On rainy nights they go walking outside. The grounds are wet, and they slip and slide and grasp each other's hands so that they don't fall and get muddy. Of course, it never works. One of them always hits a rock or a branch that trips them up, and both of them tumble to the ground, creating a huge mess.

If it's a clear night, they'll sneak off together into the Astronomy Tower to sit in the window together. There is no glass barrier so that the telescopes can have plenty of room; it's convenient for them. Side by side on the sill, they dangle their legs over the edge, paying no heed to the dizzying height they'd have to fall if they did. Their hands are always tightly locked; if one of them falls, they both fall, but at least they are together. Then they use their free hands to point out stars and constellations.

They find those sort of things romantic.

Tonight it's too cloudy to see the stars, yet the weather remains free of rain. So they sit on the couch facing the fire and talk in hushed whispers about all the good things that will happen in the future. The wizarding colleges they want to attend, careers they aspire to pursue. . .they never talk about marriage. They're teenagers, and they don't want to rush things. They just want to know what teenage love feels like.

They think they know, but are too afraid to tell one another.

They don't talk about the approaching battle. It's just too painful. They both know it's coming, but they have a silent mutual agreement to pretend that the struggle in the Wizarding world doesn't exist. Feigned ignorance may not be the best part of their relationship, but they don't want to deal with harsh realities at the moment. They're two teens in love, and as far as they know, the world can do them no wrong.

He has his hand clasped around hers, and is massaging her hand with his thumb. They haven't said anything in quite a few minutes. When she chances a glance at him, she sees his mouth is drawn in a taut line. She leans over and kisses the corner of his lips, relaxing him slightly. He looks over and gives a wan smile. It makes her heart burst with joy; his smiles are so seldom lately.

The clock chimes one in the morning, and both of their heads turn toward it as an instinct. She yawns against her will, and he motions to the dormitories with his head. She nods in agreement. Their relationship doesn't need words to work.

He stands up and offers her a hand, which she gratefully accepts. Pulling her up and into a warm embrace, they listen to each other breathe for a moment. His fingers entwine in her bushy, untameable brown tresses. He feels so lucky to have her.

She pulls back and offers him a fleeting grin. For a moment, she opens her mouth as if to say something; the something that she's been meaning to say for so long. He stares at her, transfixed, and she suddenly becomes very shy and aware of his eyes. She quickly closes her mouth and instead goes up on her tip-toes and places a kiss on the famous scar on his forehead.

With that she turns and heads up to her dormitory. On the final step she pauses, only to find him still standing in the middle of the common room, staring at her. He's smiling; he's understood what she meant to say.

Their relationship doesn't need words.

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