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He watches as Jeremy carries the basketball out the door and then starts to dribble it down the sidewalk. He goes upstairs to grab a book then goes outside to read. He hears music coming from his sister's room as he passes it. He thinks about what his mother tells him about Jeremy how he feels like everyone thinks that he's Jarod when he's not. He knows that and knows that Jeremy has his own personality. He knows that he wants to be an individual and not what Jarod is.

Jarod his half brother is a very nice man. He had a good heart and he helped everyone that needed it. He knew from his mother that Jarod didn't have the best of times inside the Centre. Of course he knew that already because he saw the DSA of Raines and Lyle stopping his heart and reviving him again.

Major Charles was his father, but the Clausen's would always be his family. He sometimes felt that he was an outsider in this family because he didn't really belong. He wasn't a full member of the family, but Emily sure made sure that he felt like one. He loved his half sister and knew that she loved him. To her it didn't make a difference that he was a half brother.

Miss Parker is such a tormented person. His mother told him that she had seen her death and that changed her. He also knew that Jarod and Miss Parker used to be friends, but then Mr. Parker sent her away.

He let the sun beat on him and then turned back towards his book and started to read.

The End.