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Professor Umbridge sat in her office, surveying the pieces of parchment in her hand. They were the products of another night's detention with the Potter boy, and it still wasn't working on him. She chucked the bloody parchments into the roaring fire and thought to herself.

It had been two days since the boy had last spoken up in her class, frustrated at her quite reasonable little talk with his know-it-all friend. Nothing seemed to work with him; he was as disruptive as he ever was, spreading his poisonous rumours and lies around the school. He had to be stopped, to be punished, but Umbridges punishments didn't seem to be having much effect on him. Each night she chucked the hours worth of bloody parchment into her fire, so they couldn't be used for dark purposes, and each night she knew she would be doing the exact same thing in 20 hours time.

She exited her office, still deep in thought, and locked the door. She had walked but 5 paces when she stopped, turned around and walked back to her office, unlocked it, and entered, her beady eyes darting around for anything suspicious.

James and Sirius stood under James' cloak, as silent as possible. The Toad-Woman sitting at her desk threw the parchment she was holding into the fire, and walked to the door, locking it behind her. Some abnormally black flames were dancing around the bloody handwriting of James' son, giving the letters an eerie glow, making them stand out. James was so absorbed in them that he stood there, unblinking, for 5 seconds straight. That was until Sirius gave him a painful nudge with his elbow. A soft "ouch" was emitted from James' mouth.

They started to walk round the room slowly under the cloak, knowing that if any ghost were to pass into the room they would be sold out, having had the unpleasant experience a couple of years ago with the Bloody Barren. Or, well, about 22 years ago.

They had just figured out where to put the teachers little present, when there was a scratching from the door.

The boys froze, like a stag (and a dog) caught in the headlights of a car.

The teacher had returned to the classroom, her eyes darting round the room. Sirius gave out a tiny whimper. Her eyes zeroed in on the space they were occupying. One ugly hand moved out, trying to feel through thin air, moving towards them.

James and Sirius were panicked. More panicked than they would normally be in that type of situation normally. In fact, normally, they wouldn't have been panicked. Normally around school, everyone knew they were pranksters, and knew if there was a prank, it was them, so being caught didn't really matter. But this was different. They were in a different time. No one knew they were there, no one had been at the centre of a Padfoot and Prongs Prank TM for twenty years. And besides, they had seen the Toad in action, and knew how stern she was, and now non-nonsense she was. It wasn't like anything they'd ever faced before.

Which is why Sirius accidentally fired the explosion, which was to be at the centre of the grand prank.

It was a creation of their own, they knew by heart how to make it, so at the opportunity of a prank, Sirius had whipped one up. A Safe Explosion, as it was known to the Marauders. It would create an explosion that wouldn't hurt any human or animals, or really destroy any important parchments, but would pretty much wreck a classroom. There were now scorch marks on the walls, and several parchments still on fire, but they wouldn't burn, it was all part of the illusion.

James sprang from the cloak, and darted to the door, yanking it open. He ran down the hall, Umbridge in hot pursuit, leaving Sirius alone in the devastated classroom under the cloak. He smiled to himself, and muttered the counter curse to the explosion, the room returning to normal. He could have left the room the way it was, and have it return to normal when the illusion wore off, but he thought that returning it now would be better. It would create the added bonus of having Umbrigde running round the school, telling everyone she knew that her office had been blown up, only to have everyone find that she was obviously crazy.

He left the room happy, in knowledge that even though the prank didn't go as planned, that it was a success. James would get out of trouble, he'd find a hiding place long before he'd get caught. After all, who knew the castle better then Padfoot or Prongs?

It was the next Defence lesson, and Harry had been hauled up to the teachers desk. He had just been given yet another weeks worth of detentions for blowing up a teachers office, as it was written on the detention slip.

Harry couldn't believe it. Now the old bag was creating excuses just to put him in detention. It wasn't fair, but like he said before to Hermione and Ron, he couldn't complain, so he just accepted the punishment and moved on, forgetting anything abnormal about the situation of it.


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