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Family Injustice
Chapter 5
Family Reunion

Adrian, sore from riding on his speed bike for hours on end, pulled over on the desert sands which lied next to the poorly paved road and sat on the shifting ground, cooled by the night air, staring toward the mountains ahead. He could feel it growing louder now, a howling in the wind which began as a whisper weeks ago. He knew what it meant; it was the howl of a spirit, a spirit which reminded him of home, the Dragon's spirit still embodied inside the fleshy shell of his sister. Perhaps he could hear this howling because of his false spirit, the red glow of his soul which seems to be in some way tied to the true spirit, the green glow of a dragon's power. "She's in those mountains," he said to himself. "Soon, my life's work will be complete and the family honor will be restored."

Soon, he nodded off, sitting on the cool desert sand with his bike laid down next to him. But his slumber would not last long as the ear shattering roar of a jet engine blasted over him from only a few hundred feet up as it landed near by. Shego turned off all systems on the stealth jet and tightly pulled her gloves back so they would be secured around her hands. "I can feel it," she sighed. "He's here, I don't know how I can feel him, but I guess there's nothing I can do about it." She walked over to the exit door as it opened and extended a small stairway to the desert floor. "I wish I didn't have to kill him, but I did it before, maybe it'll be easier the second time."

Adrian slowly stood to his feet, shaking off the feeling of confusion and disorientation. "The hell, did I stumble into Area 51 or something? "

Before he could fully recover, a woman's voice answered his hypothetical question. "Trust me, I've been to Area 51 and this is no Area 51."

"Who-," before he could ask, Shego engulfed her hands in her signature green aura. "Well, I guess dreams do come true," he hissed, lighting his hands in a fiery glow.

Shego smirked smugly. "It could happen to you," she mocked. "I like your outfit but I prefer my green and black color scheme."

Adrian looked down at his jumpsuit then looked to his sister with a growl seeing the jumpsuit he had bought on impulse was a red and black version of his sister's infamous uniform. "Must be some link our two spirits share. No matter, I'll just burn this thing when I'm done with you, my dear precious sister."

Shego rolled her eyes with a sigh. "Let me guess, you're here because you can't stop living in the past, right? You came all this way to avenge the dead memory of a man who treated you like dirt, tried to control our lives to best benefit his own goals, and didn't care who he hurt as long as he got his piece of fame. Yeah, I figured that the one thing you would do with the freedom I gave you is give it up to a corpse of an asshole."

Adrian roared in anger and stamped his foot forward. "How dare you! Have you no remorse for your actions you demon? You killed our father and pour filth on his good name. And also, what is it with you and this lie that you freed me?"

"Because I did free us, but if you're too blind to see that, I guess I have no choice then to defend myself." Adrian responded by taking a stance she had taught him when they were young, meaning he still relied on the art of Kempo. "Look's like some things never change. Speaking of which, I heard your name is Adrian now, lil' Drago."

He glared at her. "I decided, after I'm done here, I'll live the rest of my life here in the states as Adrian Drago."

"Why not go back home? Why go through the trouble of avenging daddy dearest if your not going to go home and restart the family line?" she asked, taking her fighting stance.

"Because I can't and you know it. What's the point of me reconstructing the Adian line if my blood is tainted with the wrong spirit?"

"What are you babbling about?"

"My red spirit is a false spirit, it means nothing, you're the chosen one, and you should accept your fate with pride!"

"That's it, I had enough of this shit about spirits!" she screamed, rushing toward her brother. "I'll beat the shit out of you because I'm stronger and no other reason!"

Adrian growled and rushed toward her. "Fine then, I'll rip you apart bitch!"

Shego knew better than to run head long into battle; so far Adrian has proven to be as hotheaded as ever so there's no need for complex strategies. Sure enough, he tried to finish the fight early with a full forced swing to her head, easily ducked by his sister. "Wide open!" she screamed before driving her glowing fist into his rib cage. Adrian's breath left him in a heavy groan, his body lifted several inches off the ground. Shego then quickly grabbed him by the waist, her free hand under the collar of his jumpsuit and hurled him away. "You can give up any time you know," she stated mockingly. Adrian clenched his side and slowly stood to his feet, breathing hard. Shego smirked and waved Adrian to come forward. "Come on, try that again." Adrian roared in rage and raced forward like rampaging bull, his fist reeled back. As he made yet another overpowered swing, Shego simply sidestepped and flipped him onto his back. "Goodnight," she said before driving her palm straight to his face.

Adrian gave a pained screamed, feeling the blood gushing out of his now broken nose. He quickly stood to his feet, holding his nose shut in his hand to keep the blood for flowing out over his face. "Damn you, you bitch, I'm going to kill you," he spat.

Shego laughed aloud. "Hey, how about I spare your life but you cook me my favorite meal after I beat you, like the old days."

Adrian roared in raged and rushed forward. Shego stood her ground, anticipating another punch but was taken off guard when he instead wrapped his arms around her torso and began squeezing her with all his might. She let out a groan of pain as she finally began to feel the true strength of her little half-brother for the first time. "I'll bury your broken body in the bottom of a boiling tar pit when I'm done with you, you treacherous whore!"

