He, Harry Potter, was obsessed with Ginny Weasley and it felt great.


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