The next picture was taken at an angle, as if the photographer had tried to snap the photograph quickly, not wanting to intrude on a private scene. And it had been private, Sunshine reflected. Out there in the middle of the hall, surrounded by people, it had still felt as if they were the only two people in the world.

They were hanging a banner, Sunshine balancing on stepladder, his head cut off by the awkwardness of the framing. Petey was there, or at least, his shoulder and arm. It hadn't been a very good shot. But the camera seemed to naturally focus on Petey's hands, centered perfectly as they gripped Sunshine's hips.

Sunshine yelped as the rickety stepladder wobbled under him, and scrabbled for a handhold. A hand reached out to steady him, but ended up simply making him jump in surprise, which cause the ladder to wobble more.

"Whoah! Watch it!" Another shot out, trying to keep him on the ladder. Sunshine sighed in relief as the ladder steadied and grinned down at the familiar voice. "Thanks Petey."

"No problem. Coach Boone would kill you if you broke your neck hanging up a sign."

Sunshine snorted, waving towards the sign, proclaiming the Titan's upcoming victory. "He's the one who told me to hang it." The blond grinned again, looking down at the dark hands on his hips.

"You're still holding on."

Petey looked embarrassed and snatched his hands away. Sunshine snickered, and leaned up to fasten the edge of the banner. He knocked against the top step, purposely making the ladder wobble again. Petey's hands shot out to grab his hips for a second time.

"Will you be careful!"


Sunshine kept his promise, and the ladder stayed steady. Petey waited for a moment before releasing the blond, sliding one hand to the small of his back, keeping hold of the other teenager, just in case.