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Notes: This will be a series of "whenever I feel like updating" snippets (well after the first few chapters anyway.). Very convenient in the fact that since there's no definite end, I can end it whenever I get bored. Go me. I also decided to post it as soon as I did the no-errors check so that I didn't re-write it into oblivion. Sorry it's not flowery poetry.

This can be read in conjunction with Roses and Remembrances . If you don't want to read it here's the important bits. Petey (law student) and Sunshine (acting student) are sharing a studio apartment while in college at the time of this series. No fear, most of the story though will be flashbacks to the football days.

Summary: "Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, Sometimes it's only worth three." A box full of photos shows the progression of a relationship.

Three Little Words



Petey became aware of the doorbell. It was impossible to ignore now that he was awake. Though it seemed his lover was more than willing to try. Sunshine growled and burrowed further under the warm blankets, never completely waking up.

He had learned that it was always best to let Sunshine wake up when Sunshine felt like waking up. He was without a doubt the most kind, compassionate, loving man Petey had ever known, but he was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a morning person.

The only acceptable reasons for trying to rouse the other man were, to Petey's knowledge, the irregular fire drills the land lord insisted on holding, and pre-early-class sex. Anything else, in Sunshine's opinion could wait till a less ungodly hour.




"Coming!" Petey disentangled himself from the bed sheets, pressing a kiss to his lover's momentarily bared shoulder, before climbing over him and out of the bed.

He grabbed a pair of sweatpants from the floor, yanking them on before heading towards the door. He glanced in the mirror. Tired, but presentable. No shirt within reach, and he doubted a wrinkled shirt would help his appearance in any case. He just hoped it was no one important.

He reached for the handle just as the doorbell sounded again.

The woman, dressed in a brown UPS uniform, jumped slightly as he opened the door, perhaps a little more forcefully than he intended. He gave her a guilty smile.

"Can I help you?"

"That depends. Are you Mr.-" She consulted her clipboard. "Ronald Bass?"

"Yes." Lying was a sin, but waking Sunshine up to sign for a package was an unforgivable one.

"Oh good then. Sign here please." He did as he was told, and took the box from her, thanking her as he shut the door.

Petey walked to the kitchen, or rather the wall of cabinetry and kitchen appliances that had been generously called a "kitchenette" in the apartment brochure.

He started a pot of coffee, and pulled a slice of leftover pizza from the refrigerator before sitting down to examine the package.

It was slightly smaller than a shoebox, and not very heavy. The name, written in a precise, tiny script seemed vaugley familiar.

"Jenny Rayken

Tinninsburg, VA"

Tinninsburg. That wasn't at all familiar.

He resisted the urge to open the package. He was sure Sunshine wouldn't mind, but there was something almost enjoyable about puzzling over the box's content.

"Petey?" Sunshine had woken up enough to lean sprawled against the headboard, head tilted back into the shaft of midmorning sunlight. The blankets were still pulled stubbornly to his chest.

No matter how long he stayed in Virginia, Ron never became accustomed to cold winters. Add to that a faulty heating system in the apartment and it was not unsurprising that he made frequent use of his collection of blankets, sweaters, and warm and obliging boyfriend.

"Bed? Now?" Sunshine cracked open one eye, sending Petey a sleepy, yet seductive smile.

The coffee pot, as if on cue, dinged to let him know it was finished. Fixing two cups he took them back over to the "bedroom" side of their one room apartment. He found a clear spot on the normally cluttered desk and set the cups down.

He turned to retrieve the package, but Sunshine grabbed his wrist, pulling him down for a proper good morning kiss. His lover pulled him back into the bed, fingers playing with the drawstring on Petey's sweat pants.

"It can wait."

It could most defiantly, in Petey's opinion, wait.


Part two may be delayed slightly. Right now I'm working very hard on a paper. (Funerary customs in different cultures. Which is going to end up clocking in at around 20 pages. Lucky me) And I thought I would have some boring classes in which to write. No such luck. I am writing though!

Thanks for all the feedback, and for those wondering why in the world I chose Petey/Sunshine all shall be explained, even if I have to start scheduling fic writing time. (To one reviewer in particular: Petey's not homophobic: he was just a littleā€¦nervous. Okay he was an idiot, but he made great progress. Hell half the Petey/sunshine interaction in the movie had them acting like a new couple, insecurities and all.)