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This chapter will not take place in the 24 format. However, it starts about an hour after Stephanie and Chris got to the hospital.

Chris was sitting in the hard, plastic chair that was situated next to Stephanie's bed, watching in awe as she held their infant son, Ash Edward Irvine, in her arms. Chris watched on with concern, since his wife had technically died not any more than an hour ago. He smiled at her though, since he couldn't help it. Every time that he looked at her with his son…it was just a beautiful moment for him. He finally felt as if his life was coming together.

"He looks almost exactly like you." Stephanie said quietly. Chris smirked and leaned closer to her.

"What are you talking about? I don't look like that." He said sarcastically. She looked up at him and rolled her eyes. Chris chuckled right as Batista and Shawn re-entered the room. Chris turned to them.

"How is Jay?" he asked, the ever-familiar worry line starting to crease through his forehead.

"He's okay." Batista said, walking over to one of the other chairs and sitting down, Shawn leaned back against the wall. "Pretty banged up, but he's okay."

"Did you tell him?" Chris asked. Batista nodded.

"Shawn explained it," he said. Chris glanced at Shawn and nodded. Shawn was another thing that concerned him. When he finally went home, he was going to be greeted with an empty house filled with toys and tons of Cameron's things…not to mention he still had to plan the funeral…Chris knew that it was going to be extremely hard for him, especially since the birth of Ash. He was going to have his own responsibilities, and not always be able to be there for him when he needed him.

"I'm just glad that Hunter is finally dead. No one else will have to suffer from him. That's what I was aiming for." Batista said.

"That's what you got, and I am extremely thankful for your help." Chris said. "We both are." He added, looking over at Stephanie. At that moment, the door cracked open a little, and a limping Jack Bauer hobbled into the room, dressed in a horrible hospital gown. He was walking with his IV in his hand. He turned and looked at the group.

"What? You didn't invite me to the party?" he asked, smiling. The rest of the group chuckled.

"Are you alright?" Stephanie asked from the bed. Jack smiled at her and shrugged off her concern.

"I'm fine, just trying to hide from the crazy nurses in this place. I thought that being a security guard was bad…" he trailed off. He walked over to Stephanie. "So that is your son, huh?" he asked, looking at Chris. Chris beamed with pride again.

"Yup, that's him. Ash, say hi to Jack." He said. Jack smirked down at the child, clutching his stomach.

"He's cute." He said. Just then the nurse walked into the room.

"Mr. Bauer, you are not supposed to be out of your bed!" she hissed at him. Jack looked at Chris and rolled his eyes. "You're supposed to be resting!"

"I am perfectly fine." Jack said, "I was just catching up with a few friends…"

"You can catch up later, right now you need to rest!" The nurse yelled at him. Jack held up his hands in surrender.

"Fine, fine, I'm coming." He said.

"Be careful Jack." Chris said. Jack nodded.

"Careful is my middle name." He said, and suddenly winced because he had moved too fast. Chris smirked at him.

"Right." He said, as Jack was dragged from the room. After that, Batista stood.

"I need to be going, it's late and I would like some sleep." He said. Chris nodded.

"I know how you feel. Hopefully I'll get there soon." He said, shaking Batista's hand gingerly, making sure to be gentle with his hand. Batista smiled. "Keep in touch, man." Chris said.

"I will." He said, and exited the room. Chris leaned back in his chair.

"And then there were three…" Chris said. Stephanie was staring at Shawn.

"Shawn…" she said quietly, seeing the look on his face.

"I'm fine." He said automatically looking at her, clearly aware of the tears that were streaming down his face.

"You're not fine." She insisted. "You watched your son-"

"That's not important right now." Shawn said, cutting her off. There's nothing we can do about that. I just want to make sure that you're alright." He said.

"Me?" she asked incredulously. "I'm fine." She said. "Thanks to you, Dave, Jack, and Chris, I am perfectly fine." Shawn nodded.

"I'm glad." He said. An awkward silence fell over the room at that point. "I'm going to go and get a snack or something so you guys can talk." He said.

"See you soon, Shawn." Chris said as Shawn headed out the door. Chris shook his head and turned to Stephanie. "Alone at last." He said.

"I'm really concerned about him." Stephanie said. Chris sighed.

"I know. I'm concerned about him too, but he'll be okay. We'll both be there for him and he'll get out of the slump that he's in." Chris said. He leaned back and closed his eyes.

"Day's catching up, isn't it?" she asked him. Chris nodded.

"Like you wouldn't believe." He said. "You know what we should do?" he asked suddenly.

"What?" Stephanie asked him. Chris smiled without opening his eyes.

"We should finally go on our vacation to the Caribbean like we always talked about." Chris said. Stephanie sighed.

"That sounds nice." She said. Chris re-opened his eyes and looked at her.

"I love you." He said. She smiled.

"I love you, too." She said. Chris stared at her, studying her face and her hair, just the way she was sitting and holding their son…

He couldn't shake the feeling of uneasiness that he had as he stared at his wife.

He couldn't shake the feeling that something big was going to happen to them.

Something so big…

He blocked it out of his mind, and smiled at Stephanie.

He was just becoming paranoid about everything from the events of the day again.

Wasn't he?

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