Hi, this is my first fic I've written, although I'm working on some others at the moment. This was written mainly in the summer holiday, and was on hold for a long while whilst I was at school the last term. I decided to give the story another go, seeing as if I'm going to post it here for you, your gonna want more sometime. I warn you that I may take a long time to update once I've gone past the stuff I've already written, as I'm on my GCSE year, and have to study. Okay?

Oh, also, I don't own Harry, Sirius, James or anyone else. They all came from J.K.Rowlings head, not my own, I don't own anything, as sad as I am to announce.


"Are you sure this'll work?"

"Trust me," Sirius said "I've looked it up just to make sure -not that I needed to anyway- but I recognised the rings when I saw them in my parents house, before I ran away. They just sort of seemed perfect to our cause!"


"Mischief, Wormtail, mischief. Where have you been these last few years"

"Oh, sorry" Peter shifted his eyes and feet a little, embarrassed at his incompetence.

"Anyway, so, we-"

"Wait a minute, Sirius, James, for those of us that haven't yet achieved the no. 1 and 2 best student -academically anyway- what are you going on about? I recognise the rings from somewhere my many light reading books-" Lupin sees Sirius and James suppress laughs, and lets out a little smile; Peter still looks confused, and smiles just to fit in, unsure of the joke yet "but I cant remember what exactly they do."

"Time charm" said James with a smile, knowing how Lupin would continue.

"Ohhh, oh, yes. Yes, the charm often used as the Time Turner. The coloured rings are a rarer form of the charm, but more accurate and easier for long time travel."

"What did I tell you, Sirius, text book with arms!"

"Yep," said Sirius, picking up a book with a large bookmark for Lupin to see.

'TIME CHARM The Time Charm is an extremely complex charm involving the instillation of time travelling properties in an inanimate object. The Time-Turner, widely used in the early 1100s, is an hourglass in which the Time Charm is present. By turning the Time-Turner clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on travelling forward or backward, one is able to explore time and space.

Colour-coded rings are also, though infrequently, instilled with Time Charms. Normally one ring is used to travel to a designated point in time, while another is used to return. Users of colour-coded rings are notorious for leaving the 'return ring' behind, thus finding themselves stuck in a time not their own forever, or until a new set of rings is wielded from quicksilver.'

"Oh, no, I forgot the time, James, I said I'd remind you that you have a quidditch game against Slytherin to win us!"

"Oh, don't worry, Wormtail, I will, I always do!"

"Good luck, Prongs, I'll catch you up in a minute, let me just write a note to go with these, and put them under the lose floorboard in the dormitory"

"Ok, then, Padfoot, I'll see you in the stands with Moony and Wormtail."

"Yeah, bye then, see ya"

Sirius watched them go, then got a quill and piece of parchment, wrote a quick note on the parchment, and took it and the rings up to his dormitory