Disclaimer: I *sniffle* don't..OWN THE X-FILES! There I said it happy?!?!?! But honestly if I DID own the x-files you think I would have let them end?

Well this is (as you might have heard) the sequel to "The Song" some people said I should make one, also A LOT of people said they wanted to see what Bill would do. So well here it is..(hoping it will be as good as the first).


I am getting out of the hospital today. Scully REFUSED to leave my side the whole time. Now we are going home..well sort of.

"Mulder I already told you I insist that you come home with me."

I was putting up my pretend fight in front of Skinner, and Scully was doing the same.

"I mean it's not like either of us will be partying..."

Skinner began choking on his coffee.

"Okay, okay, Scully I give in."

Once we were alone in the car we could talk.

"You think Skinner knows? I mean it is kind of hard to miss shamoo here"

"Scully, first of all your NOT shamoo. And second he probably knows nothing.."

"Mulder be serious! The man was choking on his coffee!"

"So? Like you have never choked on your coffee before?"

"Not like that! Besides what about that smile."

"I think he was just smiling to see his favorite agent back and well."

I said running a hand through my hair.

"Oh get over yourself."

A HA! I got a smile out of her! It took 5 min. I must be loosing my touch.