Eyes That Defy

Summary: Ryou, Malik and Yugi are wandering street rats who are supposedly owned by Pegasus. What if the 3 happen to steal from the wrong persons namely Bakura, Marik and Yami who on the other hand are conceited aristocrats? Will they take on the challenge or will they end up being punished for their 'misbehavior'?

Pairings: Ryou/Bakura, Malik/Marik, Yugi/Yami, there also might be Malik/Ryou.

A/N: This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fic so please be kind! This fic is very much OC and doesn't really follow the anime or anything (AU). There might be a little Anzu (Tea) bashing in some chapters, don't get me wrong I have nothing against her, I just find her kinda annoying sometimes.  Please read and review afterwards, it would really help me! ^_^

Rating/Genre: It's PG-13 as for now but I might change it just in case. Romance/Humor/Angst


Chapter 1: The groupie

"Ryou!" Malik called out to the albino who was leaning against a wall along the alleyway. "Hey! Slack off!! Lets get to work!!" he continued irritably as he took grasp of Ryou's arm.

"Malik! Its only 7 in the evening, why are you in such a hurry?" the boy replied in his usual British accent.

"I just want this over with! My day is bad as it is!"

"Let me guess you got into another fight!"

"How'd you know?!" Malik grinned

"For starters you have bruises all over--troublemaker!" Ryou shrugged

"I didn't start it!!!" Malik growled defensively "Besides if you were in the same position as I was, you'd probably do the same!"

"If you say so………so um, where's Yugi?"

"For Ra's sake I thought he was with you!?" the blonde cursed as Ryou simply raised a brow at him.

"You lost him didn't you? Smartass!" Ryou rolled his eyes "Lets go we have to find him! Unlike you Yugi won't put on much of a fight if ever he gets bullied!"

"What do you mean by that!?!"

"I mean you're tactless while Yugi's rather kind in nature! You think as if your king of the world while Yugi's plainly reserved! You're a damn smartass when Yugi on the other hand is innocent and adolescent"

"What does that make you then, Oh-Mr-I'm-so-smart!?" Malik scowled "You're not as innocent as Yugi! And you're just as tactless as I am!"

"Maybe" Ryou grinned as the scurried downtown to find their younger friend.


Ryou was plainly 11 years old when both his parents agreed to sell him to an affluent man by the name of Pegasus. The boy was in rage when he had heard this, he never thought that his own parents would do anything of such to him; he least likely expected that they'd sell him to be a what—a slave? A street rat? Or perhaps a whore? They didn't care on what was to be of their son, it didn't even matter to them if he was dead right then and there.

Why did they do it you ask? It was simply for the cash, for the undying pleasure of wealth and prosperity! It was sickening! Of course, Pegasus kept his end of the bargain or maybe not as entirely since he had the couple killed 2 days afterwards. "They never deserved such beauty anyways," the man had said before taking Ryou in.

For 5 straight years, Ryou had served under Pegasus. He had practically become his whore, since the man would usually take the boy in his bed when he was plainly distraught, not the boy liked it—he apparently didn't have a choice so he simply lived with it. According to Pegasus even, Ryou was an immense source of pleasure, like all the other slaves or shall we say whores in Domino.

Ryou was taught of theft. He was sensibly an expert on it even in his first year in the alleyway. The albino was street smart, he even learned to use different blades at an early age. Pegasus of course was proud of him—but he made sure the boy was incompetent of any sort of rebellion against him. But it was well obvious that the boy hadn't planned any sort of thing, not when the alleys were his only home, his only asylum. At least not yet………

Malik on the other hand had only been 9 years of age when he was brought to the streets. But unlike Ryou, Malik DID have a family, and they seemed to love him as well. Now, his parents were Egyptians, they weren't that wealthy but they managed themselves pretty well. But all of that ended when a group of drunken men who were presumably also taking drugs raided their house, and started firing guns. Both his parents were brutally murdered especially his mom, what they did to her was predictable, simply because she was a woman. But Malik's misery didn't end there. The group of men stole all his family's assets, and when they were still not satisfied they took the opportunity to please themselves by raping the boy then leaving him distraught afterwards

Pegasus had found Malik wandering the streets a month after; he had said that the boy had the fortitude to become a thief, pretty much an assassin, as he would call it.  He personally taught the boy on handling a blade himself; he was pleased on how Malik truly wanted to learn. The boy was street smart and had a sharp tongue but was hot tempered. He usually started fights but always won them. Pegasus of course was very impressed with his puppet.

After a year or so, Malik searched for his parent's murderer along the streets of Domino. It wasn't hard since he knew his way around far better than anyone else. He killed the men brutally enjoying the sweet flow of their blood—he was actually considered psychotic but he didn't really mind at all. It was actually more of a complement than an insult for him.

