(This is the sequel to Masks of War - To sum up, Adrian, real name Drago Adian, is the baby brother of Shego and after making friends with Ron Stoppable and helping Kim stop a gang terrorizing the tri-city area, is out to find his long lost sister. Unfortunately, his friend, a former member of the gang and a mysterious metamorph with telepathic abilities, felt strange, disturbing thoughts from Adrian before he left. That's about it.)

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Family Injustice
Chapter 1
A New Beginning

It's been over 5 months since the Warriors of the Mask were all locked away in the Tri-City Penitentiary with 3 exceptions. The aging leader known only as Shadow Tengu was flown back to Japan to face charges of compromising national security and trying to start an international war. Blazing Oni, also known as Drago Adian, but now calling himself Adrian, is still out there somewhere breathing the air of freedom as per his deal made with Kim Possible. However, the third exception has remained unaccounted for. Luminous Kitsune had seemingly vanished even before one of the lower members of the organization ratted the sexless creature out. But it didn't take long for authorities to brush off any search for the mysterious 3rd general on the grounds that no such thing could have possibly existed. Now comes a new school year in Middleton High; Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are entering their Junior Year. Ron seemed unusually chipper on the walk to school with Rufus riding shotgun atop his blonde, uncombed hair. Kim shook her head with a smile seeing this spectacle. "Not to damper your spirit Ron," Kim started, "but why so happy? I thought you hated the first day of school."

Ron turned to Kim and shook his head happily in the negative. "Not this year KP, this year is going to be different. I can feel it, it's a feeling deep inside, a feeling you can't hide!" he exclaimed. He then paused and did some inner reflection. "It feels like bread crumbs with a smooth orange flavor."

"That's your breakfast you're feeling Ron, stop kidding around."

Ron blinked and shrugged it off. "Good point, but things will be different this year! I know it is!"

Kim smiled a sly smile and leaned her shoulder on Ron's. "Maybe it's because this year Ron Stoppable is not going to start the school year as a bachelor. Is that it Ron?" she asked playfully.

Ron blushed and walked a little head. "Ok KP, very funny, good one. But yeah, I guess that's it, with me and Zita an item now, I can be totally relaxed. No more trying to impress the girls for me, cause I already got one and she really digs me." Ron turned to Kim while walking backward. "You know how I was able to snag Zita right?"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Oh, I don't know, was it when you went on your second date Rufus grabbed your wrist and put your hand on Zita's before you could choke again?"

Ron's face grimaced. "Hey, I could've done it myself you know." He went back to his care free smile and put his hand over his head. "But me and Rufus are a team and he was just looking out for me. High five Rufus!" Rufus chattered in agreement and slapped both forelegs on Ron's palm.

Kim quickly grabbed Ron by the collar and pulled him forward slightly. "Ron!" she scolded. "Look where you're going, you almost ran into a stop sign!"

Ron looked over his shoulder to the sign and laughed nervously. "Maybe I should stop walking backwards when we're talking, huh?"

"You think?"

Once inside the familiar halls of Middleton High, Kim and Ron found themselves standing in front of the same lockers they had used for the first 2 years of high school. Ron opened his locker to have paper and old food stuffs spill on his feet since he neglected to clean it out before the end of last semester. "You think this stuff would biodegrade by now," he whined aloud.

Kim opened her locker and turned on the computer she kept in there since she started Middleton High. "Ron, I don't think Twinkies even have expiration dates." When the screen came on, she turned to it and contacted Wade. "Hey Wade, another semester in your room I see."

Wade smiled from his new black computer chair given to him by Kim as an anniversary gift for the website. "You know it Kim," he said. "Since I'm tested to be above university graduate intelligence, leaving my room to go to school just seems to be a waste of my time and energy. So what's up with you?"

Kim shrugged. "Nothing yet, Ron seems hyped since he's starting the year as Zita's boyfriend. By the way Wade, before I go to my first class, I was wondering. can you give me a quick read through on where all my major villains are now?"

