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"Hurry up men! The captain will be out soon and we're about to hit land!" Shouted the first mate. The first mate also happened to be the captain's best friend. "Lock those whores up, NOW!" he was in a pleasant mood today. They were about to land in the small pirate town of Lorluga and do some "shopping".

"Whew-weeee!" a whistle sounds.

"All right men! First mate, navigator, and two more will be comin' a-shore with me and we'll be back soon. I want this ship in top ship-shape because it's the best damn ship to ever sail the seven seas, am I right?!"

The captain was answered with a crowd of agreed cheers and hollers.

"Let's let ol' Lorluga hear the Avenger and her crew! We 'ought to have a welcome, eh?" first mate called out.

Another cheer was heard throughout the crew.

"We'll be back soon men. Take good care of my ship or else." The crew didn't have to be told twice; the captain would shoot you or worse, then make a poor man clean it up. Then, if you really had pissed him off when you were alive, he'd let the dogs eat what was left of you. (A/N: ew! Gross -_-)

The captain took one last look at his beloved and stepped off into the town. The town in question was full of pirates, merchants, bums, and whores. Real whores. Not the ones on the Avenger, but real, dirty, mangy, lusty whores. The captain gave a look of disgust towards a whore that had started to bat her abnormally large eyelashes at him and turned to his friends. "Now, I left the Junior Navigator and the Doctor with my Brother to help run my ship while we're in town. My fine Navigator," he turned to a short red-haired boy, "take one of the cabin boys with you to fill her up with food and weapons in this town, and you, my first mate," he turned to a bushy-brown-haired best friend, "you will take the other and go pick out two new oar slaves. I'll go to my business. Be back at the ship no later than sunset. I don't want my crew roaming the streets of any town or city at dark. Understood?"

"Yes sir!"

"Great. See ya'll in a bit."

The first mate took the maroon haired cabin boy to the slave trade, and the redhead navigator took the blue-haired cabin boy to the weaponry, later to the food market. The captain turned around and squinted into the noon sun, his golden hair picking up in the wind. His sapphire eyes caught sight of the building he wanted and turned into the Boar Head Bar. A sigh escapes his lips as he takes a stool at the bar.

A grubby, little bartender came over and snorted, "Whadda ya want?"

"What yer famous for."

"Sure." The man hands the captain a drink as he drops a few gold coins on the bar. He sits there peacefully drinking his ale. Although he is only a mere 21 years old, he is the scourge of the seven seas, a rough dog, a mean man, the best damn captain you or anyone's ever seen, and it's said he has a heart of stone. He scoffs at that last idea and finishes his drink.

"Ah, the famous Captain, away from his ship and crew mates at last."

The man turns around and comes face to face with three ugly, stupid looking men. The one in the middle has his gun raised to the captain's head, and the other two men have stupid grin/smirk things plastered on their faces. "The great Yamato Ishida, caught in a perdicament."

"That's predicament."

"Whatever. But, what yer gonna do ta get outta it, Ishida?"

"It's CAPTAIN Ishida to you. Now look Barabus."


"Whatever. As I was saying, I don't have time for this." Captain Blackbeard was one of Yamato's rival's a few years ago, and Yamato won a little bet. That didn't settle too well with Barabus, I mean, Blackbeard and so he's been after Yamato ever since. "I have some place important I need to be and you're standing between me and the way to get to that place."

"Oh no. The horror. What yer gonna do bout it, eh?"

"This," and he shot Blackbeard in the stomach. Blackbeard fell over and his two goons came after him, with daggers. Yamato yawned like he was bored and shot the two of them. They fell on top of Blackbeard's corpse.

"Well, thanks for the drink," he said sarcastically and flipped a gold coin towards the bartender who just grunted in return. "So glad to get rid of what's-his-face. Now he won't bother me or use my lines anymore. On to my business then," and with that, he stepped out of the bar and towards a daft and crumbling building.

The sign on it was so faded and dusty no one could read it. The inside of the place wasn't much different. Dusty and musty, not to mention dirty, and wreaked of 5-day-old drunks, our brave and fearless captain walked in. There were various groups of pirates around, all gathering around different groups of slaves being auctioned off. Across the room, he saw his best friend with another good friend looking at strong men to sit at the oar of his beloved ship. He smirked, then glanced towards the largest crowd, making by far, the largest noise. His curiosity got the better of him and he pushed his way through the crowd. He heard bets being placed and knew that this person, whoever it was, was someone special. All the bids were high, very high. The auctioneer, a tall sort of scraggly looking man, was looking like he was going to burst of glee. Never had bids been so high and keep going. The Captain of the Avenger pushed his way through another row of pirates, so he could see what was going on. When he got there, he did NOT expect to see what he did.

