Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since I have logged on and updated my stories. And okay I have to admit, all the reviews and people who have added me as their favorite have guilt tripped me into finishing what I started all those years ago : P
So congrats! Haha, I have come out of my hole in the ground and I will revise Blood War, give it a new name probably, make it WAY better, and hopefully delete the more embarrassing stories off of this account - -;;;

Let me say I do feel incredibly honored to have such a fan base, it's exciting to see so many people taking a liking to stories I wrote almost four YEARS ago when I had little sense of grammar or anything OO to be truthful, re-reading my old work makes me cringe a little. So I hope you all enjoy the revisions I am going to make and thank you for being patient with me for so many years.

-Sir Dizzy "Eggroll" Death

So expect some updates very soon!!