Ron sighed heavily coming back from throwing all his trash in the nearest can. "Kim, nothing is going on, why are you worrying about the bad guys now?"

Kim waved him off. "I just want to make sure; prevention is the best medicine. So what you got for me Wade?"

Wade typed a few keys and read from his monitor. "Ok, here we go Kim, first up, DNAmy, still in lockup and so is Adrena Lynn. Senor Senior Sr. is still trying to get the European government to unfreeze his assets so of course, Jr. isn't posing much of a threat either. Monkey Fist hasn't been seen since he tripped down that pit in that Jade Monkey Temple in Africa. Duff Killigen is still under Global Justice surveillance."

Ron put his hand on Kim's back. "See, everyone checked and accounted for. No one is in any position to pull some evil plot anytime soon so let's go KP."

Kim shook her head. "You forgot to mention someone Wade."

Wade took a sharp breath and made a search. "Sorry Kim," he said. "But Drakken is still no where to be found. There hasn't been any major thefts, no henchmen around, he just isn't doing anything. The only thing I was able to find was his credit card being used to buy a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, a stick of butter, and. 10 boxes of orange flavored gelatin desert, the generic kind."

Kim sighed in deep thought. "I don't like this, the less Drakken does the more I worry he's on the verge of coming up with some world domination plot that might work."

Ron shook his head and groaned. "Kim, this is Drakken we're talking about, he's probably just sitting back and making orange wiggly sculptures with his gelatin." He remembered something just then and wedged himself near the computer screen. "By the way Wade, how's our traveling buddy doing?"

Wade leaned back a little. "You mean Adrian, the mysterious brother of Shego you made friends with before he left Middleton to find his long lost sister? Last time I checked my global positioning satellite reading, he was in the Arizona desert, making what looks like a path to Colorado which, by the way, is where Drakken's credit card was last used. I think he might finally get his wish."

Ron groaned and leaned back on the lockers. "Ah man, that's terrible! What if he meets Shego and he turns evil from it?"

Kim showed some genuine concern for her friend. "Ron. you can't control what Adrian does when and if he finds Shego. But he does have a good sense of what's right, if he didn't, he wouldn't have helped us break up the Warriors of the Mask. I'm sure he'll stay on the right path."

"That's where you're wrong Miss Possible," said a voice from behind. The two turned to see nothing more than a new janitor; middle aged man wearing a dirty blue cap to hide his balding head, a stained blue jumpsuit with a similar color to the cap hiding his husky build. His ragged, stubble-ridden face was serious as he gazed coldly at Kim with his cloudy grey eyes. "Honorable as he seemed, his mind is plagued with dark thoughts since you told him how to find his sister."

Kim raised an eyebrow not sure what was going on right now. "Do I know you sir?" she asked confused.

The janitor smirked and nodded. "Yes, though I appear rather homely now, I was rather attractive sporting your image. Not to be rude, but you have a marvelous ass."

Kim, in a fit of anger and rage, grabbed the custodian by the collar and slammed him hard on his back to the orange lockers. "What the hell do you want you little shape stealing freak before I smear your disgusting mug across this hall!"

The janitor's face turned into a white, painted fox mask and held his hands up in defense. (Please!) it pleaded in her mind with a child's voice. (I wanted your attention but I couldn't have found a more subtle way of doing so while you're wearing the necklace Adrian gave you. Being upfront and vulgar was the only thing I could think of.)

Kim growled and balled up a fist. "Guess what, you got my attention. Now you better make good use of it before I release my some of this anger on your ever changing face!"

The creature changed back into the janitor and took a deep breath. "I might not know a lot about you from just our first encounter Miss Possible, but I know you stand for what you believe is just and good. Now is hate and possibly murder things you can consider just and good even if it is toward one of your most hated foe?"

Kim dropped her fist and loosened her grip. "What are you talking about?" She looked down at his jumpsuit and spied upon something she thought seemed out of place. "Your nametag says Foxx?"