Shego growled and raised her hands high. "Whore this," she said before she painfully chopped her hands together on the sides of her brother's head. He was stunned for a moment but his grip on her was still solid. She then pounded his head in this manner again and again until the pain was too much and Adrian lost his hold on her and fell painfully onto one knee. Shego tried to plant her feet firmly on the sand but she also feel on one knee, a tremendous amount of pain shooting all throughout her torso. "Shit . . . my brother the bruiser." When Adrian was trying to rise to his feet, Shego knew she couldn't allow him to and ignored all her pain to give her brother a hard spinning jump kick to the face. While Adrian fell on his back with a heavy groan of pain, Shego quickly found herself down on both knees, clutching her sides in tremendous pain. "Asshole, I'm dominating this whole fight and you nearly take me out with one move." When Shego slowly stood to her feet, her mouth hung open in surprised as Adrian sprang to his feet in one motion. "That's bullshit!"

Adrian crossed his arm in front of him like an X and took a deep breath as he lowered them to his sides. "This is not over; I trained to hard too let father down now. I can't die until you die."

Shego growled and reeled her hands back. "Father let us down. You can end it all right now, Adrian, just walk away and live your life the way you want it."

Adrian went into his fighting pose with hands blazing red. "I'll never forgive what you did, I'll never fall for your lies, your end is now!" he declared.

"Don't flaunt yourself until you actually win," she spat. She then started hurling a hail storm of green energy blasts to her little brother. Adrian tried jumping side to side to avoid them but eventually was hit by a number of her projectiles, making him fall on his back. "See, I have a reason to flaunt my stuff because I knock you down and keep you down."
Adrian stood back up on his feet and let out an angered scream. "Shut your mouth, I'm going to win this fight!" He then unleashed his own flurry of energy at her, the waves of his red aura cutting through the air with an intense heat. Unlike him, Shego was smart enough to use her acrobatic skills to jump and flip her way to safety as his energy blasts fizzled out when they hit the sand. "Stand still damn you!"

"How about I don't and we say that I did." Adrian continued to shot his red energy to his sister but with patience and skilled acrobatics, Shego got close enough and lashed out with a flurry of kicks and punches. With one final kick to the ribs, Adrian fell to one knee, writhing in pain. Shego herself felt great pain; Adrian's bear hug must've crushed some organs or tenderized some muscle, that was the only explanation. "You're wasting your time little brother. One; you can't defeat me, I'm too good. And two; with your skills, you can easily make a good life in crime like I did."

Adrian growled. "I'm not like you; I'll never be like you. You killed father, I'll kill you, that's all that matters!"

Before the two could collide in another clash of violence, a bright light enveloped the two and they both just stood there in a stupefied state for a moment. Just as soon as the light shone on them, it disappeared and Shego reeled back holding her head. "What happened and why do I suddenly know you spent your adolescent years studying under a crazy Kempo master in China?"

"That would be my doing," admitted an unseen voice. The two siblings turned to where the voice was originating from to see an androgynous looking youth with long silvery hair, yellow eyes, and a simple white garment. "I hope you don't mind the cheap clothes, but I just decided to use this as my personal image now that my mask wearing days are over," it said with a strange, soothing voice.

Adrian tilted his head to the side slightly then knew exactly who it was. "Kitsune, is that you?" he asked.

The youth smiled and laughed lightly. "Yes, but its Kit now, Kit Foxx. I've been looking for you all over and I almost thought I would die when I nearly passed out from hanging out to the tail of that jet." Adrian tried to ask his friend a question but was stopped by a jabbing pain in his head. "Sorry about that, I forgot for some time that I had that power so it might be a little painful but I'm sure the results are what I expected."

Adrian looked at Kit, then his sister, then at Kit with a questioning look. "You . . . you gave me her memories. I can see what I didn't see and feel what she felt deep in her heart. But how could you, aren't you like human or something?"

"Yes, my guise was that of a genetic experiment from the axis powers but in reality, I was alive before the railroad was set on Japanese soil."

Shego crossed her arms and smirked. "So you're a freak of nature with mental powers. You really know how to pick them little brother," she said sarcastically. Instead of vows of revenge or grunts and screams of anger, Adrian, to Shego's surprise, fell to his knees before her with his head lowered. "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry so Shego," he said, almost in the brink of tears. "All these years, I looked up to father and scorned you but you were right all along. He saw me as a mistake and he made it sound like he killed your mother for having a daughter as a first born. I don't know how I can ever atone for my actions tonight."

Suddenly, breaking over the horizon, a fleet of cars and helicopters were racing toward them. Shego pulled out a tiny pair of spy binoculars to see Kim Possible in the lead helicopter whose nose sported the US Army logo. "How about we get the hell out of here and I'll think about," she said.

As Shego raced inside her stealth jet, Kit turned to Adrian who was picking his speedster up from the sand. "Come on, the jet's faster," the changeling said to Adrian.

"I love this bike," he replied, "and I won't leave it behind." As he mounted his black and red machine, the loading ramp of the jet fell open. "Now that's a caring sister," he said with a smile. He then road up the ramp with Kit riding behind in shotgun and the jet took off like a shooting star into the night.

The army pilot groaned in disappointment and turned to Kim Possible. "I'm sorry Miss Possible," he began, "but the jet just dropped from my radar."

Kim growled and threw her binoculars on metal floor. "Shego got away, I can't believe it!" she said in a fit.

The pilot tried to calm Kim down. "Don't worry Miss Possible; we recovered all the stolen materials so it's alright thanks to you."

"So not! I want Shego behind bars where she belongs and this time I'll make sure they throw away the key." Kim looked out into the night horizon where Shego flew toward.

You're going to pay for that pet comment Shego; no one makes a fool out of Kim Possible.

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