Please Stay Away:
I sit here alone in the darkness
memories haunting me
the coldness covers my crying heart
I'm lost in its expanse.

I wish you were here
to comfort me with your loving warmth
but your beauty lingers elsewhere
just out of my fingers reach

The thought of your beauty fills me
it torments my heart with what I cannot have
it reminds me of my horrible past
it haunts me in my sleep

Your soft pale skin I will never touch
your sweet lips I will never taste
this anguish seems unreal to me
as though its too much to bear

When I look into your sapphire eyes
blazing with life and light
the warmth of your soul fills me
it makes me whole

So I beg you
please stay away from me
even though I would die without you
please stay away

Stay away from me
so that you can always have
that life and that light in your eyes
shining brightly through the gloom

Stay away from me
so that your innocence
will not be stained
with my bloody hands