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Chapter 6: Escape

"And he wants it bloody as hell………" Jou muttered in an unlikely curse and Ryou for a fact knew that the blonde had meant it literally.

Ryou stood up from the bunk and exited the room quietly, in which both Malik and Yugi tried to follow but was instantly stopped by Jou who by then was starting to get in to the Egyptians nerves "Get the fuck out of my way mutt!" Malik roared as the blonde plainly glared at him

"Leave him be! He needs time ALONE!"

"So you're saying I'll leave him be with PEGASUS!!!!" Malik retaliated angrily as he struggled to get past the taller man. Yugi on the other hand, having agreed with Jou returned to the room, hoping that Ryou would be safe the least.

"I'm not saying that you son a bitch!! Do you think Ryou would appreciate you bitching him now?" the blonde argued "Just give him a few minutes, he needs it…………" he continued his voice faltering as Malik growled one last time before heading back to the room where Yugi had retreated.

"Fuck you Ryou, you better come back here untouched!!!" the Egyptian cursed to no one in particular as he glance outside the small window in their room. He could only hope.

"So we're back here in the alleys of Domino!" Bakura scowled as he glanced at the filthy area where robbers, drug addicts and whores usually took their spot. "So Yami, have you have any clue where we can find our three "friends" Domino IS a big place" he continued, his tone was dripping of sarcasm as the tri color haired teen plainly shrugged

"We ask around" he replied bluntly as Seto plainly rolled his eyes, not seeming to like the place one bit.

"Tell me again why I had to go with your little escapade, Yami" Seto retorted as he glanced at the many eyes staring at them hungrily

"One thing's for certain is that we have to find those 3" Marik grinned " Now that I think of it, I DO need a slave…………and that tanned boy was really pretty" he continued as the 3 rolled their eyes irritably.

"Marik, can't you think of other thing besides sex? Bakura growled

"Oh yahhh right as if someone here doesn't feel having a certain albino cuddled in his chest ne Kura-chan!!!" Marik teased as he started poking his friend.

"Get away from me, you buffoon!" Bakura glared before swatting Marik's hand away, hoping that his momentary blush was left unnoticed.

"Fine!!" Marik hmphed "If you don't want him then I'll have him as well, I think he's quiet cunning and I bet he's really good in bed too" he continued before being tackled by the former said.

"I swear I'm surrounded by idiots!" Seto and Yami sighed in unison when a group of men suddenly approached them.

"Four aristocrats in a murky 'ol alleyway?" a black haired man grinned as he tossed a dice in the air and catching it only to repeat the same method over again "If I may be so kind to ask what my good men are doing in such a place? Waiting to be robbed I presume?" the former continued as his men laughed behind him

"We were looking for someone…………" Yami replied blatantly, not liking the man's tone. "And who may I ask are you?"

"Otogi, dice master or shall I say gambler extraordinaire!" the man replied smugly, as he continued to toy with the dice he had in his palm. Bakura scowled. Marik just raised a brow and Kaiba plainly snorted. "What do you say we have a round, if you win I help you find this certain person you are looking for, but if I win………" Otogi began

"We are not interested" Yami cut him off only to realize that both Marik and Bakura had already accepted the challenge. Kaiba smirked at Yami's futile attempts as he too decided to join the fun "…………Wonderful, now even Seto's turning out to be one of them!!!" the tri color haired teen growled yet again as he joined the table, having found no other choice.

Otogi smirked, after 2 hours of playing. He was lucky that his clients were too naïve and were but amateurs in the world gambling "that's 5 against 0, care for a rematch?" he broke in as Bakura brought out another 50 dollars for the bet. Yami sighed, he couldn't believe he was wasting his time watching and losing at the same time.

"Otogi…………" a meek voice suddenly called as Bakura raised his head, having found the voice awfully familiar. Yami and Marik did the same as Bakura's look-alike came into view. But this time he was alone. "…………yo-you guys are…………" Ryou stuttered when Marik suddenly pounced on him causing the boy to yelp in surprise "Ge-get of of me!!!!"

