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Chapter Ten: Uh oh . . . Complications

::::::::::::: Yamato's POV :::::::::::::

As I held onto Tai, my dear, sweet Tai-chan, my eyes started to tear up. Tiny little streams of water started to make their way down my cheeks. They reached his face, which was buried in my neck, and he started and looked at me, tears also evident in his own chocolatey orbs.

"What's wrong, Yama?" he whispered, and I choked in a breath. I could drown in those eyes, but right now they held so much pain. Was it my fault? And . . . he called me Yama . . . the tears came faster. He scrunched his eyebrows together in concern. "Why are you crying? I'm the one that did wrong, not you . . ."

I shook my head wildly and strands of hair slung to my wet face, but I didn't care. I couldn't stop crying. "No, no it's not like that, Tai," I sobbed. "I did wrong too, I followed you like a little sneak, because I was too curious to find out what I could've simply asked you about and I'm really sorry and if I hadn't we – "

Taichi grabbed my face and made me look directly into the eyes I loved so much. "Yama, of all people this is not your fault! That's right . . . shh now," he soothed, and I couldn't help but melt in his strong arms. But I couldn't, not now, I had to make him understand how bad I felt, how much I regret what I did, how guilty I felt. I took a deep gulp of air with difficulty but he put one finger on my lips and used the other to brush away my tears, as if he knew. As if he understood. But how could he?

The touch made me shiver visibly and I closed my eyes, leaning into the touch. He took his hand away and held me tighter, and at that moment, leaning my head on his shoulder, it just felt so wonderful, so warm and safe in his arms.

"To be honest, Yama, I don't know if I would've told you if you asked me," he said softly, startling me and breaking the silence. His breath tickled my ear, and I looked up, confused. "You needn't apologize, though. You're not to blame at all, you would've found out sooner or later." I saw his eyes starting to tear up again, so this time, I gently ran my thumb over his cheekbone and smoothed them away. He kept his eyes open, and stared at me all along.

There was a pause. Regret, frustration, passion and love were rushing between us in wild torrents through our eyes, like a seemingly never-ending war. I didn't know if I liked the feeling or not, but I couldn't tear my eyes away. It was a strange feeling, being held under his gaze like that as if he were looking into my very soul.

I soon decided that I didn't like it. His gaze and the circumstances made me feel extremely pressured. I adverted my gaze and said monotonously, "I still should have trusted you more."

I heard him chuckle softly. "You're so stubborn, Yama . . ." He paused. "Okay, I admit that I definitely didn't like you stalking me like that." My face immediately crumpled. Of course.

"But I still have done way worse than you," he continued quickly, holding me tighter. "Please, please don't cry Yama . . . I hate to see you cry . . ."

We stood there for a while, just holding each other up as if we'd fall if we lost our grip. There was so much to say between us, so much to catch up on, and so much I wanted to ask him. It's still hard to believe that all this happened just while I was gone. So I summed up all of my confused and jumbled-up thoughts in one question.


::::::::::::: Meanwhile, in Kari's room . . . :::::::::::::

Kari sighed over the phone. "Yeah, Tai's ex-boyfriend just left and Matt came over. I think they're trying to sort stuff out between them."

On the other line, Sora also sighed, but with relief. "I'm so glad. All this tension has got to stop. I'm hoping that once Matt and Tai are the best of friends again, that maybe things will go back to normal with the rest of us too."

"Yeah, especially with you . . . and Kou."

"Yeah, poor Koushirou. I mean, he was almost as good as friends with Tai as Tai was with me. He was there for Tai when you got sick in the digital world, remember? I think that's a big part of their friendship. We all know how much Tai cares about you."

Kari smiled softly and mentally thanked whatever entities there were for having a brother like Tai, even if he did screw up majorly every once in a while. Like now. "I'm sure he'll try his best to make things right again with Koushirou, the rest, and you. Don't deny it, he was the worst towards you."

Sora sighed. "I suppose," she mumbled, frowning and tracing patterns on her desk with her finger as she swiveled in her computer chair at her home. "But I know that the old Tai is still in that battered heart somewhere. It might take a while, but talking to Matt is a good start. By the way, how are they doing?"

"Hold on a sec," said Kari. Pressing the hold button on the phone, she quietly opened her door a crack and peered down the hallway. She smiled at the sight of the two older destined.

"Well?" asked Sora, when she got back on the phone.

"I think everything will be just fine," she said happily, closing her door behind her silently and plopping herself down on her bed.

"Oh?" Sora's voice sounded suspicious. "What makes you think so?"

Kari couldn't help but giggle. "I just peeked out, and I saw them hugging in the living room."


"Yeah. Just kinda standing together and hugging."

"Oh, really now?" grinned Sora.

"But I think I also saw tears in their eyes," she added worriedly.

"Oh don't worry about it Kar," reassured Sora. "If they're crying a bit while they're hugging, it's probably a good sign."

Kari frowned. "Like how?"

"It usually means that they're reassuring each other, resolving differences, or, in their case, just happy to be friends again, if they are. I'd say either of those would be pretty good. And anyway," she continued, smiling a little when she could practically feel Kari's confused pout, "if they were bad tears, they wouldn't be hugging, now, would they?"

Kari mulled the thought over for a few seconds. Then a small smile appeared on her face. "I suppose that makes sense. I shouldn't have doubted, you do have the crest of love after all." Her grin widened and her eyes glinted mischievously. "Hey, you know what I think?"


"What if it wasn't just a normal hug? You know what I mean."

"You mean . . ."

"Yep, I bet that when I look out again in five minutes, they'll probably be making out on the couch, or something."

