Piper paced up and down in the front room in the victorian manor - It was around 10 o clock in the morning and Piper had some unfinished business; not with a demon, not even a warlock or any other incarnation of evil: Piper had a much more powerful being to come face to face with.... Her younger sister Paige.

"Paige!" Piper called seeming to be be a little angry instantly heard a familar sound coming down the steps - Paiges familiar GoGo Boots cantering down the steps "Whats up sis?" She heard Paiges familiar voice answer.

"I have a bone to pick with you missy..."

Paige Pouts "What is it?"

Piper points to the mess of a front room

"Alright, alright" I'll clean it up ....Sorry Piper...."Paige said thinking dreamily of her great night with her new boyfriend Chad - Blond hair, bluest of blue eyes, a nice smile and a great body; not to mention being great in the bedroom department Paige seemed to be drifting of to a romantic scene of the other night with the two of them talking in the flashy cocktail bar downtown when suddenly she heard Pipers voice bringing her out of that tempting thought.

"Paige, Paige, are you listening to me?"

"Yes Piper i am.. I did say sorry... Jeez." Paige snaps back.

Piper odviously shocked by this realises that she shouldn't have been so hard on Paige; In the past few years Paige had done alot for Piper, Helping Baby Wyatt to join the family, helping Piper when Leo up and left and most of all helping Piper as much as she could around the time of Prues death.

"I'm sorry honey" Piper spoke apoligetically "I really didn't mean to nag at you like an old bag!"

Paige Laughed." Its Ok i understand - it kinda been weird for all three of us i mean what with that weird unknown guy popping up in the attic and claiming about all his crazyu mumbo jumbo."

"Paige sweety, im scared. 'The Power of three will fall to the Four.' - What the hell is that about?"

"I don't know - Im scared too; its just really re-assuring to know we have one another when thing like this happen."

Phoebe walks through the front door straight into the front room coming midway into Piper and Paiges Chat.

"Yeah I Agree Paige." Piper remarks "Being the oldest is difficult. I miss being in the middle in some ways because I didn't have to take lead. I can never be as good as what Prue was."

"Piper, we don't wan't you to." Phoebe Supports "We want you to be you sweetheart, thats what makes us good" Phoebe then giggles with Paige ans Paige starts tidying the room hoping Chad would soon call,Phoebe dives into her shopping bags hauling out her things she had brought for halloween, Piper gazed out of the window - seeming to be unhappy, she seemed to be the only one that remembered it was Prues birthday in two days time.... not to mention her uncertain future with her sisters... it made her shiver.