"Oh, yes, Luminous Kitsune was a general of an organization that's now completely disbanded. I'm going to start a new with the name Kit Foxx but that's not important right now. I think Adrian is looking for his sister because he wants to kill her."

Kim let Kit go completely and took a step back with a face of disbelief. "Wait, you're kidding right? Adrian might be quick tempered from what I saw in that warehouse but a cold blooded killer is one thing he's not. I might not have known him as long as you or even Ron, but I can tell he's one of the good ones, even if he is rough around the edges."

Foxx looked down in grief. "I've known him almost a year before he left but not once did he ever take off the necklace so I could read his thoughts. I eventually thought he was the man I saw him behave as but the moment he got on his bike to leave this town, I saw. images. I saw rain. blood. unrelenting fear and anger for that long-haired girl with the blood- stained hands. I'm for certain that girl was his sister, Shego, in her more youthful years and she did something so horrible that even now he hates her and wishes ill on her."

Kim seemed trouble by this but tried to shrug it off. "You don't have any real proof, probably just pieces of a nightmare he had. Besides, what do you want me to do about this? Shego is my arch-nemesis; even if I wanted to help her, and I'm not saying I do, she'd never trust me."

"Talk to him, see what his motives are and if he really is on some strange quest for blood, try to subdue him by any way possible. I believe that, even with our history, Adrian and I are not evil people because there are certain lines we never cross. If he crosses this one by killing his sister, it'll be as if I crossed it with him and you as well if you don't do everything in your power to stop it."

Kim closed her eyes in thought but just turned her back on the janitor. "I'm sorry, but all you're doing is trying to delude yourself by saying just because you didn't do a few things, you're not as bad as any other criminal. I'm sorry, but you are and I'm not going to help a criminal like you by keeping Adrian from what he really wants after I made a deal with him. Now if you don't mind, I have class."

Kim walked off slowly followed by Ron who gave Kit one final over shoulder look before ducking into the same classroom as Kim had gone to. The janitor known as Foxx groaned in frustration and returned to his mop and wheeled bucket. "What a bitch."

Ron took a seat behind Kim and tapped her shoulder. "Don't you think you were acting a little harsh back then, KP?" he asked. "Maybe Foxx was telling the truth about Adrian, we can't just ignore that."

Kim sighed and leaned her head back slightly. "Ron, there's 2 things that keep me from believing him. 1 is that Adrian doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would commit cold blooded murder and 2; I don't trust that annoying shape stealer."

"Come on Kim, it's the first week of school, they won't assign any real work yet. So what's the harm of taking a little trip to Arizona and catch up with Adrian? Even if he isn't planning anything sadistic or psychotic, it would be nice just to catch up with an old friend, wouldn't it?" Ron asked, nudging his elbow lightly on Kim's shoulder.

Kim smiled and turned in her chair so her face was looking straight at Ron's. "Ok, I'll setup a ride so you can go to Arizona and you can take this," she said, giving Ron a light blue watch with a digital panel.

Ron looked at it confused. "A sport's watch?"

"A Kimmunicator watch; it's like the Kimmunicator I have except with less features. You can use it to contact Wade or my Kimmunicator anywhere on the globe and even before you ask, yes it does have satellite T.V. capabilities."

Ron closed his mouth, his question already being answered, and smiled gratefully putting the watch on. "Booya Kim."

Unbeknownst to our two heroes, Dr. Drakken, in his lair nestled deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, was concocting a new plot for world domination at that same moment. He gave out his signature villainous laugh as he carefully worked on something on the table in the kitchenette area. Shego tried her best to ignore her employer while reading through her antique magazine with her feet casually propped up on the end table. On her off-time, Shego enjoyed stealing valuable antiques to add to her collection in a secure location only she knows of keeps under lock and key. Just as she began to show interest on an Egyptian royal necklace, Dr. Drakken's shrilled voice beckoned for her from the other room. Shego groaned in annoyance and slammed the magazine on the end table she was using as a foot rest. "He probably saw a roach crawling over his sandwich or something," she said aloud to herself. She stood up and walked toward the kitchenette. "For a guy who calls himself doctor, he can be a real retard sometimes." She walked through the door less opening to see Drakken standing next to the table; a tarp had been laid over something which Drakken must've placed on the table. "Alright, here I am now what do you want I'm still on my break."

