Title: Black Amber

Author: Roeschen

Summary: On Halloween 1981 Harry is taken along by Voldemort. One day Harry will have to choose on which side he is but what if he doesn't want to decide and he and his friends are caught in the middle of a raging war between Dark and Light? Will discovering a deep hidden secret help him to accept his destiny?

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter but I own my story!

Chapter 1


The Dark Lord stared unbelievingly at the little child who looked up at him with wide startled emerald eyes. The baby blinked and suddenly began to scream. The loud crying of the child finally jolted Voldemort out of his paralysis. If he hadn't blocked the rebounded spell in time he would very probably be dead by now. He couldn't believe it, when he noticed the lightning shaped scar on the child's forehead.

Up to now no one had ever survived the Killing Curse. The child of the Potters had to possess incredible magic powers. That was the only explanation which made the occurrence halfway understandable. While Voldemort was eying the screaming baby he pondered what he should do now. The best would be probably to try it again with another curse.

But should he really take the risk? Who could say what would happen then? Apart from that it would be a downright shame to waste such a power potential. He reached out with his arms and lifted the raven- haired baby, who promptly stopped crying, out of the cradle. The golden necklace which was flung around the child's little fist and was now falling silently back onto the soft blanket of the cradle, he didn't notice. The misshaped stone which hung on the necklace and which had shone still in a warm golden tone only a few moments ago was now jet-black and seemed to glow.

As his senses slowly returned to him again, the Dark Lord also remembered the name of the child. He turned his head slightly and looked down at the lifeless woman whose dark red hair was gleaming in the dim light of the magic candles and who recently had implored him to spare the life of Harry.


Harry wriggled in his arms and reached with his tiny hands for his dead mother. Voldemort hugged the struggling child to himself and in this moment he made his decision. He would raise the Potter child as his own and later on he would use the child's power for his own purposes. Such a magical talent wasn't allowed to be wiped out. Not to forget was as well that Harry had survived his curse. As long as he didn't know the exact reason for this phenomenon, it would be better to do nothing first. He would see how the course of events would develop.

The Dark Lord apparated to the garden of the house and took his wand in his hand. With a faintly murmured word Godric's Hollow was destroyed by an enormous explosion. Harry, startled by the loud bang and worried that his mother hadn't taken him in her arms, started yet again to cry. But Voldemort didn't pay any attention to it. Seconds later the Dark Lord arrived at his estate, Arreton Castle, where he was greeted by a terrified looking house-elf.

"You will watch over Harry and take care of the child. You are responsible that nothing happens to him," Voldemort ordered and handed the child to the house-elf.

Nell bowed, took the baby cautiously in her arms and disappeared. The Dark Lord turned around and began to walk through the empty halls. Finally the Potters were dead. James and Lily Potter had both been very powerful and had ruined his plans more than once. He had often enough tried to kill them but it had always failed. Now, however, with, he reluctantly admitted, the help of an insignificant creature it had been accomplished. The Potters would never again get in his way. Furthermore they had been very close to Dumbledore. Voldemort twisted his thin lips to a satisfied, gloating smile. The death of the Potters would be a terrible blow for the headmaster of Hogwarts. It was really too bad that he wouldn't be able to see Albus' face when he would hear the news, he thought regrettably.

His thoughts wandered back to the Potter's child who he had taken with him. He still couldn't believe that this baby had actually managed to survive his Killing Curse and on top of that had nearly killed him as well. At the next best opportunity he would rummage through his library. Perhaps he would find something in his old books which would supply him with a hint why Harry Potter had survived his curse. For the time being however he banished this extraordinary event which was hardly to grasp out of his thoughts. He nodded slightly. Today had been indeed very successful for him.

Sirius Black fell to his knees while staring horrified at the sight of the destroyed house. Tears began to stream over his lean face as he realized what had happened. A wave of grief submerged him. But then he was seized with such a hate he had never felt before. James, who had been closer to him than a brother; Lily, the most beautiful and kindest woman, who had been like a sister to him and his little godson Harry, they all were dead. He would never see them again. Nevermore would he see James' hazel mischievous eyes, never again would he hear Lily's silvery laugh and never again would he hold Harry in his arms. The worst and most unbearable thing for him was however that everything was his fault.

Why for god's sake had he persuaded James to switch the secret keeper? The hate he felt for the betrayer nearly swept him away while the feeling of guilt weighed heavily on his soul. He knew that he wouldn't be able to forgive himself to the end of his life that he had not become the secret keeper of his best friends and his little godson. From nowhere, suddenly, many more wizards and witches appeared next to him and stared with horror at the destructed place.

"No, why them of all people?" Remus Lupin mourned and while his face contorted with sorrow he had to think how happy they had been only a few days ago. As his gaze fell on Sirius who kneeled on the ground he froze. Sirius had been the secret keeper. Had he betrayed James, Lily and Harry? The thought was terrible but how else the Death Eaters should have succeeded in finding Godric's Hollow? Remus turned around and looked to Minerva McGonagall. His former teacher had put her hands in front of her face and was crying. Next to her Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts and leader of the Order of the Phoenix was standing. His eyes had lost their usual twinkle and glowing and silent tears were streaming down his ancient face.

His gaze was riveted on the Dark Mark which was hovering above them in the sky. Neither of them seemed to notice Sirius' presence. Remus stepped forward, laid one hand on Sirius' shoulder and asked,

"Have you betrayed them?"