He got along with Ryou and Yugi afterwards; he was basically the leader of the 2 not because he was the eldest but because the 2 pretty much looked up to him as an older brother.


"Yugi! Yugi!" Ryou called out "Malik do you think he went to Jou's place again?" he stuttered

Malik shrugged "I guess! He always hangs out there!" he replied as the 2 ran along the avenues and to a nearby house, which was also considered as a clinic for those who cannot afford hospitals. Malik kicked the door ajar to see an equally surprised Yugi and his grandfather in one side of the room and on the other corner was a very pissed Jou, who glared at both intruders.

"Nice entrance Malik" Ryou grinned behind him.

"What do you think you're doing bursting in like that!" the blonde shouted as he grabbed Malik by his shirt. "You little son of a—"

"Sorry about that Jou, Malik's just an ass at times!" Yugi explained as he tried to calm his friend down.

"Who are you calling an ass?" Malik questioned as he sat in a couch along with Ryou. Yugi flushed but decided to keep quiet.

"Hn, Who invited this two blokes in anyway??! There nothing but T-R-O-O-U-B-L-E" Jou exclaimed

"Don't worry we're only staying a while!" Ryou explained, "Malik was just worried about Yugi so he decided to come by"

"What do you mean me!!!" Malik scowled  "Besides I don't remember this being your house puppy!" he continued glancing over at Jou who was frustrated on being called such feeble pet names.

"Say that again!!?"

"Say what again, puppy?"

"Why you no good for nothing little--" the blonde grunted but Yugi held him down. 

"Jou! Please stop it; Malik is just a bit ill mannered! Please don't start a fight" the boy pleaded with him. Again Malik raised a question.

"Why are you defending him Yugi?"

"Huh? Well I-its because—" the boy stammered

Ryou smiled "Because Yugi is a peacemaker unlike you who's a troublemaker" he smiled as Malik glared at him.

"The makes 2 of us then!!"  He snorted as he relaxed himself in the cushions with Ryou snuggled close to him.


Yugi was the youngest of the 3, he had only spent 3 light years in the alleyway, not only that, but he spent it under the watchful eye of Malik and Ryou. He was 12 when Pegasus took him in. He had his grandfather as his only parent but then again he had always treated Jou and his sister, Shizuka as part of his family. Not to mention that Malik and Ryou had also been like his 2 older brothers since then.

So why did Yugi actually become a street rat? Well it happened when his grandfather became very ill, he was too old to work, and they didn't have money for his medications. He then asked Pegasus for help, since he had thought of him as his father's friend, or so he was told. Pegasus obliged and paid for Yugi's needs but not entirely since it was more of a dept to be paid back.

Of course, he never was able to pay back. Overjoyed, Pegasus entrusted Yugi to Malik and Ryou, he's 2 favorite 'puppets' or so to say. Yugi was to learn how to become a thief, so he can pay back what he owes. Which was nearly impossible since Yugi was only a kid, and not even Malik nor Ryou can carry on such big amount. But he was determined to help his grandfather back then that his 2 older companions were finally convinced to lend him a hand or two.

They became close friends but Yugi usually became the mediator of the 2. Without him Ryou and Malik would have killed each other long ago since both were equally stubborn and headstrong. Yugi wasn't at all street smart, he never really approved of violence nor theft, but it was his only choice for what you'd call survival. He then depended on either Ryou or Malik and both were more than willing to teach him.

"Grandpa! I'm going now okay?" Yugi informed as the old man nodded

"Be careful now Yugi!" the old man smiled, but Yugi couldn't help but to feel slightly guilty. He never told his grandfather where he gets money. The old man was completely clueless that the boy had to risk his life everyday, which he would certainly not approve off. But Yugi though of it as the best way possible, besides it wasn't at all for himself but for the welfare of his loved ones. So it wasn't half bad right?

"Jou! I promise I'll work something out for Shizuka" Yugi continued as he rushed out the door, Malik and Ryou close behind.

As soon as they were out of sight Malik glanced over to Yugi. "What about Shizuka?" he asked.

"Well Jou is planning to um, have her operated a-and I wanted to help!" Yugi murmured

"That's really nice of you Yugi but you know we can't! You still have that dept with Pegasus

and I doubt he'll EVER let you off the hook that easily" The albino explained feeling slightly sorry for his friend


Malik grinned "Don't worry maybe we can steal from some wealthy jerk. Half we give to Pegasus and half to Shizuka!"

"Really!" Yugi cheered

"Why not? Right Ryou?" Malik grinned as his albino friend simply nodded and offered a smile

"I'm pretty sure we can handle it! Besides you have 2 of the best thieves with you what can go wrong!" he continued as Yugi simply chuckled in reply.

What they didn't know was that someone had been spying on them…………particular someone who wants to get even with the 3…………


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Chapter 2: Punishment