Warning!: My own version of chapter 181, so there are a few tiny spoilers probably.


A tiny part of me will leave with you...


The wind howled ominously as the crescent moon shined almost unnaturally bright above Konohagure and its inhabitants. Footsteps echoed throughout the cobblestone path leading to the end of the town, loud enough to reverberate in the culprit's ears yet soft enough to not disturb any other resident in Konoha... mostly anyway.

"What are you doing up so late?" Calmly, onyx eyes met emerald.

"This... is the only exit out of town... you would have to come here if you were to leave..." Emerald eyes hid behind a curtain of pink locks.

"You can't stop me." Bluntly, coldly... not that she expected much else. Her lips twisted into a wry smile.

"I know... I never intended to."


"...Then?" Carefully hidden curiosity... but she knew it was there.

"I..." She licked her dry lips. Silently, dark eyes prodded her to speak.

Emerald bravely looked up to meet onyx once more.

"...I wanted you to have this." She held her hand out to him, a delicate paper crane folded in pastel pink paper in the center of her palm. He stared, and for a moment, she feared he would not accept it. Slowly, he reached for it, taking the item as if it were too fragile to touch. His eyes widened suddenly... this feeling was...


...Swirling pink chakra...

...Her chakra...

He looked up.

"I know that I can't change your mind... they don't call me the smartest of our graduating gennin class without reason." She joked half heartedly, more for her sake than his.

"So..." She continued, "This way... a tiny part of me will leave with you... wherever you go."

They stood in silence, her fearing that he would give it back, and him simply staring down at the item in his hands. He knew that she wouldn't tell anyone of his absence, yet, if anyone happened to find her wandering about town at this time of night... He knew she was loyal... but he also knew that she was a terrible liar.

Finally, onyx met emerald for one last time.

"Sakura..." Suddenly, he was behind her.

"Thank you."

And they both knew what would happen next.

The morning would find Haruno Sakura sleeping silently on a bench in the edge of town, hand clutched loosely around something...

A carefully folded dark blue paper crane...

...Swirling with navy blue chakra...

...His chakra...


...And a little bit of you will stay


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