A girl, about his age it seemed, was sitting on a chair, with chains around her. Where the chains were, her delicate skin was reddened, obviously from struggle or escape attempts. She was slightly dirty, but nothing a quick washing wouldn't cure. Her fiery red hair matched her spirit as she kicked out and spit at the men who got too close. But what fascinated Yamato most were her eyes. A deep, rich crimson that held all the defiance in the world. But Yamato could see through her mask, as he put one on all the time, that she was slightly scared. Yamato put a "mask" on a lot and didn't show the true him except when he was with his closest friends and alone. He could see behind her defiance, she was scared. She did a good job at hiding it though. As he looked around he noticed the drool out of almost everyman's mouth and the lust in their eyes. Yamato glanced back at the girl and noticed what she was wearing. He then couldn't blame the drool and lust the other men had. She was wearing nothing but two rags. One was like a halter-top, cut off just under her ribs to expose a well toned, slightly reddened stomach. The other, was a mini shorts type of thing that jut barely covered her there too. She had the most gorgeous body, with delicate curves. The clothes helped too, Yamato thought.

"50,000!" he heard a man shout.

"75,000!" Yamato shouted.



"200,000!" Yamato concluded.

As much as the auctioneer wanted more money, he knew who the captain was, and knew the other's had run out of money when he shouted, "SOLD!"

Yamato smirked at the other men, who looked dumbfounded, handed the grubby man his little purse, and took the chain from the man. He led the girl outside, just as the sun was starting to set.






















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He led her towards his ship, making sure she was extremely close to him and holding the chain tight. He did NOT want to lose this precious gem, that cost him so many of the golden ones. He led her onto the empty deck, into his quarters and locked the door.

"Hello, I am Yamato Ishida. Please don't be afraid. The men on my ship will not rape you and you are on the safest ship a slave girl could be on. Welcome to the Avenger," he said as he undid the chains around her body. As he did so, his hands traveled along her soft, smooth skin and sent shivers up her spine. "As long as you are on my ship," he whispered in her ear with his hands around her waist, "no outside harm will come to you." His warm breath was tickling the girl's neck and sending shivers down her spine. She elbowed him in the stomach to make him let go and backed away as quickly from him as she could, unfortunately knocking over a table. Yamato got a look in his eyes, and quickly caught the girl before she fell. She gasped and looked into his eyes, "Now do you have a name?"

"Sora," she whispered.

"There now, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Sora smiled slightly as Yamato put her up, "What am I supposed to call you?"



"We're all loaded up and ready to set sail!"

"Thank you first mate! Give the order!"

"All hands on deck! When we get out a few miles, unlock the whores! Hurry up now!"

"Captain," he replied as he looked at her. She had a disgusted look on her face in the direction of the first mate's voice, and Yamato couldn't help but laugh.

"Ok," she said at last.


"Who is it?" barked the Captain.

"Just us Matt."

"Come in."

As soon as he said that, seven other men entered.

"Everyone, this is Sora. She is the new girl on our ship and I want all of you to treat her with the respect the others have." A few whistles were heard and Sora just looked defiantly into each of their eyes. "I want NO harm to come to her," he received a few blank and curious stares, "because I paid a lot of money for her, and I will be pissed if that money was thrown away."

"Yes captain," was heard through the men.

"Sora, this is my First Mate, Taichi (Tai). This is my Navigator, Koushirmo (Izzy), and his apprentice, Iori (Cody). This is our doctor, Jyou (Joe). These two are cabin boys, like Cody, this is Daisuke (Davis) and Ken. And this is my younger brother Takeru, T.K."

Sora gave a cold defiant glare at each of them in return to their lusty or approving looks.

"Davis, take Sora to her new room."

"YES SIR!" And with that, Davis led Sora out of the room. As they were walking out on deck, a few men whistled and called out to Sora.

"Get back to work you dogs!" Tai shouted from the door of the captain's quarters. He was supposed to watch and make sure Sora got to the girls' quarters with no problems. Grumbles and complains are heard from the crew but they do as they're told.

"Well here it is. Enjoy the rest of your life on the Avenger," and with that Davis unlocked the door, shoved her in, slammed the door, locked it, and went back to the captain's quarters.


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