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CHAPTER 1: Arrival at Kyoto

Saito roughly woke Tokio up. She rubbed her eyes and yawned, pulling her too-large Shinsengumi jacket around her. She sat up, bringing her head up off of the grass. It was late at night and the darkness was blinding.

"What's going on?" Tokio asked. She felt Saito's hand on her own and he pulled her up.

"We're going into Kyoto. We've gotten word that the Ishin Shishi are planning to invade there tonight," Saito whispered, giving her the extra katana that he had gotten especially for her. He had gotten her into the Shinsengumi by letting her into his squad, however, her entry had taught the Shinsengumi a valuable lesson. Now, they had to keep their uniforms in a well-hidden place so that none of their enemies could find them and disguise themselves as a member of the Shinsengumi.

"Thanks," Tokio whispered. She slid it into her belt. She had just begun her training in swordsmanship.

"I'm sorry I don't have a wakizashi for you. I couldn't find one," Saito mumbled. He took her hand and led her to the group of Shinsengumi members who were grouped among the trees right outside of Kyoto. There weren't many lights, since it was so late. They crouched together behind a small bush, Saito holding her close to his body. It was wintertime, and the cold night air stung Tokio's cheeks. Saito's warmth felt comfortable and she snuggled closer to him.

"Saito-san!" Okita's voice hissed. The young man swiftly crawled over to Tokio and Saito. He muffled a few coughs, then put a smile back on. "The Ishin Shishi have been spotted about a mile away from Kyoto!" Okita said, suppressing another cough.

"You're still ill, I see," Saito said under his breath. "You should stay out of these battles and get better. The winter air will make a cold even worse."

"That is of no concern to you, Saito-san. I'll be okay, but the Ishin Shishi have Himura the Battousai with them. I don't think that we'll be able to fight against their force with what little forces we have at the moment," Okita coughed. He adjusted his sword. "I'll be on the East Side waiting for them. They'll be there soon. You stay inside the city and wait for them if we fail."

"Okita, that's a suicide mission!" Saito protested. "You'll never live through that! I have more men in my squad. We'll wait for them and you can stay in the city."

"No. I've already directed my men. They're already over there. I'll have to join them; there's no way that they'll live without me," Okita coughed again. He smiled weakly at Tokio and gave a salute to Saito before charging off toward the east.

"OKITA!" Saito called quietly after him. "Fool. I have to go after him. I'll direct the squad into the city and leave you with them, Tokio." Tokio looked up at him, the gold in her eyes sparkling even in the darkness.

"No, Captain Hajime," Tokio said. "I'll come with you!"

"Too dangerous. You could get murdered before your life has started!" Saito replied harshly. "You still have a life to live. You have to live through this war. I can take risks like this. It's more likely that I'm going to get killed before this war is done. Now let's get back to the rest of the squad." Tokio shot him an angered look, but he shook it off and crept off through the thick underbrush.

Saito stood before his men, Tokio at his right side.

"You will all go into Kyoto and wait for the Ishin Shishi to arrive. I will be accompanying the first squad and help them fight against the first wave of the Ishin Shishi. If we should fail, I'm counting on all of you to keep the city of Kyoto safe, is that clear?" Saito ordered. The men all nodded and rushed out of the forest and sneaked, undetected, into the sleeping city. Tokio, however, didn't go along with them.

"Captain Hajime. I will stand by your side no matter what. I will help you fight against the Ishin Shishi!" Tokio stated. Saito grabbed her shoulders and shook her hard.

"I won't allow you to be killed! You will obey my orders and stay in the city!" Saito growled. He let go of her and they just stared for a while. Tokio blinked back hot tears.

"But if you die, I will too!" Tokio whimpered. Saito sighed.

"I promise I won't die," Saito said. He sealed the promise with a quick kiss and then stealthily ran off toward the east of Kyoto. Tokio crossed her arms and stomped off after him.

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