Dr. Drakken grinned an evil grin, grasping the tarp with both hands. "Behold Shego," he declared, "my latest brilliant idea to take over the world!" He then pulled back the tarp and smiled proudly. "What do you think?"

Shego looked at the table, then at Drakken, back at the table, and back at Drakken with a confused face. "You're kidding right?" she asked. "Its toy buildings on top what looks like orange Jell-O."

Drakken growled and picked up a remote control device. "Jell-O is too expensive, this is the cheap kind they have down in the small town supermarket but that's not what's important. This is a scale replica of a major metropolis and THIS is my Drakken-Digger!" he proclaimed, pressing a button on the device in his hand. Shego then heard the sound of a drill being used within the gelatin mold and sure enough when she looked down at it, there was a tiny tank looking machine drilling its way under the model city through the orange dessert. "This is how the Drakken-Digger works," he said, explaining each step as the miniature model demonstrates. "It will burrow under ground with its massive, powerful drill until it reaches its desired location. Then, it will release 4 giant pistons from its sides and begin to pound away at the earth making a giant earthquake I control!"

Shego wasn't impressed when the model buildings began to fall and she wasn't very happy when piece of gelatin splattered on her face from all the shaking. Drakken quickly turned it off while she cleaned the orange junk from her face. "Once again, you show a lot of mad but very little genius."

Drakken shot a glare but didn't let the raven haired woman's signature zinger get him down. "Once it's complete, I will use it to force the world leaders to recognize me as their new master unless they want their capitals torn down to rubble!" After squeezing out his intentions, Drakken then gave out a large, evil laugh with his arms outstretched.

Shego raised an eyebrow and plucked the model from inside the orange block. "You're going to make an earthquake machine and you think that's how you'll finally take over the world." Drakken nodded in the affirmative with a big, hopeful smile. Shego just looked at him blankly with an emotionless face and let the toy Drakken-Digger fall from her hand back into the gelatin. "You had a better chance with that army of the elderly back in Florida."

Drakken grimaced and produced a piece of paper from his blue coat. "Well fortunately I pay you to steal, not approve of my ideas. These are a few things I need to complete my Drakken-Digger; I want them as soon as possible."

Shego sighed in slight annoyance and took the list from him. After going over numerous items, she pocketed it and began to walk away. "This won't take long; I'll be back before sundown." She went into her private room to prepare. There wasn't much in it since they move constantly from hideout to hideout; just a simple bed, a closet with 3 backup jumpsuits and a few street clothes, a cheap dresser with the fake wood finishing slowly chipping off she just leaves there to have something to store her belongings, a plain mirror hanging over said dresser, a chair next to the bed, and her set of keys to the stealth jet Drakken keeps around for escapes hanging on a hook near the door.

Shego reached for the keys but stopped seeing the back of her green gloved hand. She sat down on the edge of her bed and slowly peeled the clawed article of clothing off. The skin of her hand was smooth and the same olive pale color as the rest of the body. A feeling of depression and disappointment ran through her as she manifested the green glow around her hand without the assistance of her specially made clawed glove. The energy around her hand was weak, translucent, and much smaller than it was when she had her glove on. She lifted up her other hand, the one still draped under the black glove and forced it glow. There was no comparison; the gloved hand glowed with a vicious, venomous green so strong, she could no longer see her hand while the other was much smaller, near the point of fading away. "It used to be so strong when I was little girl," she lamented to herself. She sighed heavily at this and slipped the green glove back over her hand. She looked herself in the mirror, what she saw made her smile despite her recent depressing thought. "From pride of the family to a wanted criminal," she said before standing up and taking the keys to the jet.

"I guess that's the price I pay for my freedom."

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