Bakura growled as he too stood up and bonked Marik on the head before pulling the younger boy back on his feet "Sorry about that!" Yami interrupted as Ryou glanced at all four strangers skeptically then to Otogi who had his cards laid out on the table. "Um………what are you guys doing here?" Ryou asked meekly. He hadn't meant on having to meet these people again he had only wished to speak with Otogi and most likely have a few games to clear his mind.

"Is this the boy?" Seto asked as Bakura nodded. Ryou raised a brow at them then turned to Otogi who plainly shrugged.

"Ryou right? Glad that we finally found you" Seto murmured as the boy nodded meekly "I must say he is rather a tamed version of Bakura."

"And that means?" Bakura scowled as both Marik and Yami smirked at the outlandish remark.

"Um………excuse me sir, you were. Um looking for me, why?" Ryou stuttered before glancing at the CEO who smiled at how polite the boy was despite being a thief and if what Yami was saying true Pegasus' whore.

"Well, you see Ryou" Marik began "We want some fuck slaves so would you do me the honor on being mine?" he continued bluntly as Ryou quickly took a few steps back, his face turning to a deep shade of red. Somehow, Bakura ginned finding his look-alike adorable when in heat but likewise he felt pity for him, feeling how bemused and nervous he was on the sudden revelation of a certain blonde idiot.

"You. Shut. Up" Yami growled irritably as Marik pouted. The tri color haired then turned to Ryou and bowed, showing his sincerest apology "Sorry about that, we didn't mean to scare you………and MARIK DEFINIETLY DID NOT MEAN ANYTHING HE SAID" he continued turning to glare at Marik in his last few words.

Ryou tried to regain his composure as he glared at Otogi, who was grinning like mad from the corner of his eye and nodded sheepishly. "So-so-sorry I was just surprised………I didn't mean to act the way I did" he continued as Marik grinned but before the blonde could utter another word Bakura obligingly covered his mouth with his hand, in fear that the tanned boy's bluntness would scare the poor Ryou away.

Seto coughed before turning his attention back to the boy "You know about Pegasus am I correct?"

Ryou frowned "you kn-know him??" Ryou blurted out, his eyes widening in panic as he backed away from the group of aristocrats. "Yo-you're gonna bring me to him aren't you!!" the boy continued accusingly, having finally snapped at the mentioned name. Bakura frowned as he slowly approached the boy. Did Pegasus affect him that much?

"Kid" Bakura reached for his shoulder but Ryou only slapped his hand away and as if by reflex unsheathed a knife from his waistband.

"Ryou we just want to talk" Yami reasoned as Kaiba and Marik glanced at how fanatic the boy had become.

Ryou shook his head and carelessly swung his knife towards Bakura who on the other hand took the opportunity to grasp him by the wrist and pull him towards himself, causing the knife to pierce through his side but falling needlessly in the ground in a matter of seconds. Before anyone had a chance to react Bakura was already in the ground, with his hands around the boys waist as if restraining him from going wild.

"Bakura!" Marik scowled as he tried to aid his friend but Yami held him back, seeing how Bakura resisted Ryou's struggling but also noticed how that struggling slowly died down as he plainly let Bakura cradle him. The older albino glanced at the crying boy in his chest and rocked him silently.

"Onegai………I don't want………please don't send me to Pegasus………I promise I'll be good" Ryou pleaded in between sobs as the 4 aristocrats felt sudden pity on the boy.

"Ryou………we're not sending you anywhere" Yami sighed in relief as Marik came by the boy's side and patted him in the head

"Actually were planning to do otherwise little one" Marik hushed as he grinned at Bakura who was flushed on having the boy literally sitting on him.


