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The world of Tolkien has always drawn me – the beckoning finger of the Sandman to the Land of many Dreams. Ever since I opened my Dad's partly crumbling 1981 copy of The Fellowship of the Ring at the young and fanciful age of nine, I dreamed and walked in the landscapes of my mind, standing alongside Legolas and Gimli, taking dutiful orders from Aragorn, seeking Gandalf's counsel and adoring the Hobbits. In my imaginings, I grieved for Boromir, pledged loyalty and fealty to Theoden, Eomer and Eowyn and danced for the Eldar in both Rivendell and Caras Galadhon. These events and many more took place when I wandered the worlds of Tolkien.

Nine years later I return, in the wake of three wonderful movie adaptations, skillfully brought to life by the hands and vision of Peter Jackson, and his faithful cast and crew.

As a loyalist to the Great Master's work, I was, at first very apprehensive of the films – but as a fiction writer, I am very much grateful and impressed at the amount of love that shows.

There is a line that goes "people come and go for a reason – but for whatever reason it may be, however bad or good, they all leave a mark to remember". Tolkien did so by writing for us the greatest fantasy epic ever to grace the face of the earth. Peter Jackson did so upon the release (re-release) of his adaptation of this well-loved tale. The producers cast and crew contributed to everything – and no doubt, the billions of fan fiction writers have done similar.

Now, it is my turn.

I bring to you five girls – friends and sisters of the heart – each unique and timeless in her own fashion. All are Tolkien fans, after a fashion, though the amount of love they have for the text varies. At the core of it, they are believers: of tales such as the story of The Ring, of magic, of rhyme and reason and fancy – though personal experiences and the constant hammerings of the world around them have all but crushed the faith out of each of them. Now, as grown women – independent and curious of the world and beyond, they return to childhood fancies and fly to Europe for two reasons: The first being a fulfillment of an aspiration – to visit the fields and wonders of the Emerald Isle – a gift, a dream. A homecoming of kindred hearts to glorious Ireland. Though born in Asia's Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines, the gift of magick and belief that they bear as followers of their craft, lie in the shores and the hills, in the air and the hearths and the soul of Ireland, and the countries surrounding it. The second reason ties with their love for a story that lives in the hearts of people everywhere: A modest Tolkien Convention to be held in Dublin. Appropriate a reason, if any.

With these words I beseech you to stop and take a few moments to listen to me, as I tell you a fairytale with the heart and soul of reality. Where elves and dwarves, little people, wizards and talking trees roam, where men must learn from past mistakes and these girls must dig deep within themselves for the answer to questions – where good reaches for hope as evil dares to rise by any means available, and where the little things do go a long, long way.

Let us believe in a little magic(k) again, and rediscover what it is to know and learn that in the end, all things happen for a reason.

- Noelle Pico,
writer, 20
Tolkien Fan since 1994


For what was. For what remains. For what could have been.
The tale is retold many times. But the heart of it will stay.


All characters created by JRR Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion et al.), referred to or otherwise, are copyright JRR Tolkien and his publishers. He is the Father of Fantasy Epics, who, without his genius; the world would be a very boring place. I am merely borrowing the characters temporarily.

Depictions of aforementioned characters, scenes and events taken from The Lord of the Rings, as portrayed by Peter Jackson, his outstanding cast and commendable crew are copyright New Line Cinemas. Again, I do not own them, but I worship their ideas, insight and talents. I wish to thank them for bringing to life this long awaited dream.

The character Raziel, the history and ideas related and/or surrounding him are purely fictional and are not to be taken as canon. The character, name and physical make-up are the property of Nathan Michael Pico, my darling brother and may not be used without his or my permission.

The Prophesy of Isil, The Lay and other such poems/songs/texts included or referred to in this story were written by me are copyright Noelle Pico 2003-2005. These may NOT be used without my express permission, mostly because writing them has been a hard and trying process that has as much work as the rest of this fiction. All OTHER poems, songs, anecdotes, quotations and written material included are copyright their respective owners and will be mentioned within the text. Don't sue, please, I'm not making any money out of this.

I would also like to acknowledge the websites that provided the Extended Edition Scripts: Noora of (Fellowship and The Two Towers), and The Council of Elrond for further copies of all three Extended Edition Scripts. It helps heaps not to run down my player and DVDs with rewinds and pauses other than stage plotting.

Maia Dumdum, Ekai Ungson, Krystle Roxas, Samantha Martinez, Noelle Pico, and all other names/places/events/customs linked to them are almost all based on REAL LIFE accounts and are used with permission acquired in 2003. These, may NOT be used/rewritten in other stories. These are real people. They have lives all their own.

Much thanks also to the pioneer Tolkien class of DLSU-Manila (TolkienLitelecA52), and the professors Dr. Shirley Lua and Ms. Frances Sangil for giving me further insight intoTolkien andJackson's movieby allowing me the privilege of acting as an unofficial Teacher's Aide. Much thanks to Hope, Sian, Chibi and the rest of the Buko Crew; and naturally Nate and Mom for their constant support of this piece.

And of course, so much more to Kam and her constancy towards this piece.

For anything else I may have forgotten, standard disclaimers thoroughly apply. Again, this piece is simply written for the reason that it wanted to be written. For any and further questions about the fic, please email me, the link is on my userpage. I promise I will do my best to reply.