Shadows Paint Light

By Ennon

Disclaimers- 'Degrassi:TNG' and all its characters are the properties of Epitome Productions,CTV and the The N TV.

A/N- AU that takes place partly in what might be considered the end of Season Three- and at other times. I can't update this daily but when I have free time, I will update it.

Early Summer, 2004

"Angie, are you sure you don't want to see 'Dora' again?" Manuela 'Manny' Santos asked as she was pacing the floor of the Jeremiah Residence in an uncharacteristically loose dress.

"No, I've seen that tape a jillion times already!" 7-year-old Angela Jeremiah pouted as she got back out of the living room chair.

"Look, see how Jack's sitting there nice and quiet?" Manny pleaded- pointing out the nine-month old baby half-brother of her onetime best friend she was babysitting along with her love's half-sister.

"But. ."Angela started to say.

At that moment, the living room door burst wide open.

"Manny! You've got to come with me!" Angela's 16-year-old half-brother Craig Manning frantically pleaded as he ran inside completely out of breath- in jeans and Union Jack T-shirt.

" But Angie and Jack. . ." Manny pleaded as she patted her abdomen.

"They've got to stay here! We can't wait!" Craig insisted as he clasped Manny's right hand with his own.

"We've. a gig!" Craig insisted as his voice cracked a bit and Manny eagerly nodded.

"But you missed Daddy and Caitlin's Engagement Party for a gig already,"Angie insisted.

"This. one for Manny, too. Kid, no time to explain! You're a big girl now so you've got to watch Jack and things for us till your folks return!" Craig pleaded.

"I wanna go with you, "Angie insisted.

"You can't! You've gotta stay here with Jack,"Manny commanded.

"I'll call Daddy and Caitlin to get permission," Angie pondered as she picked up the cordless phone and started to punch in the speed dial.

"No! I mean. . . tonight's their Engagement Party and Mr. Simpson's finishing his chemo. We can't spoil that for them," Craig begged as he hugged his half-sister.

" Craig, are you sure?" Manny asked as she intently looked into his eyes.

"Now or never!" Craig gulped as he and Manny clutched hands.

"Let's go!" Manny gulped after taking a deep intake of breath.

"Where are you going?" Angie asked.

"Um. .. that gig!" Manny insisted as she started running out the door.

"Don't worry, Angie! We'll look out for you! Always! Always!" Craig insisted as he kissed Angie on the forehead after quickly hugging her.

"There's more diapers next to the baby carrier! Be careful and don't let anyone in until your folks get back home!" Manny insisted as she and Craig ran out of the Jeremiah House into the night.

"Don't cry, Jack! Oh, are you crying because you're scared or cos you're wet? Oh, I hope Daddy, Caitlin, Uncle Archie and Aunt Christy get back soon!" Angie sighed.

Degrassi Park,Fall 2014

"Are you sure that's all you remember, Angie?" a longhaired 25-year-old man in a Hawaiian shirt,puka necklace, cargo shorts and sports sandals (despite the fall season) asked.

"Yes, Mr. Yorke!I must have relived it a thousand times," the 5'1" 17-year-old Angela Jeremiah ( with shoulder length hair, a purple sweater, jeans and red boots ) replied as they were sitting on a park bench.

"Please, it's J.T.!"J.T. Yorke insisted- as a 7-year-old boy with wavy dark hair, glasses, a WTC Memorial Skyscraper T-shirt and cargo-pants ran up to the two.

"I wanna ride the see-saw!" the boy pleaded.

"Arch, can't you just play in the jungle gym while Mr. Yorke and I talk?"Angie asked.

"I'm tired of the jungle gym! Besides, you two could talk while doing the see saw and I could be in the middle. PLEASE?!"Archie Jeremiah asked.

"Oh, alright! I don't where you picked that up!" Angie asked while J.T. laughed.

"Awesome!" Archie shouted.

"Now, be careful! Daddy and Mama wouldn't want us to get hurt,"Angie insisted.

" He sure is a scrapper- even if he's small for his age! Reminds me of me!" J.T. laughed.

"He and I got Daddy's height- while Craig and I got our Mommy's Spanish looks! I hope you don't mind us talking on the see-saw," Angie laughed.

"As a private dick, I've learned to get info where I can," J.T. insisted.

"So have you learned anything new about Craig and Manny?" Angie asked as they started to climb the see-saw.

"You're still their last confirmed witness but there's been a new development,
" There has. .?" Angie asked as went numb.

"Hey! Why aren't you pushing up?" Archie asked.

"Archie, quit being a brat! This is important!" Angie snapped while wagging her finger.

" It's OK! Recognize this?" J.T. asked- as he took a sealed plastic bag out of one of his cargo pockets.

At that moment, Joey Jeremiah ran into the scene. He was still shaven-bald but now had a full beard with some grey and wore jeans, mocs and an 80's Metallica T-shirt.

"Hey! What did I tell you about not harassing my kids!" Joey boiled- as he waved his fist.

"I wasn't. I just. .." J.T. tried to explain.

"Tried to make my poor baby girl relive that Hell from ten years past! Angie did everything she could to help. We all did! It's over,"Joey bitterly growled.

"Daddy, he wasn't bothering me," Angela insisted.

"But I found new evi. …" J.T. pleaded.

"Trying to get your client off by twisting my baby girl's arm! We did more than enough for that punk Cameron when we thought he was Craig's friend," Joey boiled.

"But Mr. Jeremiah. . ." J.T. gulped.

"You heard what Judge Van Zandt said! Just stay away from Angie and Archie or I'll personally get your license revoked and shoved up your. case," Joey boiled but caught himself at that last second when he remembered Angela and Archie were there.

J.T sullenly walked away and put the sealed envelope back in his cargo shorts pocket.

"Craig's digital camera!" Angela gulped as just as J.T. put back the sealed plastic envelope inside his shorts pocket.

"Ange, it's a trick! Come on, Angie, Archie. We've got a lunch date with Mama at the station and we're not keeping her late," Joey snorted as he took his two children and walked away.

To Be Continued. . .. .