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Note: Ohayo = "Good morning"

Chapter 1 - What's wrong with Sasuke?

After trying to ignore her alarm clock, Sakura awoke, not wanting the day to start. She took a quick shower,

threw on her training outfit, ate a riceball and trudged out the doorway. She walked towards the normal meeting place,

wondering why the hell she had to get up so damn early. She spotted Sasuke resting next to a tree, and as usual, her

eyes gleamed with love.

"Sasuke-kuuun!" she shouted, "Ohayo!" He responded with his usual cold stare and a slight nod, and went back

to staring at the clouds. "Such a stoic," Sakura thought to hersef, "Why won't he notice me?" She sat down next to him

in hopes that he would say something.

"Sakura-chaaaan!" exclaimed Naruto, with his all-too-regular sheepish grin across his face. Sakura wondered if he

would *ever* leave her alone. He rushed over and sat next to Sakura, with an annoyed look upon her face. "Go away" she

said stalely. This was how it was every day. Naruto got up and walked around for a bit, trying to waste time. Hours passed

before Kakashi-sensei finally arrived. He gave them his fabricated excuse, and Sakura gave him her usual lecture on


"Today is going to be fun" Kakashi said with an evil smirk. "And by fun I mean torturous." Naruto and Sakura groaned,

and much to their surprise, Sasuke let out a muffled "Shit."

"Something's wrong with Sasuke today," Sakura thought. "He usually likes this exhausting training." Kakashi's plan was

to have them run one hundred laps around the town, followed by two hundred push-ups, and topped off with a "Them

versus me" spar. The three genins wondered if Kakashi was either insane or being controlled by a demon. The day went as planned,

ending a little before 8pm. (Authors note: I don't know how to write training scenes or fight scenes well, so I skipped them ^_^)

The team went their seperate ways, looking forward to a good night's rest. Sakura looked over at Sasuke before he was

out of her sight, noticing that he was panting much more raggedly than he should be. "Something must be wrong.." Sakura

said to herself. "He's never like that after training." She came to the conclusion that it was just in her head, and went into

her house. She sprawled onto a couch, too tired to make it to her room. Sakura pulled some covers over her and tried to

go to sleep.

She couldn't seem to stay still, twitching or rolling over every minute or so. "That thing with Sasuke is still worrying me,"

she realized. "I think I should go check to see that he's alright." With that, she walked to Sasuke's apartment, stopping before

the door. "The lights are still on, so he can't be asleep.."

Sakura gave it some thought and then slowly knocked on the door a few times, waiting for a snide reply from him. After

a minute or two she let herself in. "Sasuke-kun!" she screamed as she saw him lying motionless near his kitchen.

She rushed over to see if he was okay. She felt his forehead, which felt like a radiator. "This is terrible" she whimpered,

"I've got to do something!"

End chapter 1!

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