Title: A Child's Faith

By Sharron Ibbitson

None of the characters belong to me they are the property of Carlton and Gerry Anderson bla de bla de bla

A Child's Faith

"Calling International Rescue, come in International Rescue" John Tracy snapped to attention at the sound of the distress call.

"This is International rescue" he replied, in his usual calm manner. "How can we assist you?"

"So it seems that a young girl and her father are stuck in the mine, they can see no sign of daylight, and the fire department are having no luck getting to them. There is concern that the remainder of the mine could still give way" John told his father.

"Right, there's not a minute to lose" Jeff told his oldest son "Scott set off straight away"

"Yes sir" Scott replied, disappearing immediately to his craft.

"Virgil you go too, and take Gordon with you"

"F A B father" the older of the two boys replied.

Scott as usual was the first to get to the scene, his craft travelled at ten thousand miles per hour, so he could traverse most distances in no time at all. Yes Scott Tracy was always happiest when flying his precious thunderbird one. He loved his jet. He sighed to himself as he made his approach to land. Before he vacated his position he radioed his father and let him know he had arrived safe and sound.

"Thunderbird one to base, I am at the danger zone, and it looks like the mine is going to completely collapse at any minute, I am going to rig up and go in immediately." Scott told his father, and he heard his father's concerned response.

"Okay Scot, but remember no unnecessary risks" he told his eldest son.

"FAB Father" he replied. "Scott to Thunderbird two" he then said into the mike.

"Receiving you strength five Scott" Virgil's calm voice replied over the radio.

"Virgil, I am going to enter the mine, I am taking the caving equipment with me. I will radio you when I locate the victims to give you a precise position. How far away are you?" he asked, praying that Virgil was almost there, he had a bad feeling about this rescue, and the sooner his brothers got there the better.

"ETA 15.5 minutes Scott" Virgil replied, and Scott mentally cursed, he had been hoping that they were closer to him than that.

"Okay Verge, I am going in now" he replied out loud. He had put on his hard helmet with headlamp, and rigged a rope onto thunderbird one and placed the other end around his waist. It was just an extra precaution in case his brother didn't get there in time, and Scott needed to find his way out in a hurry. Besides he knew that the thunderbird craft could take his full weight and remain in place if he needed an anchor.

"Scott you be careful and stay in touch" Gordon's voice came over the radio.

"FAB" he replied, well here goes he thought to himself. He took a deep breath and then made his way into the depth of the mine.

"I have a bad feeling about this" Gordon told his older brother.

"Yeah me too" Virgil replied.

"I wish Scott hadn't gone in like that, do you think he's okay? He's been in there for over ten minutes and not a word" No sooner had the words left Gordon's mouth than the radio crackled into life.

"Scott to thunderbird two"

"Go ahead Scott" Virgil responded the relief evident in his voice.

"I have found the little girl, there is no sign of the father, but she is in a pretty bad way. Also the terrain in here is next to impossible. I am gonna have to stay put until you guys arrive, I don't want to harm her by trying to move her and aggravating her injuries. Besides some of the roof came down on the way in, we may need the mole here" Scott informed two of his younger brothers

"Scott are you okay?" Virgil asked in obvious concern

"I will be when you get here" Scott replied, and Gordon detected a hint of pain in his voice.

"We will be with you in three minute Scott, just sit tight till then" Virgil told him, and Scott signed off without responding.

Scott winced; he had definitely busted something when the roof had fallen. He catalogued his injuries in his mind. He was a mess, his brothers had better hurry up because there was no chance he'd be able to dig his own way out let alone carry the young girl with him. He sighed and then coughed as the movement caused agony to shoot through his battered body. He looked down and noticed blood already staining his uniform, clearly visible even beneath all the dirt. As he glanced up his gaze was met by startling hazel eyes.

"Hey there" he greeted the young girl in his arms. "My Name's Scott, I am from International rescue, me and my buddies have come to get you out" he told her, and she nodded slightly.

"Where's my Daddy?" she asked him.

"I don't know sweetie was he right next to you when the mine collapsed?" he asked her gently

"No sir, he put me under the doorway here, he said it would stop me from getting hurt, he went to get help" she told him. Scott nodded.

"What's your name?" he asked her.


"Well Shannon don't you worry, we are going to get you out of here. Can you tell me how old you are?"

"I am six years old" she told him proudly.

"Wow. You are very brave for such a little girl" he told her grinning slightly. "Now Shannon, I need you to tell me where it hurts?"

"My tummy hurts, and my head, and I feel sick" she told him, and Scott was alarmed by how pale she was.

"Now sweetie I know this is hard, but I need you to stay awake for me. Do you think you can do that?" he asked her. She nodded slightly and moved further into Scott's embrace, he tried not to wince as her arms tightened around his bruised abdomen.

"Father we are coming into land now" Virgil radioed into base. "Father the whole mine has practically collapsed, it's going to take some time to get to Scott"

"Okay Virgil, keep in touch"

"FAB Father, I am going to radio Scott now" Virgil told him father, his concern for his older brother now elevated to a whole new level. Virgil raised his left wrist to his face and spoke into his watch.

"Virgil to Scott, come in Scott" he spoke calmly although he was anything but.

"Yeah I'm here Virg" his brother replied.

"Scott we are here, but it looks like it is going to take a while to get you out of there" he told him.

"How long?" Scott asked resignedly.

"We estimate 1.5 hours, using the mole" Virgil replied. Scott sighed deeply, and Virgil was concerned to hear the rasp to his brother's breathing. "I am sorry Scott we will be as quick as we can. I need to know, are you hurt?" he asked, already knowing the answer, but needing the clarification.

"Just battered, I'll be fine, but I have the young girl with me, and she is not so good" Scott replied.

"What is her condition?"

"I think she has internal bleeding and possibly a head injury. The medikit is buried somewhere, and my helmet is lost with it, so I don't have the light to search with" Scott replied, Virgil nodded to himself, that answered the question of why he wasn't being reassured with his brother's image on the communicator, obviously there was not even enough light down in the mine to allow even that.

"Okay Scott well we are on our way now, keep in touch"

"Sure Virg" Scott replied and then signed off. Virgil sighed, he was very worried about his brother, he hadn't liked the sound of his breathing, if they didn't get to them soon, well God alone knew what they would find.

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