"You can't blame him………" Otogi suddenly announced, seeing as he had been only watching the whole panorama "Well, I don't think we should discuss such matters in a place as this. I suggest we take refuge in the clinic. I'm pretty sure Yugi and Malik are worried sick about the little one………and besides in his condition now" he pointed at Ryou "I don't think he'd be that open to any conversations"

The 4 nodded as Otogi agreed to bring them to the clinic. Bakura sighed as the said dice master reached a hand out to Ryou who took it hesitantly. The younger albino kept his head down and turned to Bakura sheepishly "Gomen" he said in an audible whisper before walking side by side with the black haired gambler.

There was a soft knock on the door as Jou opened it to reveal a distraught Ryou and the dice master along with some unfamiliar faces "Ei Jou, is Malik and Yugi home?" Otogi asked as Jou shrugged and headed for the room only to be pushed by Malik with Yugi right behind him.

"Move out mutt!" Malik exclaimed as Jou glared daggers at him

"Otogi, you brought back Ryou" Yugi squealed as he hugged his friend who by them seemed to be in more control of himself compared to earlier,

"Apparently he also brought with him a bunch of parasites" Malik scowled as Marik grinned at him.

"Don't know what's happening but Ryou needs some rest" Otogi started "and snowball over there needs to be treated" he continued as he pointed at Bakura who fumed at the newly bestowed name.

Marik chuckled "Snowball? I think that's an adorable name for little Kuwa" the albino growled but disregarded it as he was more pertained to the boy who wordlessly went back to his room.

"Um………I think Ryou can use some company" Yugi began as he noticed Ryou's look-alike who showed nothing but worry for his friend glance at the room were Ryou headed.

"I'll stay with him then" Malik volunteered

"NO!! I-I mean don't you have to talk with them?" the tri-color-haired teen glanced at the CEO, Marik, who was apparently still grinning and lastly to Yami who gave him a gentle smile nonetheless.

"Is there something to be said?" Malik scowled impatiently. All he wanted now was to be with Ryou. Seto noticed this and came to conclusion that unlike Bakura and Ryou who differed in attitude, Malik and Marik were identical even in outlook. No wonder Marik has a thing for him.

"Apparently there is much to talk about!" Kaiba finally explained "One is you three being in trouble with Pegasus and second is an offer" the CEO replied as the mention of "their owner" caught their attention. Malik glared at the aristocrats and sat on the cot were he listened intently.

How can he not?

Ryou was lying in his bed, his face buried under the covers just when Bakura invited himself in the room and approached the albino.

"Kid" he murmured as he sat in the edge of the bunk. Ryou ignored him.

"Kid!" Bakura tried again this time he received a 'hmp' as an answer.

"KID!!!" Bakura growled as Ryou shifted so that his back was facing Bakura. Bakura felt a nerve twitch.

Annoyed, Bakura decided to take more drastic measures to get the boy's attention. Slowly yet cat-like he leaned down towards the boy. His breath coming into to contact with the boy's pale skin. "If you don't acknowledge me, then I'm taking that you're willing for me to take advantage of you" he whispered seductively and as if by cue Ryou quickly bolted up.

Bakura grinned as Ryou snarled at him "Wh-what was that for!?"

"That was for ignoring me"

"I-I wasn't!"

"Yah right!" Bakura grinned as Ryou bowed his head unable to look up at Bakura's crimson orbs

"He-hey! I-I'm sorry about a while ago………" the albino stuttered nervously as he caught site of Bakura's wound. "A-and I'm sorry for hurting you"

"Its just a scratch!" Bakura reasoned sensing the others grief as Ryou nodded, feeling slightly guilty. He felt he needed to give Bakura a reason.

"Earlier Pegasus was here………" the younger of the 2 began hesitantly "He said that he was going to have me tonight so I was scared that he sent you 3 to get me"

"You fear him that much?" Bakura murmured as the boy opened up to him.

"…………Yes…………very much" he murmured before shifting to his side and before Bakura knew it the boy had taken refuge in his arms.

Bakura smiled………


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