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The Bet

"A Stroll of Pain"

"Now please I only want to…"


"Calm down and let me tighten…"


Itachi landed his foot on the nearest available rock, balancing like a proper ballet student, whilst trying to screw up his focus to see the raging object in front of him. The young Uchiha was beyond himself in fury, ever since the flicking of the bell the smaller teen had gone on a rampage. It wasn't a 'bad' thing (being more of amusement) but it was…

The older Uchiha raised his foot up, the sandal pressing against Sasuke's head to stop the Chidori from connecting. "Its annoying Koi, why don't you calm down and stop wasting your energy. We have a long ways to go still." The energy crackling around the young teen diminished indefinitely at those words. Succumbing to hopelessness.

"What do you mean 'we'?" asked Sasuke.

"Well you're my slave so naturally I should be able to bring you everywhere I go…"

"That's not what I asked!"

Itachi folded his arms across his chest, tilting his head to the side observing the calm teen. Was his foot so powerful it could dent Sasuke's inflated ego? Amazing…he'd have to use it more often… Clearing his throat he spoke, "point aside, I'm taking you to my home where you will live for the next week under my wing. And if you try anything funny…" He paused in thought.

What was something that would make Sasuke stay? Ah yes… "It'll be dishonorable in the ways of the ninja" he held up a finger, grinning insanely. Ways of the ninja? Bah. Garbage, but Sasuke sure looked like he was eating it up. "Also I do –share- my house believe it or not with a few others. And…don't worry. You'll feel right at home."

Sasuke's jaw dropped, the right eye violently twitching. "I have to stay with YOU? That wasn't part of the deal!"

"You never asked…"

"Dammit Itachi----erk!" in a flash arms wound themselves around Sasuke's form drawing him into a fond hug. Two tones of black hair mixing as one, "you're a freaking creep you know that? Lay off! Get the hell away from me!" Sasuke seethed when nothing was done and took matters into his own hands, elbowing the elder Uchiha in the gut. Though that did little to deter Itachi.

"What the hells wrong with you?"

Itachi inhaled in a heavenly way, one hand rising up to top of Sasuke's head to comb through the messy black mound of hair. An action and reaction that could have only be described as a pure bliss by the expression on his face. "You.." he started, pressing his lips against the top of Sasukes head, continuing seconds after. "Haven't said my name in a sentence that didn't carry hate or malice in it….for the longest time…"

Sasuke jerked sharply and smacked Itachi across the face, "($& #!" SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. "&$ you Itachi!"

Grimly the older teen rubbed his swelling cheek. Well hugging was a start too…

"I wouldn't mind if you did….id be honored…"

Sasuke smacked a hand to his face. Did his brother have to take everything wrong? When had his brother gotten so perverted, or better yet, when was he his brother? He had absolutely no personality from before left intact. It was scary and unnerving. "I…argh! Your impossible!" Quickly trying to change the subject before Itachi decided to start drooling (their was evidence of it at the corner of the others mouth…) he fueled his anger elsewhere. "Why the collar?"

Snapping out of the trance Itachi sat down on the nearest available space, smirking. "Well you see if you get lost….my kitty needs to come home…." He didn't even notice the rock bounce off his head after contact. "Sides it looked so cute I couldn't help myself! You need to open up to your feminine side. Maybe I should paint your nails…"


"That was a joke right?"

"No. I think purple would look best on you…"

"I'll KILL YOU!"

"Eager much are we? First you wanted to…" Itachi never got to finish his sentence when a stream of fire came barreling toward him, giving the Uchiha no choice but to move his lazy butt elsewhere. He still needed to win Sasukes heart before he was boiled, fried, and maimed on the spot! His dream…

Itachi bent over from his spot near Sasuke and flicked the bell, "its…"

"Finish that sentence and I will kill you…"

Itachi decided to maybe…give his kitty a bit of space before he blew a gasket.

Several hours and screaming fits later…

"Come on Sasuke-kun…"

"Don't call me that."

Itachi tried a different approach. "My cute slave…"


"Oh Sasuke now you're just acting immature." Itachi stopped, turning around, ignoring the fact they were on an unstable mountainside, "why not open up a bit? You act like there's something stuck up your…" He didn't get a chance to finish when his words died on his lips. Sasuke looked so….

Mad. But insanely cute with his pose just so attentive, the bow shifting from the wind and bell swaying the muscles relaxed just asking for attention and… "Never mind. But do hurry. It'll take us a whole day, and that's a day wasted for me. I want to enjoy this forever and ever."

Sasuke gave his older brother an even darker look, balling his fists at his sides. "That's nice. I don't care. Jump off the cliff for all I care!" And with as much dignity as possible he stomped past the elder Uchiha, not looking forward to spending 'quality' time with anything remotely related to Itachi but… What was a ninja losing a bet to do?


"Don't even start…."

"But you're…."


"You're going to fall!" Itachi finally blurted out, leaping forward and snatching Sasuke's hand suddenly yanking the other away form the edge, just as it crumbled under the heavy eight and collapsed. Luckily for Itachi he had an excuse to hug his brother close to his chest, or as much as he could before Sasuke stomped on his foot for the umpteenth time.

Sad to say Itachi let go with a squawk of pain. What were Sasuke's sandals made out of? Iron?

"Don't touch me! Lets just get this over with…"

"Of course." A sigh.

The two continued to cross the mountainside, that was fairly close to the leaf village, and descended down vast slopes, kicked over rocks (Sasuke in all his flamboyant anger destroyed giant boulders). Coming out of that scenery and continuing down to a much more livelier atmosphere with animals and frolicking cotton balls the two decided (or rather Itachi immediately sat down and Sasuke was forced to follow) that rest was in order.

"This is hell…" Sasuke murmured, breaking the silence between them. His Aniki was the last thing he wanted to be around—well aside from killing. Yeah…Itachi was only good for a corpse.

Itachi pouted. "It should be heaven to you Sasuke-kun. You get to spend quality time with me!" he said, eyes lighting up as he reached over, dragging the unresisting Sasuke closer. Apparently the younger Uchiha realized that no, Itachi wasn't going to give up in hugging and dare he say it…molesting him.

Sasuke gagged.

Bad thoughts, bad thoughts, bad thoughts.

Ignoring the hand that slid around his waist the young ninja forced his thoughts to something else. "That's very nice." Sarcasm dripped like venom, "now who exactly stays with you in your home?" for some reason, when Sasuke thought of a 'home' in Itachi's sense. All that popped up was a swamp with a rickety old dark and spooky house. Un kept and unclean, in desperate need of a makeover.

Itachi got his hand slapped away and thought about it. "Well… I have a few friends…just a bunch of clan members really. No one important that you need to know. Although they're rather strange so you'll fit in…"

If glares could incinerate someone, Itachi would have been long gone.

"Now…let me see your neck Sasuke-kun…"



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