Sora gasped, then squealed. "Oh, it's about time the realized their feelings for each other! Matt already has, he told me, but Tai, having had a boyfriend and all might have put him off-track. But still . . ." Sora frowned, even though Kari couldn't see it. "Don't get your hopes up too high. They might become friends again first and deny the inevitable some more."

"Deny, deny, deny!" the younger girl cried out exasperatedly, causing the older girl to jump. "I swear, they've been doing that for soo long. For at least the past few months, I could tell. Honestly, sometimes I just wanna smack them both upside their heads and then lock them both inside a closet!"

Sora's eyes narrowed, then lit up suddenly. "Oh my god, Kari, I have the best idea ever. Quick, three way Mimi!"

::::::::::::: Taichi's POV :::::::::::::

"Why?" he had asked.

I sighed against his neck, then pulled out of the hug. This was it. I had to tell him. He deserved to know everything, after all. I walked over to the couch and sat down slowly, patting the seat beside me to indicate for Matt to do the same. He followed me and sat, and waited patiently for me to start. He was always patient with me. At least at times like these.

I took a deep breath and started to talk. I told him about how upset I was when he left. I told him about how I met Ryan, and about how my lifestyle changed, and about everything I was glad I did and everything I regretted doing. I reassured him that I only went and sold myself about five or six times in total, nothing compared to what Ryan and the others did. I even found myself saying stuff that hadn't occurred to me, or that I hadn't meant to say, but was spilling out anyway:

"I've already known I was gay, or at least bi, for a while. So at least I was over the whole, 'Oh my god, I'm gay' thing."

"I was so scared that someone would find out. I just wanted acceptance, but I didn't know where to get it . . . and then everything was just, came at me at once."

"Ryan's and the others' attitudes about being gay just amazed me. They were so blunt and, like, and totally okay with it! I thought it must be so nice to live like that, you know, not afraid of people knowing, and do almost whatever you wanted without having fingers pointed at you wherever you went."

"I don't really know why I started prostituting. It was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. But I had this amazing feeling after Ryan and I . . . you know. I just wanted to feel like that again . . . I know it sounds selfish but . . . well, you wouldn't understand . . . and I figured that nobody else would either."

"I started avoiding everyone because I was afraid of what they would think of me. The only person that knew I was gay was Kari-chan, but even she didn't know exactly what I was doing when I went out."

I told him everything. And I mean everything. And I glanced at his face sometimes as I talked, but it remained expressionless. And in his eyes, that sea of blue remained calm. Every time. The only times his expression even slightly changed was when I told his that Ryan was my first, he paled noticeably then. I mean, who wouldn't, though? I just told him that I lost my virginity at sixteen. Bit of a shock there. Well, I told him everything except about my break-up with Ryan. He already knew most of it, after all.

I talked for a long time. When I finished I was thirsty and a bit out of breath. But what really unnerved me was that Matt was completely silent throughout the entire thing.

"So," I said awkwardly when I finally finished. "Uh, that's it. Man, have I ever been a jerk. I have so much fixing up to do." I laughed nervously, running a hand through my hair.

He was still silent.

My body stiffened and I ducked my head, a dark blush spreading across my cheeks rapidly. I had just spilled everything I've been holding on to for so long and I didn't like the feeling of being under his scrutinizing gaze. It was so quiet it was eerie. I had no idea what he was thinking. No wait, this silence can only mean one thing, I thought miserably. He was angry. Maybe even furious. He had no idea what to say because he was so disgusted with me that there were no words. Great, Kamiya, you've really screwed everything up this time.

It's all my fault. Why did I do all those things anyway? There don't seem to be any upsides to any of those rashly-decided actions . . . Oh crap, what have I done? He would never want to be with me now, not even as a friend.

I clasped my hands in front of me and leaned my elbows on my knees, and I realized I was shaking. My hands trembled against each other and I could barely keep my elbows from buckling. I had never felt so weak and small in my entire life, even if I deserved it. 'Matt has every right to be angry with you,' my brain told me. But what's done is done.

I stood up suddenly, my back to Matt. I was still shaking.

"I-I'm sorry Matt," I said in this horribly choked voice. "I understand if you hate me, and if you don't want to talk to me. I'll keep away from you . . ."

I just couldn't stand it anymore, this pressure, this feeling of weakness in front of who used to be my best friend, so I ran. Again! Man, I felt like such a coward. Matt was probably thoroughly disgusted now. I could just imagine his thoughts: "Pathetic. Keeper of Courage, yeah right . . ."

I didn't run far, though. Just to my room. Where, to my annoyance, Kari was giggling and chatting on the phone with someone.

But upon my entrance she quickly said good bye to whoever she was talking to and turned to me, smiling. "Well?"

I saw her smile disappear so fast it was scary. "Tai?"

I turned away and stared at the wall detachedly, clenching my shaking fists and gritting my teeth. I just felt so stiff. Empty. Devoid of everything that mattered. And Yama mattered. God, he mattered a lot. Yama, I'll always love you . . .

"Tai. Tai," she kept saying, tone growing more serious with each passing second. Her voice was an echo in my thoughts. How did this happen? We were supposed to be together forever . . . I was supposed to tell him everything, and then he would've forgiven me and all would be right again. I should've known. It's Matt, after all. His moods rise and lower to extreme levels at both ends of the scale, I should've known he might've reacted like this. I should've known. I should've.

Kari started waving a hand in front of my face, her expression panicky.

It's my fault. Man, it is.

I saw her run out of the room, yelling somewhere in the distance . . .

Fucked up royally. All my fault.

Why was it getting so dark? Maybe it's a solar eclipse. The moon was blocking the sun. Or maybe it was the shell building itself around my heart.

Blocking everything.

I won't hurt anymore.

Through half-closed eyes I saw an angel run in and take me in its arms before the world faded away and all became dark.

Yama . . .

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