01-Questionable Actions

"I really don't understand exactly why you like him Roberta." Teeny complained. Teeny and Samantha nodded with approval. "He's a Wormer. We've hated the Wormer's since I can't remember. I only give them credit for giving me the idea of pudding filled water balloons for my breasts."

Roberta shook her head.

"We're in high school now. I say the only sign we have of childhood is this tree house." Samantha said looking around at the tree house they still had. They were all sitting inside trying to argue Roberta out of going on a date with Scott Wormer. He had asked Roberta out on a date one week into the school year.

"There really is nothing wrong with him." Roberta said.

Chrissy started to remember the image of her eating a Twinkie on the asphalt in front of Roberta's garage as Scott Wormer actually acted politely to them for the first time. He even bowed down to them! Then he walked away with a sort of smirk on his face leaving Roberta in a suspicious position about her relationship with Scott Wormer with her friends ever since then.

Ever since then he's always been nice to the girls despite the fact that his brothers thought he was a freak. He acted like he didn't care and he smiled a lot to Roberta who smiled back almost every time except when they gave her the eye.

"He just wants to bring me on a date, all right? It's nothing big. We're not even together." Roberta replied as her best friends looked at her suspiciously. It was the same look they've been giving her for 2 years. Roberta quickly remembered how she never told them about how she kissed him that night. And she didn't plan on telling them any time soon.

"I say even though it is Scott Wormer and I totally object to ever liking him we should give Roberta a chance with him. I always felt sympathy for those in love." Teeny said in a movie star way her eyes twinkling.

"I'm NOT in love with him." Roberta said confidently.

"That's questionable." Samantha said.

"Yeah. He doesn't even signal everyone to move in when you play softball with them anymore." Chrissy reminded her friend.

"Go eat a cow." Roberta spat back.

"Shut up Roberta!" Chrissy said her eyes narrowing.

Teeny and Samantha giggled.


Roberta slammed her locker door holding a card and a rose in her hand. It was a beautiful, fresh, red rose and she felt a little odd holding. She unzipped her bag and stuffed it in not knowing exactly why students passing by were looking at her oddly. She opened the card and read:


Meet me at the Hard Rock Café at 8:00 PM for dinner. After, I'll take you somewhere special. I hope you'll come. I'm looking forward to our date.


"What's that?" Teeny asked Roberta as she came up from behind.

"Ah!" Roberta squealed. "Don't do that!"

Teeny giggled. "Sorry. Let me see."

"No. I won't let you." Roberta said putting it behind her back.

"Come on! Why not?" Teeny begged helplessly.

"You'll laugh." Roberta said plainly.

"No I won't. I promise." Teeny said holding up crossed fingers.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny." Roberta said handing her the card. Teeny opened it and read it quickly.

"How sweet! I think I'll pay a visit to the Café tonight." Teeny said smiling.

"I hate you Teeny." Roberta said putting the card into her backpack.

"I know." Teeny snickered. "Look." Roberta turned around to see Scott Wormer walking down the hall with his friends. Because his brothers were younger than him they weren't at Shelby High School so he found a new group of friends to hang out with. But, at the moment he was unaccompanied and all the girls in the hall started to whisper as he passed. Roberta's heart started pumping rapidly and she suddenly felt nervous and unable to look away.

"Hey Roberta." Scott said as he stopped in front of her.

"He- hey." Roberta said nervously.

Teeny giggled uncontrollably.